The Ty-el’s Vietnamese Language Pack

Are you Vietnamese and when you’re playing Minecraft you have many troubles about you don’t understand English? You’re on right way! This pack is created for you to help your gameplay have more experience and no worry anymore about not understanding English. (mostly matches Java version of Minecraft!)

Credits: @TLGaming2308 (Twitter), @fromgate (download original Minecraft Unicode font here)


More than 9000 of translatable translation keys are mostly translated and matches Java version of Minecraft Vietnamese with more than 90% accurate!

Start screen

Videos Settings screen

New Achievement screen (PS: Achievements name and description is untranslatable) :'(

Loading screen with loading messages “DON’T LEAVES TREE FLOATING!” translated

Chat screen, with wrong command syntax and executed command messages

Profile screen

Realms Plus Screen

Fully translated How to Play sections

Nether Portal in How to Play section

Scaffolding in How to Play section

Supports Chemistry Mode (can be enabled by turn on Education Edition in World Settings)

Lab Table screen

Chest screen with Latex name on screen

This pack also works when you’re using Text-to-Speech. How convenient!

Accessibility Settings

And more!

Things that can’t be translated:

Achievements (because it saves online in-game so i can’t translate it) 🙁

Marketplace Contents (some are translated by creators)

Realms terms, EULA, purchase info

Credits, Ending Messages (is i need to translate it?)

This pack follow the rules of translating Minecraft at here

with Minecraft Java Translation Project

This pack comes with two varients of font type you can edit it in pack settings

The left page is Normal Mojangles Font, the right page is Unicode font

Swipe the slider to right in Pack Settings to apply Mojangles font

Swipe the slider to left in Pack Settings to apply Unicode font


You’re allowed to:

If you make video about this pack, make sure you credit me and put the ORIGINAL MCPEDL download link in description

You’re not allowed to:

Use this pack to make customized APK/APPX/Custom and monetized content (private modifications), no one will have the permission.

Remove credit text in Language Pack or modify this pack, easy to know, no one will have permission to edit.

Repost this pack make by me using your own download link not-related to this MCPEDL post.

IMPORTANTLY: Do not mark this post link into any shorten link services WITH ADS!!

Final Notes

This pack supports on both Official and Beta version of Minecraft 1.13 and higher 
This pack is not affiliated with Mojang AB or any creators.
This pack is created in more than 1 month, that long time make me very tired, hope
you like it
If you have anything I typo or not translated, please contact me or comment in this post. 

Changelog View more


Pack Updates:

  • Updated Minecraft Translation key data up to beta v1.16.100.57 (see full in changelogs.txt in pack file)
  • Exit Action Hint is now show correctly (was always "Jump", not "Sneak" before)
  • Changed "Chest" container name to "Small Chest"
  • Re-translated "Education Toggle" and "Nether Wart Blocks Item Group" name
  • Re-draw Đ and đ in Mojangles Font once again

Submission Updates:

  • Added New Achievement Screen Screenshot with Vietnamese enabled (how?)
  • Updated Submission post and Featured image


Pack Updates:

  • Updated Minecraft Translation key up to beta v1.16.100.56 (see full updates in changelogs.txt in pack for more)
  • Re-make some glyphs in Mojangles font such as Đ, đ, ư, ơ, ỡ, etc. to match Minecraft Java
  • Pack manifest is now Vietnamese in Pack Settings to easier to use pack

Submission Updates:

  • Updated Screenshot


From this version, translation is translate from English (US) (was English (GB) before) to gain access to the translation of some items in the new version earlier

  • Updated Minecraft Translation key up to beta v1.16.100.55 (see full list of what key are added in changelogs.txt in pack file)
  • Some salts name in Chemistry Mode is changed
  • Changed game tips to match Vanilla Minecraft Translation
You must remove the old pack before updating to this version

Changelog: v1.0.3 (to match MCPEDL's post updates version)

  • Updated Minecraft Translation key up to, also fully translated version 1.16.40 (for full updates, open changelog.txt in pack to view more)
  • Updated some lines of pack
  • Small post submission updates
You need to remove old pack before updating to this version

Changelog: v1.0.1

  • Updated Minecraft Translation key to v1.16.100.53 beta
  • Fixed Iron Sword is not translated
  • Fixed some typo

Updated post submission

Supports Minecraft translation key cap up to

More updates come soon


1. Click the link (NO ADS) in the Download to download pack

2. Import this pack into your Minecraft

3. Open Minecraft > Go to Settings > Go to Global Resources > Choose Vietnamese Pack

and Activate it

4. (optional) Press the Pack Settings button to change font you want

• Normal Minecraft Font (Mojangles) 

• Unicode Font (Not 100% Unicode), best for who have custom font, or don't like Mojangles Font

5. IMPORTANT!! Restart Minecraft!!

6. Go to Settings again > Language > Choose Tiếng Việt (Việt Nam)

If you update this pack, make sure you remove this old pack before update to the latest version.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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