The Ultra Enchantment Glint Pack! v2

Have you ever wanted the Minecraft Java Edition experience in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Well, you came to the right place… The Ultra Enchantment Glint Pack! If you watch a Java Edition Youtuber’s video. You will notice that the enchantment looks so nice and clean. But on Bedrock Edition, the enchantment glint texture will look blurry depending on the resolution of the texture. Have a quick look at the pack! 😀



Here are some more preview of the pack!








The textures I have done so far:

– Swords

– Pickaxes

– Axes

– Shovels

– Hoes

– Bow

– Fishing Rod

– Turtle Helmet

– Helmets

– Chestplates

– Leggings

– Boots

Ill be working on some more textures soon so stay tuned for that.

Other then that, enjoy the pack! 😀

Changelog View more

- Changed the download link

- Fixed the download link

New textures i have done:

- Pickaxes

- Axes

- Shovels

- Hoes

- Bow

- Fishing Rod

- Turtle Helmet

- Helmets

- Chestplates

- Leggings

- Boots


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200


16x 256x

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  1. TochPEDL says:

    Like it a lot use it all the time. 👍

  2. Bluebirdmc says:

    I see before and after, i click download

  3. 3SXOPE says:

    It looks nice i am going to put this in my moded survival world not a you tuber pls fix link

  4. AwesomeSauce3000 says:


  5. BUDDYGAMING7863 says:

    Can you fix the link,i want to try it, it looks so cool

  6. Dreamsaysnooo says:

    Why i can’t download the pack?pls i want to try it

  7. ItsMeNooby says:

    Can i use this to my pack?

  8. IncognitoCD says:

    So fu**** cool

  9. ihsnlol says:

    looks great thanks! once i download this man the enchantment glint is soooooo smooth oh yeah btw thanks!

  10. therealonedude says:

    looks great

  11. What’s this I see? My buddy Zapper’s pack found on mcpedl? EPIC! (It’s DiamondDepth btw) 😀

  12. ZapperXHD says:

    Join My Discord For More Updates On The Pack! 😀

  13. Hello creator! Can I use this pack in my texture pack v2?? I will credit you

  14. Velocityy says:

    This reminds me of OCD Pack on Java edition

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