The Relic of Riverwood [Adventure]

The Relic of Riverwood is a short (20-30 minutes long) but fun adventure map with an intriguing and easy to understand storyline. You are a lonesome traveller who by accident pass by the town of Riverwood. Little did you know but the villagers have awaited you and they got a quest for you and that is to find their stolen relic and return it.

Creator: InterceptorXD, Twitter Account


  • Never break/place blocks unless told to so
  • Play in survival mode
  • Set difficulty off and then turn it on when told

screenshot-2015-07-31-09-52 screenshot-2015-07-31-09-52_2 screenshot-2015-07-31-09-53

Click to download .McWorld (iOS/Android/Windows 10/Other)

(Map name in-game: Skyrim)


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27 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Pie says:

    Totaly awesome map please make a part 2 i would play it

  2. Lord of the Ice Foxes says:

    You know, I loved this. Skyrim was an amazing game. So was this map. 🙂

  3. XGX100S says:

    copy of Skyrim just sayin’

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. I even found both chests! Although, I think it could be longer. Hope you’re making a part two.

  5. player 99934 says:

    This map was awesome! What version did this have to be in to get the nether reactor?

  6. SweetGamer123 says:

    Omg when I saw the name Riverwood I WAS LIVING IN RIVERWOOD!!!! This is SO COOL!!

  7. Pepper says:

    Amaze map this is #1 on my list of adventure maps

  8. Neneb says:

    Hi I am Neneb. I have created another part to this map and created a new adventure(1797: The Beacon of Plankwater) I was very inspired by the other adventure maps you did: Eregath, Meraghyl, and Riverwood. I used some of the names from the other maps but I hope you are okay with me doing this. Is it okay? You are mentioned in being one of the creators of the map. I really hope you accept this request. Thanks!

  9. Ruqsy05 says:

    I really liked this map and I did play it late but it’s cool

  10. Danthegamer says:

    Skyrim anyone?

  11. Neferwi says:

    This is a AWESOME map I love it me and my brother played and we both LOVE it. It’s awesome plz make part2

  12. Batman says:

    Thanks for the map.
    Can you make a Christmas map
    For IOS as a .mcworld please

  13. vritant says:


  14. Shamann251 says:

    Am I allowed to craft ?

  15. Just Comment says:

    Hi Its Realy Good Map I Enjoy It 🙂 But its 1 problem in start the rails (powered) is not turned on…

  16. Raven says:

    How will I apply the map to the game?

  17. UnicornLoverr says:

    Hii i can’t download the map why??

  18. Sammi says:

    How do I join?

  19. Alex says:

    Awesome!!! Is a really good map great job.

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