TheBuildingDuck’s City V1

Want a modern city?  This map is for you! A big city with decorations, parks, towers, roads, trees…

The city has some unfinished builds so don’t worry if you see some.

Download wait for you!

(World size: 50,21MB)

I have converted the JAVA world to the Bedrock edition with the permission of TheBuildingDuck to upload and convert this on mcpedl.


The city includes:

-An airport

-A cinema

-A hospital





-A high school

-A swimming center and a football/soccer stadium

-A concert hall next to the football/soccer stadium

-Highway system

-And more!

(Not all buildings are furnished as it takes a lot of time. A few buildings have been furnished: Ikea, swimming center, high school, concert hall, some houses in the suburbs and a part of the hospital)

A large city that TheBuildingDuck working on right now. The whole progress can be followed on his channel:

Changelog View more

News downloads for the world because the ancient don't work for some peoples

Fix downloads links

Set to current minecraft version (1.14)

Have good game !

Fix downloads links

Set to current minecraft version (1.14)

Have good game !

-Correcting download

-Fix bugged chunks

-support 1.14 version

-No more changelog


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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72 Responses

4.52 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Guest-3064820817 says:

    Hi i really love the map!! Please can you post the next update of it plzzzzzzz😘😭

  2. Guest-9539270855 says:

    Hello, Garrett2by4 just released he’s new tutorial world, can i asked when will you upload it?

  3. Guest-9512343195 says:

    Here are some locations: a neighborhood: -700 80 -2600
    A school: 0 80 -700
    Can someone tell me where the golf course is at

  4. Guest-4759473372 says:

    Can this work on mcpe?

  5. Guest-7701867662 says:

    can there be a seed cause i am using a switch.

  6. Guest-9397263704 says:

    Could you convert this maps in pocket edition
    https:/ / /project /uss-nimitz-cvn-68 -1-1-scale-download/

    https:/ / /project /uss-dwight-d-eisenhower-cvn-69- 1-1-scale -download/

    Thank you!

  7. Guest-7572234057 says:

    Could you convert on of The Holders stadium. Thanks.

  8. Guest-1813131963 says:

    Never mind, it works now!

  9. Guest-6957393477 says:

    When I entered the world, it’s just a flat land. Can you please guide me with coordinates where is the world?

  10. Guest-7723103600 says:

    How did you convert the world from java to bedrock?

  11. Guest-9847297105 says:

    Can you also convert Garrett2by4’s tutorial world, he’s also a youtuber. Thank you

  12. Guest-9685703160 says:

    The doesn’t work for this map. I saw the video and the city looks amazing. That is why it is 5 ⭐️

  13. Guest-6546478339 says:

    will this work on xbox one

  14. Guest-3780933467 says:

    thanks for converting this to bedrock! i know how hard buildingduck worked on it.

  15. Guest-2813781895 says:

    i watch your videos in youtube and i saw how hard this creation and i appreciate it keep up the good work……

    • Raycka13 says:

      Hi, I don’t have build this World.
      It’s TheBuildingDuck. I’m raycka13 with the permission of him I have converted this World for the bedrock community.

  16. Guest-8318363522 says:

    Can you also convert Garrett2by4’s tutorial world in pocket edition. Thank you

  17. Guest-7235661824 says:

    So how does the new download thing work for the mc world :T

  18. Guest-2868945715 says:

    Can someone tell me why the mcworld download isn’t working? I have iOS13.4

  19. Guest-5302523178 says:

    how to import the zip file?

  20. Guest-4932742142 says:

    not working

  21. Guest-9287522137 says:

    i cant download it…

  22. Guest-7898084717 says:

    I can’t download it, whenever I try it just says level import failed. Can anyone help me?

  23. Guest-6267337595 says:


  24. Guest-3267827373 says:

    Can I use this for my role play?

  25. Guest-1804494693 says:

    Will you be updating this when TheBuildingDuck adds new places?

  26. Guest-6442921945 says:


  27. ezz456 says:

    I like this city 🙂🙂🙂

    • Guest-1043614160 says:

      Hey Raycka, I hope you remember your visit on my channel (Ghetto Crafty) on YouTube, I have created a guide on how to install it on mcpe, it would be easy for people to install if you provide the link here
      Thank you :)+

  28. Guest-6877116088 says:

    Is there an Xbox one version of the map

    • Raycka13 says:

      Hi the city is for the bedrock edition if You have Minecraft on Xbox and it’s the bedrock edition you can play on but if it’s the Minecraft Xbox one edition you can’t

  29. Guest-9358947749 says:

    no military base? i really need that

  30. Guest-4167063057 says:

    Every time i try import to minecraft it fails? Whyyyyy

  31. MircasMC says:

    I can finally play your map the building duck thank you

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