The Spheres [CTM]

The Spheres is a complete the monument map where you as a player have to go through four challenges to get the items you need to complete the monument. Every sphere got a unique type of challenge but we will let that remain a surprise for you what each challenge include.

Creator: Maaskdream

What’s the objective?

The objective is to complete each task presented in each sphere. Every completed sphere will award you with a wool. When you have got four wools you can Complete The Monument (CTM). To access the monument area there is a ladder in the main spawn area.



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10 Responses

  1. Guitaroftime says:

    It takes me to infinity… Isn’t this map called the spheres? I think the link is bad.

  2. ijclogaming says:

    Hi, How To Upload A Map?

  3. AngelKitty says:

    The people who said it takes to a different link r right I can’t get it it gets me to a different map test it again maybe

  4. Maaskdream says:

    And a new CTM will comin soon, who will be composed of 12 hidden wools 😉

  5. mad3434 says:

    I’m not sure but I think the download link is the wrong map

  6. DwarvenWarrior says:

    Can I use the infinity mod for my map. (As in putting the .js file in my compressed map file)

  7. TrollFace640 says:

    The download link took me to a different map but the other map was awesome

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