The Rake Creatures Addon

This Addon adds the creepey Pasta Humanoid Creature known as “The Rake”. This Hostile Creature comes in two types, The Crawling Rake and The Rake. These deadly creatures will kill most of minecraft mobs and you the player in seconds.

Don’t Try to Attack it in survival cause that’s suicide.

And they are very Deadly at night

And The best way to defeat them is by using fire or lava, cause trying to hit them might actually not work

About This Addon

Creator:Aaron Gamer

Disclaimer:Incase of youtube showcase, don’t give direct links, provide the mcpedl link

 Youtube Showcase

This is a humanoid creature of which many people where reporting sightings of this creature, so i decided to make an addon on it.

These Terrifying creature with spooky Glowing eyes will attack YOU the player and other mobs hundreds of blocks away and kill you in seconds

Spawning: you can spawn them in creative mod using spawn eggs, and they rarely spawn naturally.

This is not an scp addon, Lol

And it works for 1.16, 1.15, 1.14






click on the zip file link or mcaddon  link, click skip ad, then download the addon

if you are on Minecraft Pe then click the mcaddon link


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16.100 1.6

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13 Responses

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  1. 约翰爬行者 says:

    Nice add-on but I like to give that and let my add-on eat that rake muahhahahahah I’ll make my add-on stronger and stronger

  2. kikiki says:

    It works but whenever I spawn the mobs in they instantly die, does anybody know why? 🙁

  3. Nasty killer says:

    Liked it ?

  4. Nasty killer says:

    Wow, Really creepy but nice, I really love it, you got a five ? star from me Aaron, and I guess your next add-on is gonna be mind blowing XD, love you so much ?

  5. Kayo D says:

    This is Amazing, and really nice, I like the glowing eyes, and you have improved Aaron Gamer, love you so much, Keep it Up, keep doing better things, Stay Awesome

  6. Kratos Playz says:

    Don’t listen to Those stupid haters from Julius’s server, Who don’t like Aaron Gamer, Another 5 Stars from me Aaron 我们都很喜欢你 and I subbed to your YouTube channel XD

  7. Kratos Playz says:

    Well, this is not true, I checked the code and it was all made by Aaron Gamer, this guy ? is just a Stupid Hater who doesn’t like Aaron Gamer

  8. Kratos Playz says:

    This is The Best add-on for me, Aaron Gamer this is Amazing, I love it ?

  9. Usernameee says:

    for people who dont understand he doesnt steal 939 coding from bendy look at the codes using code editor they are so different and some of you idiots sayed oMG bD COdE lOOk aT tHe sUMmOOOOOOooOOOOOOOoOn cOdE

    the summon code its to spawn it in game i even understand this in the first day of coding u can change it to whatever you want example hey:sht_as so he doesnt steal do not look at the summon codes idiots

  10. what do you use to make your addons?

  11. Can you please make the model and texture a lot like the fandom version, more realistic and creepy looking?

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