The Undying Addon (1.2 Beta Only)

This addon adds one new mobs and one new item to Minecraft and both of them are inspired by the Totem of Undying. The mob is like a miniature version of a golem but with several new modifications to really make it stand out. The new item is a weapon which replaces the bow which can be both be used as a sword and an explosive rifle weapon.

Creator: TheEnderfaceTwitter Account

The Undyer

One of the new features is The Undyer. It’s a small mob which can be found spawning in most biomes. Players can tame them and keep them as their guardian pets.

  • Replaces the creeper
  • Health: 50 hearts (can make a shield which protects it against damage)
  • Tameable with emeralds
  • Wild ones will run/jump away from players
  • Once tamed, they will follow and protect you, attacks hostile mobs
  • Automatically attacks Vindicators and Evokers
  • You can make tamed ones age faster by feeding them iron ingots, gold ingots or diamonds

The Undying Sword

This sword is much better than any other vanilla weapon as it can be used both as a melee weapon (sword) and a long range weapon (bow) to fire explosives. Also, while holding it you’ll gain several extra abilities such as boosted health and the ability to run faster.

  • Replaces the bow
  • Used similarly to a bow to shoot Undying Souls (arrows), power 2 explosion, particles
  • You can also use it as a sword and then it causes 13 attack damage
  • While holding this sword your health is boosted to 20 hearts and your speed is faster (speed value: 1.3)


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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30 Responses

4.73 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:


  2. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:


  3. Gamerboy999 says:

    WHAt download sight is it

  4. Minecraftwinner says:

    Really cool but you should also make undying Armour

  5. Gilmar says:

    addon bom demais

  6. Mark angelo says:

    I want this mod because it’s cool

  7. Mark angelo says:

    Where are button to install this mod

  8. TK-6606 says:

    Really cool.

  9. AntoineMCDL says:

    How do you put custom names on items because I tried searching how to and I find nothing I want to see.

    • 66silverblock says:

      You look the name on en_US.lang but I don’t recommend you renameing due to it being impossible to search the name

  10. Carl says:

    I remember seeing something like this in twitter Was When You Making This Addon You replaced The golem?

  11. AntoineMCDL says:

    Acually I fixed it, I deleted the file for skeleton and renamed tbe totem_sword file to player

    Thank solvedDev, not me. It was a addon I found that made realize that it was player.json, not totem_sword.json all you have to do is rename it lol and it’s fixed.

    • Theenderface says:

      Huh. On 1.2 update. All json file will readed. I use that name to make it’s more easy to find. But when you still on 1.1 i think it’s not work and you still should rename to “player.json”. it’s why this only for 1.2+ .

    • 66silverblock says:

      What do we have to rename what you said make no sense send a pic or sent the post

  12. AntoineMCDL says:

    Really cool addon but the sword doesn’t do melee damage and the skeleton shoots snowballs.

  13. Wierdtangaming says:


  14. Sasha says:

    If you know undertale, so please make a sans addon

  15. Samuel says:

    I like the concept of making an item have its own unique mob.

  16. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    The mod APK is on its way!

    Meaning mods will come to all Editions of the better together update! iOS too!

  17. Geor says:

    It keeps lagging when I go in the game and do it

  18. Zarif Shadab says:

    I’m a Beta Tester

  19. Zarif Shadab says:

    Best idea

  20. ValgardBarbatos says:

    Editor, can you replace the undying sword texture with bow but has blades on its side. I would love to see that. Btw, nice add-on.

  21. SkoopskiMc says:

    It looks cool, but I can’t download it. TheEnderface should but a mediafire link.

  22. JayyRico says:

    It keeps on crashing

  23. MACARONI.IO says:

    This looks very cool. Can’t wait to try it out!

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