The Texture Review Map

It doesn’t have to be difficult reviewing every texture in the game to test out a new texture pack, or to check your own made pack. That’s the main reason to why this map was created. It features every possible textures to get on a Superflat world in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The four main categories include blocks, items, mobs and other. Most textures are in the map except for some rare blocks which are no longer part of the official game graphics.

Creator:Β AlphaA47,Β Twitter Account
Updated:Β 22 January, 2019 (read changelog)

Creator’s Note:Β  Also, since this is a superflat world, I could not possible show biome-dependant textures like select few rabbit textures and treasure maps. But, this map is very vast and has about everything you need in order to view the Minecraft textures.


  • Updated to 1.8.0. Includes all new textures in the update.


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27 Responses

3.7 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. jeff yeeterson says:

    the links dont work, but I have the world on my alt (VERY laggy) pc so I can get it from there.

  2. BombErik says:

    uhhhh… its not on media fire ;-; fix pls

  3. superplex25 says:

    Not happy. One: The file was apparently removed from MediaFire, and Two: The website showed me an inappropriate ad. Please provide a direct link to MediaFire if possible. Not pleased.

  4. Mikey says:

    Excellent texture viewing map. Dropped it to my Xbone no worries. All I ask is please, please keep updating. I can only imagine the work involved, but this is a real lifesaver (time saver?).

  5. Kuroki Joji says:

    Might need update

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey so I keep trying to download the map but when I get to media fire it just tells me there was an error in uploading

  7. daemxn says:

    i would like to download this map to see how all the blocks look in the current pack im using, but unfortunately you can’t download it.

  8. Johan says:

    I can’t download it. And it’s very sad, ’cause it look very good!

  9. DUDE2134 says:

    The Download Site Has a Malware Problem…

  10. DynamicMC says:

    Can You Add Some Of the items?
    Because I can’t see the swords and other things

  11. karinaomg says:

    It’s really good! Thanks for this it helped me a lot!

  12. yuncheng says:

    Could I improve your map and release it in China?

  13. SaddleBag says:

    Some of the mobs were missing, I think they escaped and died, I caught the lamas spitting a wolf to death.

    • Ali says:


    • AlphaA47 says:

      Yes, I know about that. Unfortunately, I cannot fix it right now but I’m trying my best to do so soon. I think it’s a bug in the game where if you enter another dimension and come back, the world’s chunks reload and command blocks are reset for a few ticks. Thus, some mobs roam out of the command block range and aren’t teleported to their destinations via command blocks again.

  14. snowpug says:

    Amazing map! Ive always had a hard time sseing what eveything looks like in most texture packs and you map made it waay easier i love it!

  15. Evils_Gamer says:

    This map is useful

  16. lol says:

    Thumbnail texture?

    • AlphaA47 says:

      There is no texture pack used in the thumbnail. I took a screenshot of the map without the GUI using the default Minecraft texture pack. Then, I used a photo editor and applied filters and such to the photo there along with the text.

  17. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

    great!,!! did you make this block by block

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