The Pyramid, Part 2!

Here is the long-awaited second piece to the episodic series, The Pyramid! In this episode you venture into the Pyramid, But what lurks there? Find out now in the Pyramid: Part Two!


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  1. Guest-6134468697 says:

    The ending was… not that bad. My biggest issue was having to switch into peaceful and creative just to get past the “armor test”. If the mobs only spawned when the player entered the room, that would be fine, but once a mob was spawned it kept triggering the tripwires and spawning MORE mobs. Other than that, I’d say the shortness of the map was also a bad factor of the map.

  2. Guest-6666774701 says:

    It is not that good the ending was bad

  3. Guest-6449375122 says:

    I’m sorry but this map I see extremely bad. Bad story, no character development and a disappointing ending.

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