The Shards Mod

Obtaining ice and glass aren’t normally any easy tasks. But The Shards Mod solves that annoyance by adding ice and glass shards to the game. The shards drop whenever you break an ice or glass block and can then be used for crafting. It really saves a lot of time and trouble.

Creator: thejaustin, Twitter Account


Most of us have at some point misplaced a glass block or a glass pane and it is surely a pain. But no more! Simply, break the glass block, collect the glass shards and craft a new glass block.

  • Glass Shard (1000) – dropped by glass blocks and glass panes
  • Glass Block (20) – 9 glass shards
  • Glass Pane (102) – 6 glass blocks (default recipe)



Ice is a tricky thing to obtain in survival mode. The only way (until now) is to use a Silk Touch enchanted tool. But if you use The Shards Mod you can break any type of ice block to obtain ice shards. The ice shards can then be used for crafting the ice blocks.

  • Ice Shard (1003) – dropped by ice blocks and packed ice blocks
  • Ice Block (79) – 9 ice shards
  • Packed Ice Block (174) – 4 glass blocks


Find a village and loot it for some glass!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is great 🙂

  2. JackFrostMiner says:

    Does it have to be a .modpkg file or can it be renamed to a .js file?

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