The Quest to Kill the Ghast [Adventure]

This is a quest map where the mission is to go on an adventure consisting of parkour and mazes to find and combine the parts of a diamond pickaxe. The pickaxe can then be used to gain entrance to the room of the ghast. When you have killed the ghast the quest is completed and so is the map.

The map is unique and fun because it offers a clear end goal and with an exciting ending

Creator: Tij_Craft



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9 Responses

  1. Alesscreeper says:


  2. Lovetodraw says:

    How do you download on Apple? Is it possible?
    P.S are there any maps with Apple download guide??


  3. CARZYFAZY123 says:

    Why do u have 2 pay to play ~_~

  4. Reyvenant says:

    Is the Ghast an mob or just a figure?

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