The Quartz Quest

You are a test subject, you need to complete these puzzles and the parkour to find the exit from that place!

Easy puzzles, dont worry, part 2 will be much harder

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Fixed some missplaced blocks in the start, and improved the redstone


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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  1. Guest-3911473110 says:


  2. Guest-1976962510 says:


  3. Guest-5194281975 says:

    Learn to use T-flipflops, and also the puzzle design was terrible. Even if the doors *did* stay open, it would have taken me forever to find them.

  4. Zhaox says:

    I’m so disappointed. I thought it would look cool just like what I saw in the picture. But when I’m in the game, this map is made effortless and hard to complete, like other people said, you will have to be in creative mode to finish. I also hate the fact that you linked it to linkvertise, one of the most annoying url shortener, you will have to do all the steps for it to redirect you to the actual download.

  5. Guest-1722953619 says:

    Horribly thought out map, multiple parts that require creative mode to be possible.

  6. Guest-1653463983 says:

    I had high hopes for this map, it looked good in the pictures… and it was a HUGE letdown. You’re thrown immediately into extremely difficult parkour, and once you complete it you get to some puzzles. There were several errors in the puzzles, which made the map impossible to beat without cheating. First, if you’re going to use arrows on buttons as a method to open something up, you have to be 110% sure the player can get back to the previous room before the arrows respawn. Surprise surprise, arrows despawn before you can clear a huge room of stone. Second, if you’re going to continue to use the arrow-button door opening method, DON’T CLEAR THE PLAYER’S INVENTORY. Once again, I had to use creative mode to get the door open. After getting through that door, I will admit that the scaffolding under the snow puzzle was a very interesting idea, although I was too brain-fried by the time I reached it that I couldn’t figure it out. In other words, there wasn’t a single part of this map I didn’t have to cheat on. Overall one of the worst maps I’ve played.

  7. Guest-6390587219 says:

    There’s no effort in this map

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