The Scavel Addon

What is this addon? This is the Scavel addon. This is the start of something new, something that adds in mini things to add new fun in the game. This addon adds in 5 mobs, 11 items and 9 blocks. This addon was made by Geomatheo and is made only for fun. Let’s get on to it.

This description will show the mobs, the items, the blocks and things to know before installing.


Weapy-This is a hornet like mob that wander around the overworld. They are hostile to the player and bees(They won’t always attack bees)They drop:

-Weap Stinger(2)

-Gold Ingot(2)

This guys spawn in the overworld, just like a cow, a pig and other domesticated mobs in minecraft.They also use their stinger to sting their enemies. When they sting, they give off the nausea effect for 10 seconds.They have 15 hp and do 5 dp. They also classify as the arthropod class in minecraft

Weapy Image:

End Leab-This cute looking mob is a mob that spawns in the end. They are a walking resource in the end. This mob is still buggy because when attacked it’s legs detach from it’s body and it stays there instead of running when attacked. It drops:

-End Shell(2)

-Leab Skelp(2)

15 hp and no dp

End Leab Image:

Mesa Skull-This skeleton doesn’t mess around! This mob is a mob that spawns in the mesa. They are a mini boss like mob. They drop:

-Mesa Heat Orb(1)

-Orange Desert Stone(1)

They have 50 hp and do 5 dp. They also wield golden swords.

Mesa Skull image:

Moss Gatler-A zombie in a swamp! This is just a small addition to a swamp.They drop:


-Moss Totem(1)

Have 20 hp and 3 dp

Moss Gatler Image:

Magew-This small guy just wanders in underground deserts and the scorching hot nether.They drop:

-Charg Stone Chip(1)

-Magma Cream(1)

These guys have 15 hp and no dp

Magew Image:


Weapy Items(Items that is related to the weapy mob)-

-First item is a weap stinger.

-Second item is the stinging flint

-Third item is the smoother

The weap stinger is just for crafting recipes in this addon. The stinging flint is used as an item for most blocks, kind of like stone turning into stone bricks.The smoother is used to make smooth variants of items and blocks.

Leab Items(Items that is related to the leab mob)-

-First item is the end shell item

-Second item is the shellite item

-Third item is the leab skelp item

-Third item is the smooth leab skelp

(NOTICE: These Items Are In WIP)

The end shell item is dropped by end leab and is used to be smelted to a new ingot called “shellite”. Shellite’s use is to make “end forge diamonds” The item is in WIP stages so it is not displayed here. To get shellite,you smelt the end shell into the furnace and there. The end skelp is also in some WIP but can be smoothed simply into The “smooth leab skelp” To craft it you combine the leab skelp and the smoother to make it.

Mesa Skull Items(Items that is related to the mesa skull mob)-

The item is the mesa heat orb. This is a item used for heat related blocks and items. 

Swamp Gatler Items(Items that is related to the swamp gatler mob)

The item displayed here is the moss totem. This item is used to craft the Totem Of Undying. Theres now amother way to farm totems.,

Magew Items(Items that is related to the magew mob)

This item is called the charg volcano chip. It it used to make blocks to.


Overworld Blocks:

-First block in image:Orange desert stone

-Second block in image:Empty Energy Lamp

-Third block in image:Empty Energy Lamp

First and Second are decorative, while Third produces light. The second one is crafted using stinging flint. It is made like this:

 S=Stinging Flint


    S S


    Put that in the crafting table to make the empty energy lamp. To make the Heat energy lamp , You just put the mesa heat orb and the energy heat lamp together in a crafting table and there!

Nether Blocks:

-First block in image:Volcano Stone

-Second block in image:Active Volcano Stone

-Third block in image:Volcano Tone

    To craft Volcano Stone you use use charg volcano chips. To craft:

 C=Charg Volcano Chip


    C C


To craft The Active Volcano Stone you also combine it with the mesa heat orb.

To get Volcano Tone you just put Volcano Stone in a crafting table

End blocks:

-First block in image:Shell Scrap

-Second block in image:Skelp Block

-Third block in image:Smooth Shell Block

Shell Scrap is crafted by just putting 3 Shellite in a crafting table. To get Smooth Shellite you just put Shell Scrap Blocks inside a crafting table. To make a Skelp Block you put three Smooth Leab Skelps into a crafting table.


Before Installing:

Note That:

-This addon potentially works in 1.12-1.16.

-The spawn eggs of the five mobs look different from the traditional ones to tell which one is which.


Thank You For Installing!

Changelog View more

Remade Fetured Image To Show More Mobs In Context For The Addon


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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  1. Guest-2378570680 says:

    Como funciona lo de los totem de musgo??

  2. Guest-5834516739 says:

    If you’re interested I can make better textures for the mobs, blocks and items in your addon. I’m a semi decent pixel artist and this addon shows potential, although it is plagued by a problem that most addons have where the textures… are not very good.

  3. tman123 says:

    This addon is super cool! What software did you use to make this? I’m trying to make my own addon.

  4. Guest-3656607983 says:

    I really like this, nice job!

  5. Guest-2226128106 says:

    Awesome add-on can you make more? Suggestion: player allie

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