The Safari Mod

To use the First Aid Kit  tap on the ground and it will heal health to full. The cooldown is 3 seconds. To use the Safari Net simply tap on the an animal and it will capture it and if you tap on the ground it will release it. It works on all animals. Safari Kit Rank Sniper-Hunter-Ranger gives you full armor of whatever ore you used. It will also give you 5 Safari Nets. The Rotten Flesh will heal one heart (it is a food item). Spawn Eggs will spawn mobs.

  • First Aid Kit, 470
  • Safari Net, 460
  • Blood 468
  • Safari Kit Rank Sniper-Hunter-Ranger, 465, 466, 467
  • Duck Spawn Egg, 474
  • Rotten Flesh, 510
  • Panda Spawn Egg, 473
  • Smokey Bear Spawn Egg, 472
  • Other

    • Safari nets can glitch at times
    • At times Panda’s can morph into cows
    • Animals spawn quite often

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    12 Responses

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Please update this mod!!!!!!

    2. shreya says:

      This game has amazing details and I just love the panda’s they are so cute. From my consern there are no glitches or morph ( animals that turn into other animals ). I dont know what is not likable about this amazing game. Please dont turn your nose up when there is so much more to be discovered and only you can find that out . Please give it a go, remember one day you will look back and wish you did get the game . So download now for free it’s priceless . GO CLICK THE BUTTON . Thank you for your time and genourosity . Hope you choose the right disision . Go forward think outside the box . Bye and i hope to see your comments soon bye yours sincerly . SHREYA

    3. Anonymous says:

      Like it

    4. Reality Check says:

      Could you change them to look like poke ball? Like the mod that PopularMMOs uses?

    5. Darby says:

      This would be better if the Ender eye looked different.

    6. Alina says:


    7. Kaden says:

      I want this mod very bad please give it to me

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