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Published on June 21, 2017 (Updated on June 21, 2017)

The World of Colours (Find The Button) [Minigame]

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Please post more maps!
Love it!
You haven’t posted in a long time.
You're name is so cute
I can't find find he first one ???
it was realy short, in the sheep level you could just cheat and parkour your way out, the shulker level was glithed so the button would just be on the floor, and when i said no it blowed me up. did not enjoy playing.
Read my comment, my first map expect glitches
Minecraft Pro lol June 25, 2017 at 5:16 pm
Great job! Your map is amazing. However, can u plz change the title so that it is not inappropriate?
Great map dude! I really enjoyed how difficult but short this was! I recorded it for my channel and I really enjoyed it! Keep it up dude!
Please send me the link, I’d love to see it ;)
send me a link, love to see it :)
Very fun and easier than expected
This was awesome keep up the good work!
Short but a lot of fun keep making these maps
It was okay, but I think you have great potential in making maps. Keep up the good work!
Thanks so much! It means a lot :D
Where is the first button
In the trees, look up and you'll see it
Pretty cool ...yes mooooore maps please
Good job
this was fun but REALLY HARD, I had to cheat. I love the creativity and the hard work, You should defiantly make more
Means The world :D
Please more find the button maps I couldn't find the last one xD
Try your inventory XD