The Redstone Bedwars [PvP] [Minigame]

The Redstone Bedwars is a minigame where your goal is to protect your bed from being destroyed by other players as well as trying to destroy theirs so you can be the last one standing. You can do this by trading with villagers the iron and gold that is coming from the generators. This map includes 8 bases with beds. Each bed at the bases are each their own color.

Creator: TheRedstonist, Twitter Account, YouTube ChannelDiscord, Patreon

How to play?

In order to survive, you’ll to make trades with the custom villagers provided. Such trades can be made with the iron, gold, diamond and emerald generators. Gold generators are slower than the iron generators but you can get triple gold using diamonds.

To make your trades, you will be using the villagers provided at your base. Trades are categorized by type and each villager sells a type of trade. These categorize include:

  • Building Blocks
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Tools
  • Utility

Use the trades to buy blocks to protect your bed and buy weapons to defend yourself. Or you can destroy other beds. These general trades include:

  • Building Blocks
    • 4 Iron -> 20 Wool
    • 12 Iron -> 16 Sandstone
    • 24 Iron -> 12 Endstone
    • 4 Gold -> 16 Wood Planks
    • 4 Emeralds -> 2 Obsidian
  • Armor
    • 20 Iron -> Chain Chestplate
    • 12 Gold -> Iron Chestplate
    • 6 Emerald -> Diamond Chestplate
  • Tools
    • 10 Iron -> Wood Pickaxe
    • 20 Iron -> Stone Pickaxe
    • 8 Gold -> Iron Pickaxe
    • 12 Gold -> Diamond Pickaxe
    • 12 Gold -> Diamond Axe
    • 5 Iron -> Shears
  • Utility
    • 4 Emerald -> Ender Pearl
    • 4 Gold -> TNT
    • 2 Iron -> Flint and Steel
    • 8 Gold -> 4 Stone Monster Eggs(Bed Traps)
    • 2 Emerald -> 1 Silverfish Eggs
    • 4 Emerald -> 1 Bridge Egg

Please note that the villages can not run out of trades 🙂

Bed Colors: 

  • Cyan
  • White
  • Pink
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow


Changelog View more


  • Wither Potions
  • Bridge Eggs
  • Elder Guardian gives fatigue
  • Free Food (For Now)


  • Bridges between the small middle islands
  • The Utility Villager is on the small middle islands
  • Villagers now don't run out of items


  • Villager Trades fixed


  • Weapons Smith Villager (BROKEN); Swords available around the map
  • Bridge Egg (BROKEN)


  • Bridge Eggs are back!
  • New Message System (Ads)
  • New Messages


  • Double message bug fixed
  • Cyan Base's Iron generator fixed


  1.  Click on "Download Website (McWorld & Zip)"
  2. Wait 5 seconds (IGNORE THE AD and Don't Click on it)
  3. If it requests to enable notifications, press DENY and just wait!
  4. Click "SKIP AD"
  5. Press "Download Latest" Button!


Supported Minecraft versions


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84 Responses

3.88 / 5 (40 votes)
  1. KingKong says:

    Map doesn’t work anymore

  2. Owaewamoeshinderu says:

    Does this support 1.13?

  3. Bboyazn says:

    I’m stuck at checking download I tried using the .mcworld and the zip files but when I try to open the map I’m stuck at checking map I’m on android

  4. ShadPlayz says:

    Did Many Steps To Download

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you please make a mcworld file in mediafire

  6. chocolatebeans says:

    If you need a way to get pass the allow just get the extension universal bypass it works really well for adfly links, it just completely skips them.

  7. Buay says:

    Lol that link no so good lol

  8. BeefaloBoii says:

    How do you make villagers not have trading limits, and make them have custom trades? I’m not the best at command blocks xD

    • DaAppuDaMcpe says:

      It’s not using command blocks.
      You have to make behavior packs for it. Search on the web for more info.
      It have files like
      “gives”: diamond

  9. Subject: URL may not work with Webroot says:

    Hello, I have the Webroot extension for Chrome, and the link sometimes is blocked.

  10. Zeyad981 says:

    The Thumbnail… 10/10

  11. ErrorUnknown says:

    Maybe make the link a bit more simpler also the link doesn’t work

    • Hello, we make sure the links work before releasing our content. Today, we checked again and everything seems to work fine. We changed the link recently so it directs users to the downloads page instead of the description page. Older versions of the map don’t work since those versions’ villager trades don’t work.

  12. UnbeatenPlayz says:

    you just uploaded and mentioned the original creator , you didnt do anyhing

    • Hello, we are the original creators. On our map, it states that MCPEDL is an official map provider and recommend players to download our content through our website or MCPEDL. If this reply doesn’t satisfy you, contact us over social media listed above or email us over your concern.

      • UnbeatenPlayz says:

        no because redstonist is one person , the old map is still on mcpedl, redstonist hasnt uploaded the update version , villager trades are broken , redstonist is a good friend of mine (and he told me he had exams)

  13. chocolatebeans says:

    The adfly link just says click allow to continue but there is no allow button.
    Also the link on the mcpedl just brings us to your website then we have to do another adfly link which doesn’t work for me.

  14. GoodbyeMan123 says:

    Villagers don’t work in 1.11 🙁

  15. Boss says:

    Downloads are broken. Constantly wants me to allow notifications to continue the download. Won’t happen.

    • The Redstonist says:

      The “allow notifications” helps us support the development of the map by generating some revenue. Recently, it’s a new feature that is being pushed out to create more revenue and we recommend allowing the notifications so we can keep out content free for the players.

  16. Jeffrey Ridenour says:

    Big issue when you launch this game on mcpe 1.11.1 Everton g works bit the villager gets reset as they just been spawned. I can fix this my self easy

    • Kurisu says:

      So this is what I did to get it if you have a Samsung device use private mode and a VPN open the link also get the ad blockers it recommends close the weird websites it opens in the back ground skip the ad wait and it will prompt you to download the map I got in zip form btw idk any other way and I would rather not try Cuz this phone is too expensive to be doing this

      • The Redstonist says:

        We understand your concern. We are currently searching for alternatives to help users stay safe and help us as creators.

  17. The Redstonist says:

    Currently, due to the recent new update, the trades are not as they should be. A new update will be released soon to address this problem.

  18. FlaviusFire says:

    Here’s a link to the song used in the trailer if any of you are curious. The song is “Invincible” by Deaf Kev.

  19. Paul says:

    how can we reset the map to start a new bed wars match?

  20. Paul says:

    This is awesome, just wondering if i can install it on a pocketmine server?

  21. DreKurdeK says:

    How u make shop. I cant summon villagers with data on mcpe

  22. Bob says:

    How do we get diamonds? Please Reply

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hey! I really like your map and I would like to point out that on the Cyan Team irons wont spawn. I fixed it on my own but it would be better for you to fix it and publish it so people wont have to fix it on their own. Also there is a glitch sometimes emerald arent spawning after someone died(i guess?) .

  24. Your fan says:

    Hey nice map

  25. Cooper says:

    I like yourcvids

  26. SCPlayz says:

    I know some Commands so I need a Permission to Remaster your Map
    Do you Accept?

  27. Mr.Unknown says:

    The Shop does not work on: Minecraft Bedrock v1.8.0! Please Fix! It’s a great map though

  28. Spencer says:

    I need to get into creative mode but it won’t let me.

    • GenArt says:

      It does that so no one can destroy/steal the map.

    • Lex says:

      Ok so what you do is disable command blocks in settings or do /gamerule commandblocksenables false. Once you do that go into creative and fly behind yellow base and of the border there should be some commands blocks and look for a command block with a sign that says game mode then break the block or just turn off the lever

  29. Anonymous says:

    To change gamemode just use the command; /gamerule commandblocksenabled false. Although this does disable all command blocks.

  30. PandaLoGets says:

    Best BedWars Map!
    I will rate it 5 stars

  31. Jeffrey Ridenour says:

    I put the app in redstonist username is vaporingdread09

  32. Stormcrafter says:

    How do you restart the map

  33. Stormcrafter says:

    I dunno how to restart the map can you pls help me

  34. harrison says:

    how do you download bed wars

  35. assassin master says:

    you can allow the players to put there name in command blocks on a redston timer and then start in to give gold iron and diamond constantly

  36. assassin master says:

    thanks for the bed wars map its amazing but you need no add a permanent saturation effect on all the players or add buyable food

  37. Jeffrey Ridenour says:

    Redstonist when is the next update wish i could help with the gens and keep things hidden. Need help to build or anything just email me at [email protected]. cant wait but i know it takes time

  38. Popular387 says:

    Its cool but pls add an generator

  39. Popular387 says:

    Why i always need to push the button for trades and pls make the tnt low power to not create a huge damage on the map

  40. Devin says:

    Can u please add boots helmets and leggings pls

  41. Gabriel says:

    É muito bom gostei pensou muito bom

  42. Jeffrey Ridenour says:

    I Found the command block it was easy using world edit. first command is a deop @a then to block from that is gamemode 0 @a and repeat and always active, then 2 block form that has a lot of command doing set things and the redstone the keep msg in chat is going, it starts going when you press the button be for you tp to the pick your bed, so when i found how he did it I am making my own Bedwars. so redstonist if you read this msg dont be wearied, im not going to post the info of the location. i love when you have where mobs don’t spawn that you have commandblock under the bed picking area killing creeper and other mobs but the mobs won’t spawn cause you have mob spawn false. and the name herobrine something is the developer, nice. love the map bro give it 5 stars.

  43. Craiglin Barton says:

    Wow this map is from Hypixel. It’s called hollow. How did you port it into Mcpe?

  44. Hipposgrumm says:

    Make troll block bed traps. The silverfish in my opinion aren’t enough (a.k.a. Wither turrets (defence), blocks that turn into lava when broken, etc).

  45. Jason_Voorhees12345 says:

    This is Cool And Can YOu Make Camp chrystal lake map

  46. Jason says:

    wow it is amazing and can you make a jason map

  47. Logan says:

    I tried to turn this map into a lucky block bedwars like what pat and Jen do but you can’t go in creative so it doesn’t work I would really enjoy it if you COULD go into creative.

    • The Redstonist says:

      I’m so sorry about your gamemode problem. The thing is I have to protect the map at the moment from anyone who wants to steal it and customize it. I will consider your idea of a Lucky Block Edition but I will need to partner up with a lucky block addon creator. I will see.

      • EggCarnine says:

        So that is why you can’t go to creative, I was thinking about going into creative and fix the iron and gold thing where they come out automatically, like hypixal bedwars and sharing it you so you can post it on

      • Logan says:

        Thanks no prob I’m probably just gonna make one from scratch

    • wbgrbtr says:

      if you go to the bottom oof the game thing in settings, there is an option to turn off command blocks disable it,go in reative build turn it back on…

    • TBNRFrags says:

      U can off command blocks and then go to creative

  48. DaBoss9326 says:

    Can’t stop playing this map!

  49. SUPER TTS says:

    Really bad I hated it

  50. Anonymous says:

    The villager thing had limited trades plz fix

  51. Anonymous says:

    I honestly didn’t like it how you have to press buttons to get gold and iron

    • The Redstonist says:

      At the moment I will have it like that until I can another way but in a mechanic update I will be added a feature that gives up the iron automatically anywhere. Baby steps.

      • DarkDragoniv says:

        U can do dat using chest destroying the chest with command and droping the diamond (the item i said is only example) and the chest but dont u want a chest droping with diamond? Well just use kill command and done

      • Umbreon2020 says:

        You can put a dispencer under and use the /replaceitem command and use a redstone clock

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