The Stone Island

This map is for thinking and there are not many “puzzle” maps. and I wanted my first map to have puzzles. Also this map has achievements! because I wanted to change the maps a little bit👌💣

he only has four achievements⭐

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for the phone they were not the same files and I regret that they have to wait all this time is that it is my first time that I upload something to this website😅🤯

I already changed the links that were not working✔

I also put it for mobile✔

the only thing that changed was the link that was not working⭕


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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  1. Guest-9691453217 says:

    the map looks amazing, but it’s giving me the “level import failed” error message whenever i try import it. if you could reupload the file, or even remake the .mcworld file and reupload it, that would be great. also, if you could add a .zip download option in case it still doesn’t work, it would be even better.

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