The Sideways Map (Short Challenge Map)

Hello again mcpedl! Today I bring you a short challenge map called “The Sideways Map”, basically this is a challenge map (Inspired by a minecraft java mod Up And Down And All Around) Where you go through 5 levels of man-made locations based on real minecraft locations, completing tasks, while the levels have a unique twist, they are flipped sideways instead of everything being normal. The parkour and other things also make this a more challenging map.

The first level in the map is “Spawn point”, the level is just the start of map, the task in the level is simple, get to the lowest point in the map safely. So, you have to fall onto the terrain of the level without taking too much fall damage and dying, this will be the easiest part of the map. Here’s a picture of the level.

The 2nd level in the map is “The Village”, the level takes place in a randomly located village, your main task is to find the hidden ruby (yes, a ruby, not an emerald). This is where things get harder, as the hidden ruby won’t be in plain sight and won’t be found easily, but at least you get to see a nice looking village, while doing something you don’t do normally do when entering a village. Here’s a picture of the level.

The 3rd level is “The Pillager Outpost”,, the level takes place at a Pillager Outpost near the village, however, it seems that all the Pillagers aren’t there. Not only that, but villagers have been talking about how their rubies are stolen from the Pillagers. So obviously, your task in the level is to find and take back the stolen Rubies. This will not be easy though, There’s parkour and other things you have to get through to find the stolen rubies. Here’s a picture of the level.

After you give the rubies back to the villagers, they reward you with a ruby sword for their gratitude. After obtaining diamonds and blocks for bridges and eyes of ender, you head to the end. The end is the fourth level. Your task is to destroy the End crystals and exit the end after destroying them all. You’ll have to use your ruby sword and build bridges to other obsidian towers, and if you misplace a block of cobblestone, mine it with your diamond pick. Since there is no Ender Dragon, there’s no fight or conflict, just exit The End, and you’re all good to go! Nothing bad will occur if you do so. Here’s a picture of the level.

Finally, comes the end of the map. You’re back at home, but your water bucket is gone. And there is only water at the bottom of your house. This is the final level, Just like the classic dropper maps, your task is to drop into the water safely without missing it. Here’s the last picture, it is the final level.

That’s it for the map, once you complete the final level, the map is done!


-Credit me if you play my map in any form of media

-Do not claim this map as yours, as this is my passion project, and this is something I worked real hard on, and to have the credit and work gone is unjust.

-Use only MY download links, don’t make your own.


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-Corrected some mistakes in the post’s installation guide to avoid confusion

-Updated the post to get the post submitted to mcpedl

-Updated the Post to get the map accepted into mcpedl


Windows 10-Install the .mcworld file and double click the file once installed , or launch minecraft, click play and click on the icon next to "create new" and select said file

iOS 13- Download the zip file and move the map’s folder into on my iPad or on my iPhone (Depends on what device you iOS have) /Minecraft/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds, if there’s no folder in the zip file provided, make one with all the files inside
iOS 12 and below- Go to the download page of the .mcworld file and select the download option "Open in Minecraft" once you tapped on the download button
Downloading the map to your Xbox one is possible. But I'm not going to type out a tutorial for that. Get help from someone else's tutorial, but make sure the tutorial is not uploaded in late 2018, as those tutorials are outdated.
I don't make money from this map, I don't plan on making money with my creations either.
Also, if you want to play the map again. Download it again as when the map is finished, you can’t play it again due to having no reset feature being provided in the map.


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  1. Spongeboy says:

    Nice map bro

  2. Each level must have checkpoints…I will NOT DOWNLOAD if there are no checkpoints….And what SHADER that you are using for the screenshot???

  3. Tesak says:

    I would like someone to make an addon on my little pony, so that mobs have models from java mod mine little pony, as well as in that mod, we could turn into a pony and also change to your skin! Perhaps I would even like to see a skinpack instead of an addon….

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