The Walking Dead Skin Pack!

The characters from the most popular zombie series of all time have arrived for Minecraft!

Play with your favorite The Walking Dead characters, with all the main characters from the first season to the tenth season

This skin pack adds all the characters from the main series of The Walking Dead to choose from

This is the first version of the pack, if you want us to add a few more characters from The Walking Dead, leave it here in the comments!

Created by: Pixell Studio


Contact Email: [email protected]





If you have suggestions for new skins leave it here in the comments ↴


  1. Download Skin Pack .Mcpack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Open the Skin picker and select a skin from the skin pack


Supported Minecraft versions


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4 Responses

  1. XwMANDINGUSwX says:

    Thank you I’ve been waiting for someone to make a walking dead skin pack.

  2. Insxne_Crxze says:

    I like the skin of Lee and Kenny, im not sure that all of them in TWD is in this skin pack.

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