The School: Finding Sophie (Horror) [Adventure] (Puzzles)

The Story of a father who lost his daughter

In this game you are a father with a daughter named Sophie.

Your Daughter went to school but something wrong happen to your daughter.

And you are here to search for her.

You will become a detective in this game

  • You can run but you can’t hide
  • You can run forever but you can’t escape
  • Do not give him a chance to get you and kill you
  • Explore the building and solve the mystery

Expore the vent

Find two gears

Free yourself from evil

Find different type’s of keys to unlock different type’s of doors

Find the way out

This game is a little bit difficulty

You will need a lot of patience to finish this game

This map is based on my dreams

Not all scene’s is part of my dream I just added them to make the game more challenging

Estimated gameplay time: 15-30 mins or more

This game is tested on low device, turn off the fancy graphics and smooth lighting to reduce lags

but I’m not recommending this game on weak phones

If this map is not working on old version of Minecraft try downloading the latest version of minecraft

How to play? 

Find different keys to unlock different locked doors

Explore the building and search for some stuff in different room

Find a way out and dont let the stranger kill you

You will need the hammer, crowbar, and key to open the exit door 

Find 4 redstone torches and place it correctly in ritual room

Find 2 gears to solve the mystery

You can use /effect command but do not use /give, kill and tp command! 

Do not move while animation is working

Requirements for this map

McBE 1.16.x.x

A powerful device [Mobile Users]

Gamemode – Adventure

Hide Hand – True

Volume – 80-100%

Brightness – 80-100%

Show coordinates – false

Difficulty – any

Natural regeneration – false

This map can be played in multiplayer mode

Put invisibility effects for better experience

!!! But this map is not fully optimized in this mode.

Watch the Trailer on YouTube

Changelog View more

- New animations added

- added 2 new game over scene

- multiplayer compatibility increased [Not Tested]

- adjusted some few commands

- fixed several bugs

- changed items positions

- new room added [The Secret Room] with simple mini game

- added paper clip texture

- Background soud volume increased

- link added for resource pack

- no other updates 

Some few commands tick adjusted and lights became more darker

Adjusted some commands that cause lags glitches and stopping background sound

Reduced background sound

Fixed some glitches and bugs

Slowness effect is now added while running 


Click the link above to start download

After downloading click the file and you will automatically redirected on Minecraft

Again This is not compatible on weak or lower device!!! 


Supported Minecraft versions


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19 Responses

4.29 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Icebear81 says:

    Is there Jumpscares ?

  2. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey I’m up to the part where u need 2 crowbars I have one but I can not find the other crowbar plus where is the last key?

  3. ResidentRex says:

    This is a great map.?

  4. Guest-1520944774 says:

    So how do I crawl through the vent in the first room right after the villager gets chopped up by the monster dude?

  5. Guest-4500433295 says:

    This has got to be the best horror map i have played!!!

  6. Guest-9264237738 says:

    GOOD MAP !!!

  7. Guest-1646120372 says:

    Is this a 2 player map?

  8. Guest-3059393397 says:

    Cant see any textures. Can someone help to fix

  9. Guest-2897854232 says:

    It’s interesting, but there’s not much of a story yet. And I know, it’s in beta, but there’s not much for now. But still, can’t wait for the full thing. Till then, I rate a 4/5. It’s great for now, but I know it will get better.

  10. Guest-8366572390 says:

    I can say that this is one of the BEST horror maps on MCBE! Keep up the good work, and I hope I enjoy your future projects as well as this one!

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