The Wither Boss Mod

A hovering three-headed monster boss in Minecraft, that’s what the Wither Boss is. Until now it’s only been possible to challenge on the PC version but now Lu_Lu54 has made it possible for us Minecraft Pocket Edition fans to enjoy the scary boss too!

Make sure to use the skin in the zip file too to make the Wither Boss look as good as possible. Type /help in-game to find out how to spawn it etc.

To craft it do the following:

  • Use 36 dirt to craft 4 soul sands
  • Use a pumpkin to hit the top soulsand and the boss shall spawn.
  • Next you should probably run and make up a plan how to kill this beast as it’s probably harder than what you think

Tip: Be well prepared with good armor and weapons!

wither2 download

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19 Responses

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  1. Christopher Reyes says:

    I agree with you blob

  2. Theoneandonlysavage says:

    It’s already a thing

    • totally anonymous says:

      now in 2019 its a thing . however he made the addon in 2014 when the wither wasnt in bedrock/pocket edition

  3. Theoneandonlysavage says:

    It’s already a thing

  4. Blob says:

    This Is Absolutely Terrible Pocket Edition Have The Wither In PLANE! You Can Spaw The Wither By Putting A T Of Soulsand And Then Put 3 Wither Skulls On Top You Imbasil

  5. Pyreknyght says:

    no use now

  6. minecraft gamer says:

    how to spawn wither because if i craft 36 dirt result emerald ore

  7. minecraft gamer says:

    how to spawn that wither if i craft 36 dirt result emrald ore

  8. Mega Charizard x says:

    It’s useless now we already have the wither in 0.16.0 or is it 0.17.0 i can’t remember

  9. Ash Smith says:

    Does this work in 0.15.6?

  10. Lorenzo says:

    Its good. Its great.its fantastic! Woohhooooo!

  11. HLEO kixxs says:

    Maybe a bit more explaining. I mean, what do you mean by hit the top soul sand with a pumpkin?

  12. WildCatTheGriefer says:

    can you make ender dragon boss mod?

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