The Prototypes Add-on

This add-on is a prototype robot, and will make the atmosphere of play will be fun, and there will be various prototypes that will be added, to the next update. so always stay tunned.

This add-ons only supports  for version 1.11, and has interesting features such as.

  • Can Help Player & Villagers in Guard Mode or Friended Mode
  • Find the Hostile Variant in the Nether
  • Cannot Swimming and will drowned & broken as fast, but if do not have Water Breathing Effects
  • If sinked into Underwater but has Water Breathing Effect will transformed to Underwater Variant (Upcoming)
  • Become Wither Boss’ Forces (Upcoming)
  • Add More Prototypes (Upcoming)
  • Only Support English Language

List of items that you can be used to Interact:

  • Partner Chips = Can be used to make Prototype become your Friend
  • Electric Power Chip = Activate & Deactivate the Neutral Prototypes
  • Repair Chip = Can be used to Repair the Broken Prototype and can be interact again
  • Guard Chips  = Can be used to make Prototype become village guardian
  • Neutralize Chip = Can be used to Neutralize the Hostile Prototypes


  • Wither Prototypes


  • Always Remember to Activate the “Experimental Mode”
  • My Officially Twitter (Reza112)
  • Report if there’s Broken Links
  • Report to My Twitter if there’s some problems or errors with the Add-ons

Changelog View more

[ The Prototypes v1.2 Updates ]:

- Improved & Rewrited A.I Systems
- Fixed Error
- Change Some Items to Interact
- Change The Wither Prototype Textures
- Now Guard Prototypes can Sleep at day time but if not in village only
- Now you can repair the "Broken Prototypes", And can be used to interact or use again
- Removed spawnable function for Prototype A.I v1.0
- Prototype A.I v1.0 is still in game but, only available with command
- Comment if some features which I forgot, because the behavior I remake and rewroted again



Supported Minecraft versions


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10 Responses

4.33 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Joe says:

    How do u use the repair chip

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do you repair a broken prototype?? … And it would be useful to have a prototype spawn egg … Btw its an awesome add-on ..

  3. Cody says:

    The concept is good but the robots are pretty dull the dont really look like robots and there really just a textured npc can you plz add custom models that dont just look like a player skin.

  4. itsbenzer says:

    I want tyrranosaurus rex addon can ride,control and jump like horse to tame use meat to tame it,not replace mob but + items spawn ok

  5. itsbenzer says:

    I want five dragon addon ice,magma,earth,ender and stone dragon,can ride,control like horse and fly ok

  6. itsbenzer says:

    I want you make five dragon 1.11 (beta) i want ice,fire,ender,earth and water dragon! the dragon spawn can take in inventory natural mob spawn +items ok

  7. itsbenzer says:

    Can you make more dragon addon can ride,control like horse and fly,five dragon ice,fire,earth,ender,magma and forest dragon ok,+item on mob spawn ok

  8. Lex says:


    • itsbenzer says:

      I want tyrranosaurus rex addon can ride like horse and jump,realistic movement can take on inventory or custom summon at command and chat ok

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