The Way of the Fox (Minecraft PvP Overlay Pack)

This Minecraft texture pack has redesigned all current swords in the game. It makes the wooden and stone swords look more natural with pointy bits coming out the sides. The iron sword is clean and short, the gold sword is a honey color that’s rather dark. the diamond sword is made of crystals and packed ice, with a lighter colored tip and a darker bottom. The netherite sword is a sword that is covered with magma and lava all over it.

here is everything that has changed, it is not a big pack but I hope to add more soon. The red fox cap that you see below the iron sword is actually an iron helmet, the arctic fox cap is actually a diamond helmet, and the firefox cap is a netherite helmet, the same changes have happened with the chest plate, of course, the GUI is changed, with foxes as hearts, and a wooden frame for the Hotbar, and a strap across the armor icon. I hope to add more changes in the future.

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to be done:

block-breaking texture

more items, e.g splash potions, buckets, etc

next to do:


-bow and arrow


-golden apple

that's currently all I am going for! this is my very first pack and I look forward to updating it!

Plans for the future:

retexturing the full set of armor

retexturing the bow and crossbow

do the block-breaking texture


here are the easy steps to download this pack:

1. click the download link above

2. the download link will take you to media fire, click the download button and wait for the pack to install

3. once the pack is done, click it, and it will open Minecraft and import the pack up any world (0r settings) and simply add the pack!


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22 Responses

5 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. xXFoxBrineXx says:

    Maybe you could texture some of the armor to have a bandana, as if he took his bananda off.

  2. Hey that’s a awesome overlay! Definitly gonna use that

  3. FammyDream says:

    Can you let me download your version of the fox skin? Thanks

  4. DevastatorX5 says:

    Um is the original version still there coz I’m not really that into pvp focused textures.

  5. VictorFox says:

    Just… PERFECT!

  6. IdiOt_lOser says:

    in step four a 0 was used instead of an O

  7. CrazyBomb227 says:

    Why pvp overlay?

  8. WT Gaming says:

    Niceee broooo

  9. I'mFico says:

    Nice pack also aye we are both foxes and we use the same skin

  10. DevastatorX5 says:

    Maybe you can retexture the Wooden axe to be a simple plank on a stock with the stone axe as a Paleolithic version. Also can the Iron sword be changed to a simple Cleaner version with a gold hilt but it’s a good texture pack.

    • I think the iron sword with a gold hilt and just making it cleaner is a really good idea, I wasn’t that happy as it looked kind of messy so ill definitely change it in the next update! however I don’t really understand what you mean by the axes, could you elaborate?

      • DevastatorX5 says:

        Like make them have a stone age feeling like what cavemen used and maybe make Make the bow a Compound bow to make the addon more diverse in Historical eras and since the pack is based on foxes we should have a Japanese themed item.

  11. any ideas for how to retexture a few items? I’m willing to take any feedback!

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