The White [Parkour]

This map has an incredibleย amount of 49 different levels but none of them are especially hard to complete. It’s best suited for beginners who don’t have too much experience with parkour in Minecraft. Each level is a small room with four white walls and somewhere hard to get is a button. Your task is to find a way to the button and press it to complete the level.

Creator: BlackZero, Twitter Account
Updated:ย 29 June, 2017 (bug fixes!)

Important:ย Bugs have been reported and a solution is being worked on by the creator.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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67 Responses

4.45 / 5 (41 vote)
  1. anonymous says:

    both file types send me to and i cant download

  2. Lord of the Ice Foxes says:

    Definitely recommend. I could play this all day.

  3. Rageelixir says:

    This map was awesome it was a little difficult

  4. K.C. Sparks says:

    Hi! I love your map but I have a problem.. In one of the levels with fence jumps and ore blocks, there is a part where if you fail you can’t restart because of invisible blocks… please fix this… if you see this i will most likely see you respond on my Instagram

  5. JzRapper says:

    LOVE IT except for the bugs

  6. Rachelle says:

    How do you place a button? Lvl 48 doesn’t have a button. How do i get past it????

  7. Rachelle says:

    I can’t get past lvl 16! Always get stuck behind the fence!!! Please fix!!!!

  8. NOT TELLING YOU says:

    This is really fun, and hard.

  9. Hannahandpoppy says:

    I love it

  10. A-A-RON says:

    Hey great map man, good you do more

  11. The King Of Parkour On Pocket Editoin says:

    Amazing map just fix the second to last level command block and fill in any holes. I did it in 1:30 WITHOUT CHEATING. Great map can’t wait for another one

  12. Blub says:

    How did you get the invisible blocks?! So cool!!!

  13. vannosgamimg202 says:


  14. Samuel says:

    I was stuck on lvl16 because there was invisible blocks and I fell off the fence jump and got stuck. Can u plz fix it

  15. FanaticPeach99 says:

    Can i get the texture pack from this? its amazing.

  16. SuperHackerdudeproYT says:

    Black zero bro love your maps and I subscribe to your channel and like and tap the bell
    And I wanna be friends and yeah I give this maps 5 stars

  17. Anonymous says:

    Nice parkour map!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  18. Luthfy says:

    Hey this parkour so easy and amazing coll map

  19. Oh My Pie says:

    Please fix the block had gone and fix the next to the last map (is get no command in the command block and there are no button), and fix the invisible block in the mineshaft map, skeleton wither head map, and the bed map (i dont need to parkpur I still can press the button), fix the trap door map there are a hole next to the parkour///////

    Please fix it!
    Good map, I has played

  20. Wildsamus man says:

    This map was great fun one level had no bitton but that was ok would have been cool to have one long par out at the end with checkpoints overall thanks

  21. Panduma says:

    This was an insanely awesome map! I recorded it with my friend for my YouTube channel and we had a blast! I love how easy it was but it also was rather hard cause it was so long! Love the detail you put into some of the jumps! Keep the maps coming!

  22. Jack says:

    Awesome map!

  23. PercyEngine45 says:

    The bed level is impossible please add a block in between the beds

  24. Krish12003 says:

    Way too easy map. finished in 10 mins bro. make it harder.

  25. legoman8304 says:

    How do did you get the invisible blocks in some of those levels?

  26. Hyperion Mage says:

    Because he’s name is in the description in minecraft and i saw him on youtube

  27. Axouche says:

    I highly recommand this map. It’s well built, very fun interesting. I loved the concept and all the different colors, blocks etc., but for me, the rooms are too small. I’d rather enjoy a straight line long parkour than 49 tiny rooms, that’s why I remove 1 star. But after all, it’s a real pleasure to see all the work on this map !

  28. Adfly Sucks says:

    Upload To Mcpe Pleaseeeee..I Will Give You 5 Star

  29. Adfly Sucks says:

    I Cant Download This Map Because The Freakin Adfly Sucker

  30. Isaiah says:

    Good Map! Make more pls

  31. PhoenixLover says:

    This looks amazing, but for some reason I can’t download this map so I don’t know if it’s my internet or whatever, Hopefully I can get my internet to care for me more lol.

  32. Raybombe says:

    ใ€€very creative, nice texture to go with it also

    Thanks for making this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Manu says:

    I like this map. It’s amazing

  34. Kugyjgjugvyjyvg says:


  35. Kirito says:

    This map is Amazing but glitchy

  36. Jodi Carrigan says:

    Looks cool

  37. TheSlayerMC says:


  38. DapperGengar says:

    Gg I really like it but on some levels there are holes in the walls you might wanna fix.Also the second to last doesn’t have a button, the is just a hole revealing a command block and no button so fix those and it’s then an amazing map!๐Ÿ‘

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Haykal1870 says:

    GG good game can you make part 2

  41. DekDomGao says:

    This is the greatest parkour map ever! I love parkour pls make more and more maps

  42. YellowsWG MCPE says:


  43. Inviziy says:

    The tp in room 15 doesn’t work. There’s no button, so I set the command to ‘tp @p -101 5 -36 then placed a button. PLEASE FIX THIS MISTAKE! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. NetherExplorer78 says:

    When in invisible block i thought it was hard but not, btw cool map!

  45. Ken M says:

    Minecraft is only a game for young children who want to be construction workers, this map does not enforce building so it breaks the Minecraft Terms of Service

  46. Miner says:

    This map was amazing! Except on one level it didn’t have the button. But it was amazing! Good job

  47. NatsuGodsflame says:

    Awesome! Probably my favorite parkour map I’ve ever played

    • Trailblazer1007 says:

      It really is amazing! I failed a few times but I get through it! This is the best map I ever played!

  48. Sr. Gui says:

    It’s good

  49. CMAN says:

    “This map has an incredible amount of 49 different levels but neither of them are especially hard to complete.”

    It should say “none of them are especially hard to complete”. “Either” denotes two options.

  50. Anonymous says:

    nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Galaxydragon says:

    The invisible blocks were blocking some jumps and 1 level has a broken command block. Other than that, great map!

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