TheMoreMod (Addon)

What exactly is TheMoreMod?

Well, TheMoreMod  is an addon for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition which adds more and more things over the time. It hasn’t much items and blocks yet but this will change because there will be more and more updates for the addon and so new things will be added.

Wishes, ideas, and suggestions for change can also help make the mod bigger and bigger. 🙂

What is added (Current version: 1.4)? :

(From 1.0) :

  • Black Brick + Crafting recipe*
  • Blue Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Brown Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Green Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Cyan Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Magenta Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Light Blue Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Gray Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Lime Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Orange Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Purple Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Pink Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Red Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Light Gray Brick + Crafting recipe
  • White Brick + Crafting recipe
  • Yellow Brick + Crafting recipe


(From 1.1) :

  • Salt Ore
  • Salt
  • Salted-Cooked Beef + Crafting recipe**
  • Salted-Cooked Porkchop + Crafting recipe
  • Salted-Cooked Chicken + Crafting recipe
  • Salted-Cooked Mutton + Crafting recipe
  • Salted-Cooked Rabbit + Crafting recipe
  • Salted-Cooked Cod + Crafting recipe
  • Salted-Cooked Salmon + Crafting recipe
  • And a BRAND NEW Stone Biome (there you have the highest chance to find the salt ore) [The salt ore will spawn naturally everywhere from high 30-50]

(works with any other cooked food, too)

*You can craft colored bricks by putting a brick block and a color of your choice in the crafting table

**You can craft Salted-Cooked things by putting cooked flesh (like cooked beef or cooked chicken,…) salt in a crafting table

(works with any other cooked food, too)

Salted Cooked things will give you 2 more hunger points. You can also eat salt but it will only give 2 hunger points.

*You can destroy Salt Ore with everything and you will get it. This is a bug which I want to fix*

(From 1.2 -The Light and Stone Update) :

  • Blue Glowstone +Blue Glowstonedust
  • Magenta Glowstone + Magenta Glowstonedust
  • Brown Glowstone +Brown Glowstonedust
  • Cyan Glowstone +Cyan Glowstonedust
  • Gray Glowstone +Gray Glowstonedust
  • Green Glowstone +Green Glowstonedust
  • Light Blue Glowstone +Light Blue Glowstonedust
  • Light Gray Glowstone +Light Gray Glowstonedust
  • Lime Glowstone +Lime Glowstonedust
  • Orange Glowstone +Orange Glowstonedust
  • Pink Glowstone +Pink Glowstonedust
  • Purple Glowstone +Purple Glowstonedust
  • Red Glowstone +Red Glowstonedust
  • White Glowstone +White Glowstonedust
  • Yellow Glowstone + Yellow Glowstonedust

  • Basalt
  • Polished Basalt
  • Basalt Brick
  • Chiseled Basalt
  • Basalt Stone brick
  • Diorite Brick
  • Diorite Stone brick
  • Chiseled Diorite
  • Granite Brick
  • Granite Stone brick
  • Chiseled Granite
  • Diorite Brick
  • Diorite Stone brick
  • Chiseled Diorite
  • Prismarine Brick
  • Prismarine Stone brick
  • Chiseled Prismarine
  • Dark Prismarine Brick
  • Dark Prismarine Stone brick
  • Chiseled Dark Prismarine

(You can craft the other brick/stone brick/chiseled variants in that way, too)

A second NEW biome: The basalt biome

(From 1.3 – The Snowy Update) :

Ice Waffle

Black Ice Cream +Black Ice Balls

Blue Ice Cream +Blue Ice Balls

Brown Ice Cream +Brown Ice Balls

Cocoa Ice Creame +Cocoa Ice Balls

Cyan Ice Cream +Cyan Ice Balls

Gray Ice Creame +Gray Ice Balls

Green Ice Creame +Green Ice Balls

Light Blue Ice Cream +Light Blue Ice Balls

Light Gray Ice Cream +Light Gray Ice Balls

Lime Ice Cream +Lime Ice Balls

Magenta Ice Cream +Magenta Ice Balls

Normal Ice Cream +Normal Ice Balls

Orange Ice Creame +Orange Ice Balls

Pink Ice Creame +Pink Ice Balls

Purple Ice Cream +Purple Ice Balls

Red Ice Creame +Red Ice Balls

Sweet Berry Ice Creame +Sweet Berries Ice Balls

Yellow Ice Cream +Yellow Ice Balls

(Every Ice has the chance to give you the speed or haste effect [or both] after eating)

(works with any other flavout, too)

Packed Snow

Compressed Ice

Snow Brick

+2 BRAND NEW biomes:

-Snow Mountain Biome

-Ice Mountain Biome


(The third picture is not a third new biome but I just want to show it because you can see both of the new biomes)

(From 1.4 – The Basalt Update) :

  • Trees for the Basalt-Biome
  • Added the Basalt-Cockroach
  • Water in the Basalt-Biom is red now
  • The Basalt-Biome is now a flat Biome, not a Mountain


  • Added Rotten Wood
  • Added Rotten Wood Planks
  • Added Rotten Leaves
  • Added Magma Brick

  • Added Zoranit Ore
  • Added Zoranit Block
  • Added Zoranit 
  • Added Zoranit Nugget
  • Added Zoranit Sword

[The Zoranit ore will spawn naturally everywhere from high 5-12]

[The Zoranit Sword makes 5 hearts damage]

Note: Armor isn’t possible currently, but it’s planned for the future. Still, you can get the Zoranit-Armor with commands, but you can’t wear it! (Type: /give @p item:zoranit___*)  *the part of the armor you want to have.

The Basalt-Cockroach drops Cockroach-Flesh when killed. (You will get the nausea effect when eating it)

You can also cook the Cockroach-Flesh and make it “salty” (Crafting recipe for salted food above in the 1.1 informations)

Note for the Basalt-Cockroach: The Basalt-Cockroach currently has no walking animation. It will be added in later via a small update!

Note: Every block has the same breaking-time with every tool. So it makes no difference if you mine by hand or with a pickaxe (and you will get it with ever tool) !This will get patched in the future!

Enjoy the addon😁

I’m currently working on the next updates in which I will remove a few of my biomes because I’m focusing on making the biomes better, one after another. So don’t be shocked that all of the biomes except for the Basalt-Biome are gone! They will be added again later with new mobs/features)

By the way: Did you know that “TheMoreMod” now has got an official Twitter account? No? Then go and check it out now! 😀

Or follow me (the developer) to get informations about the developement and other stuff:

Changelog View more

-Added picture of crafting recipe for the Magma-Brick on mcpedl

-Added picture of crafting recipe for the Zoranit-Block on mcpedl

-Added picture of crafting recipe for the Zoranit-Sword on mcpedl

-Added picture of furnace recipe for Zoranit on mcpedl

•Added new stuff for the Basalt-Biome

•Added a new mob

•Added new blocks/tools

-Added new information for the next update

-Added a Twitter link

Website changes:

-Added the information that the salt ore will spawn naturally now

-Removed adfly link 

Version 1.3.3:

-Salt ore will now spawn naturally from high 30-50

-Fixed the name of Basalt Block and Basald Brick (in UK and US language)

-Fixed the crafting recipe of Salted-Cooked-Chicken

Removed adfly link and just put the Mediafire link for download

-Fixed a bug where you couldn't craft the Salted-Cooked-Chicken

-Added the information that you need to turn experimental gameplay ON [because many people forgot this]

-New function for ice cream (now longer speed or haste)

-Fixed last small bugs before the next major update

-Fixed bugs with ice cream

-Fixed a problem in the german language 

-Fixed crafting bug with green ice

-Fixed small ingame bugs

-Changed some item names 

-Translation corrections (in German)

-Changed current version name (it showed: 1.1.2 but it is 1.3)

-Fixed spilling mistakes on mcpedl

-Added new featured immage fot the mcpe website. (The Snow Biome)

-Added Ice Cream

-Added 2 new biomes

-Added New blocks

-Fixed little bugs

-New Featured immage for mcpedl.

-Translation corrections

-Added colored Glowstone

-Added a new biome

-Added colored Glowstone dust

-Added more brick-/stone brick-/ chiseled stone brick variants

- Added a new picture to show the stone-gravel biome! (You can also see the salt ore)

Changelog from 1.1.2

-Salt will now give you more Hugerpoints.

-There is a chance to get the nausea- or weakness effect after eating salt.

-Added new pictures for the addon.

-Changed showed downloadtext. (added ".mcaddon)


-You need to have the Minecraft 1.13-1.14 version [When you're playing it in lower versions the Salt ore and the Zoranit ore won't spawn naturally! ](important) [And you need to turn experimental gameplay on!]

-Only for the Bedrock Edition (IMPORTANT)

-To be save, make a copy of your existing world where you want to play with the addon 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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315 Responses

4.56 / 5 (133 votes)
  1. Vishal Gupta says:

    Please update this mod and make it compitable 1.16 version

  2. Guest-3170477774 says:

    Are you able to update it so it will work in 1.16 the Nether update? I love this mod and use it a lot for my most treasured Minecraft World. Thank you if you do! <3

    • Guest-6228826031 says:

      I agree! I hope he/she updates this. I built a bowsers castle that took forever (10+ hours) to make and its gone because most of it used the moremod. I hope he updates this!

  3. Guest-9030310400 says:

    I have a awesome suggestion for your addon:
    Me and quicksand! Quicksand could spawn in deserts while mud could spawn in the Basalt-Biome.
    Quicksand could be crafted by putting sand and mud in the crafting table.

  4. Guest-1569599421 says:

    I cant craft the Colored Glowstone Block :<
    But i can craft the Colored Glowstone Dust.

  5. Guest-9012823042 says:

    Hay! I really like your addone. It’s better than most, and I might try to play survival with it.
    But I have a temporary solution to the problem you have with the armor.
    There was an addone once to add 3 different sets of armor to Minecraft IDK the name of it but it made the armor like a food almost like you crouch and then use it and it deleats it frome your inventory. You be sad that it’s gone but then you look at your caricature and BOOM!!! It is in a armor spot in your inventory and you can take it off and everything but, to put it simply, you can’t add defence to an armor but you can add hart’s.

    -BUT don’t plagerize Aegean I saw it frome a different addone and it’s not my idea
    So many you could add special effect’s and like that effect named resistance and make resistance and don’t appear like a buff for some reason that makes it feel like… UN othentic like most addone’s but unlike most mod’s (like your target goal). I just felt down when a nother addone has none functional armor

    Also make a SUPER expensive endgame sword’s

    Also some addones have sword’s /W cool abillaty’s (NOT I ROEAT DO NIT ADD A SWORD WHERE EHEN YOU HOLD IT YOU HAVE LIKE GOLDEN APPLE EFFECT’s)

    This IS the best addone I’ve seen in a while also add more mobs like bosses.

    Thx for reading; But don’t go to the store;
    Corona virus pandemic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Thank You It’s The Best Addon Ever.Thanks

  7. Guest-4756841789 says:

    I can hardly wait for the next update. Blocks are nonexistent in the 1.15 update

  8. DutiKun says:

    Hey there,

    I just want to give an information. Currently there is another guy who wants to steal my addon, so if you’re seing ‘TheMoreMod’ twice on mcpedl soon, just download the one with ‘DutiKun’ as the uploader because I am the original creator of “TheMoreMod”

    Have a nice day 😉

  9. DutiKun says:

    Hey there,

    “TheMoreMod” has an official application-form now, so if you want to apply as a programmer/texturer/modeller/translator/animator, please follow this link down below, fill out the form and follow further instructions!:

  10. reeeeee says:

    can u pls make it so that the bucket doesnt get taken away when crafting ice cream?

  11. YeetleTheBeatle says:

    You did an amazing job at making this feel like part of the base game. One thing I would do is add a mountain variation of the basalt biome with volcanoes or something, and cherry blossom trees and a cherry blossom forest.

  12. Richard says:

    Awesome job, exactly what I was looking for!! So much better then the garbage they offer in the marketplace! Can’t wait for the updates! It works perfect on xbox one!! Thanks again!!

  13. Oh it's you lol says:

    Pe ????

  14. ben says:

    can you make a download link that dosent go to mediafire (its bugged for me)
    sounds like an amazing mod i would love to give it a try!

  15. DutiKun says:

    Btw, one more information:

    For informations about the developement, follow me (the developer) on Twitter. There I post updates about the developement and other stuff:

    Or follow the official “TheMoreMod” Twitter account:

  16. Someguy says:

    I know this sounds odd but this was amazing for my shop. <—- RANDDDDDOM ALERT
    So that means this mod is amazing too! Thanks for bringing a mod that actually works and has items with proper uses as most are for decoration or just dont work

  17. PLS help says:

    how do I grow the strawberry seeds?

  18. jeremy kennay Gutierres Robles says:

    dutiKon cuantos mobs tiene el mod quiero saber plis bendiciones

  19. Anonymous says:

    One more thing;
    If you want to see information about the developement of “TheMoreMod”, please follow me on Twitter. There I post information about the developement and other stuff:

    Or follow the official “TheMoreMod” Twitter account:

  20. DutiKun says:

    Just to keep this information up to date:

    TheMoreMod has it’s own little discord server😁

    Come and join if you want to😉

  21. Jann says:

    These is an increadible mod/addon i cant wait till the next update.
    I´ve love to se more Zoranit stuff such as pickaxe shovel axe and equipable armor

    • DutiKun says:

      Hey, thank’s for your feedback😉

      I’m glad that you are enyoing my addon😁 Zoranit tools and armor are already on my list but currently it is not possible to make them (except the sword). As soon as it is possible, I will make them

  22. NutSoGreat says:

    This mod is great but can you add all of the new items and blocks in the creative inventory thx

  23. Zediax890 says:

    What’s in the last update please ? I want ti download it again to see the news 🙂

  24. Mr panda says:

    It will be cool if the coloured glowstone gives out coloured light , please add this feature please

  25. Bauleiter80 says:

    Super Projekt und danke das du/ihr es am laufen haltet!

  26. DutiKun says:

    Little reminder:

    “TheMoreMod” now has it’s own little Discord-Server. So come and join if you want to😉

  27. akbarIndo47 says:

    add zoranit apple 😀

  28. bobnodad says:

    this seems very cool will try it out

  29. GabeTHB says:

    This is a cool mod, but could you add some tech stuff, like more redstone things, guns, or other tech?

  30. Ben says:

    I love this it’s super cool, never seen anything like it! Great Job on this! I’m exited for more updates!

  31. ScreamingEarBear says:

    Hello i see this mod does not work on windows 10 verison bedrock editon and thing also i have expermently game play on it but it didnt work so i tryed again and i think it will work now idk but please try ur best to fix this bug glitch thing

  32. The Siren Head says:

    Hello i see this mod does not work on windows 10 verison bedrock editon and thing also i have expermently game play on it but it didnt work so i tryed again and i think it will work now idk but please try ur best to fix this bug glitch thing

  33. cat Boi says:

    um can i do this on widose 10

  34. monman says:

    Blocks are difficult to break (ores & blocks)

    • DutiKun says:

      Please read what I’ve wrote down in my description:

      “Note: Every block has the same breaking-time with every tool. So it makes no difference if you mine by hand or with a pickaxe (and you will get it with ever tool) !This will get patched in the future!”

  35. Lily says:

    This mod is so good i can’t wait for the next update

  36. Anonymous says:

    Why not a marble biome

  37. DutiKun says:

    Another information: Yes, I know a lot of you are waiting for the update and it’s mostly finished, there are just two more things I need to do: [Animation, Sounds], then I can finally release the update!

    For more information about the DEVELOPEMENT, please follow me on Twitter, there you can ask questions and find other stuff about “TheMoreMod” (sometimes other things too because I can’t just work 24/7 on “TheMoreMod”)


  38. DutiKun says:


    TheMoreMod now has it’s own little Discord Server.

    Right now the server is really small (okay I’m the only one on it right now) but we can change that. 😁

    Come and join😉

  39. Hello Can I have permission to use this add-on for my map its a find the button map it has over 20 levels I have used your Addon to make the map look more interesting I will accept every choice you make

  40. MinecraftMan says:

    Love the modpack, i don’t see many problems. This isn’t really a problem, but you forgot magenta glowstone in the list.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I really, really love this Addon, honestly it’s just so well made.
    it would be even better if there was new crops, as I love farming.
    Also, I’ve noticed there isn’t much incentive to try and find the snow, ice and basalt biomes, a new type of mob or object crafted by a possible new drop or ore would be amazing.
    If you make a new ore, please don’t make it only used for weapons and armour as that’s incredibly boring.

    • Anonymous says:

      The thing is you can’t add armor right now, so weapons is the only thing he can do… btw. He wrote something about the bioms further down in the addon text. He said that he is trying to make them better and that he will remove some of the biomes to focus on the biomes one by another

  42. Sankalp2736 says:

    You could add like a basalt lakes biome and there could be a new liquid which can be found in this biome.
    It would be cool if the liquid could be separated into water and salt.

  43. Mihir says:

    Is the download link just the behavior pack cause I can’t seem to be able to add the pack when I make a new world

  44. WHY says:

    This is a freaking addon you idiot. My gosh My gosh why do My gosh why do so man My gosh why do so many people mistake addons as mo My gosh why do so many people mistake addons as mods?

  45. Anonymous says:

    What if you add stairs?

    • Anonymous says:

      So… yes, I thought about stairs by myself and they are on my to-do list, I can say, I won’t add them in the next update but maybe in the update after that because currently I am focussing on different things (like making the bioms better, adding ore, mob, etc.) and to do stairs besides of the current things is a lot to do (because I’m working alone). I know creating stairs sound like “But it should be easy”, but to be honest, it can REALLY be time consuming to make just a few normal blocks (and stairs are a bit harder to do than normal blocks).

      So long answer short: Yes, they are on the list

  46. Lugiosom.TV says:

    can you update the version to 1.14 pls <3

    • DutiKun says:

      Hey, thank’s for your problem feedback, normally it should work if you turn experimental gameplay on. Sometimes there is a bug where the mod is still not in the world even with experimental gameplay on. If so, leave the world, create a new one and do the same thing again. I don’t know what causes this bug because it also happens in my game so I know the problem

  47. Anonymous says:

    Can you make amethyst ore?

  48. Cole says:

    Yo, I can’t seem to get it working on PE even though I have 1.14?

    • DutiKun says:

      Hey, thank’s for your problem feedback, normally it should work if you turn experimental gameplay on. Sometimes there is a bug where the mod is still not in the world even with experimental gameplay on. If so, leave the world, create a new one and do the same thing again. I don’t know what causes this bug because it also happens in my game so I know the problem

  49. Lucas says:

    you could add fruits so you could make the ice cream with those fruits

  50. CubeSteff3906 says:

    This addon is cool and all but.. I feel like it kind of lacks mobs, and even bosses… Saw a comment with a magma brick… Maybe make a “nether enhancing” update and add more mobs, blocks, biomes and even bosses over there? Also, I’d love to have this in my modpack! Could I use it?

  51. Prftaft says:

    Some thinks that would be cool
    -dragons and dragon layers(in ravines possibly like ark survival wyvern areas)
    -volcano biome lava rocks and new lava ore
    -nether and end ore types
    -very rare creatures(Bigfoot yeti unicorn dinosaurs siren head maybe???)
    -flags(cuz why not?!?!!???)
    -higher mountains
    -cherry oak tree 🌲
    That’s it for now I don’t mean I want you to add them at once I just hope you like one or more of these ideas to add them in

  52. unknown says:

    can you add magma bricks

  53. Anonymous says:

    Plz add armor

  54. unknown says:

    can you make a burger with the salted-cooked beef it really looks like a burger patty

  55. Ari :) says:

    This might be a dumb question but im on xbox,idk where to put or what to do with an “mcaddon” file,so If I could get some help with that,it’d be much appreciated.

    • Anonymous says:

      To properly put mods into Minecraft on the Xbox, you need to rename the file to a zip and seperate it into the resource and behaviour packs. You need to go to the Microsoft store and download File Downloader and UFO.Transfer to do so. Once downloaded, go into UFO.Transfer and click on the gear on the top right(if you don’t see it, go into your xbox settings and uncheck the box that says Apps can add a border). Go to the downloads folder and rename it to a zip file. Move the zip file to File Downloader and seperate it there. Once seperated move the corresponding file to the behaviour/resource folders of Minecraft. Then open Minecraft and activate them there.

    • ParisPanda1 says:

      zip the file

  56. Cointapestry962 says:

    Thanks, I’m going to enjoy this mod and will give you more feedback if any bugs happen to occur.

  57. MinecraftAddonSupporter101 says:

    I think the colored glowstone is cool, but needs improvement. For example, red glowstone gives off red light, green glowstone emits green light, and so on. Currently, only the block looks good. So the “stone” part is good, but the “glow” part isn’t as special.

  58. MinecraftAddonSupporter101 says:

    The colored glowstone is great, but only the block looks cool. I think they should give off the light color of the block. For example, red glowstone emits red light, green glowstone emits green light, and so on.

  59. Dementor333 says:

    You could add burgers. They would be made with any cooked meat in the middle, and bread above and under it. There would be different types of burgers depending on the type of meat used. Also tomato plants which work like berries bushes and give tomatoes. A tomato + an empty bottle will make tomato ketchup which can be added to burgers… anyway seems like an amazing addon!

  60. Unknown says:

    why you don’t add More Mobs


  61. Cointapestry962 says:

    The MediaFire link is not working for me currently, When I click it it says that the file has been removed. I don’t know what to do and I really would like to download this mod.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Du könntest Trauben hinzufügen und die samen von Trauben(im Basalt biom)

  63. Just name me Anonymous says:

    Great add-on, one of the best that I ever known, you could add some mobs like roosters, birds or hostile mobs, like new type of spider

  64. Skeen says:

    Great Addon! But there’s a small glitch with the salted chicken recipe-I put in the chicken and salt and it doesn’t craft. But other than that this is awesome! 🙂

  65. Justin.F.O says:

    Absolutely the best addon ever! I have a few suggestions for you to add, More Mineable Metals and Gems such as for metals Copper, Lead, Tin, Bronze, Silver, Tungsten, Platinum, Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalcum, Adamantite, Titanium; And for Gems, Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby. And each of these minerals are useable for certain equipment such as armor and tools. Also to add more of an atmospheric environment butterflies, birds, eagles, whales, tigers, moths (that are attracted to light/LAMPS) grasshoppers, frogs that spawn in swamps or areas that has lily pads, crocodiles and alligators, giraffes. Maybe I’ve gone a little overboard with the entities lol.

  66. Unicon says:

    This is amazing, but I’m definitely going to forget to check for updates, could you email me when you Do any big updates

  67. Roman says:

    This is great i have been serchig for a addon to change my survival worlds a bit and this mod does it with the new items and biomes thanks for making this

  68. GoldenAdrien says:

    could you add stair blocks for all of the different ore blocks like diamond stairs and redstone stairs?

  69. So here I am, once again

    I just want to say, thanks for all the great replys, its really nice to see that all of you can enjoy it😁 So… the problem is, I just got so many replys and its hard to read them all because I was gone so long, so please, dont be sad/angry if I cant read all of your replys😟 I will try to make my best because I am back now. Now, that I am back, I want to continue on my modification😁 Thank you all😁😉

  70. Dafi says:

    Can you add colored redstone lamps? its will good to be a traffic lamp. And what apk/software you use to make this addon

  71. help says:

    Yeah this is one of the best second but when you find those biomes you probably said either out loud or in your mind “I found One of those rare boimes this mod adds” or something similar. But you get excited for a little bit or a while or not at all but eventually you will at least be a little tired of the new biome your in . So can I pls have some structures that are in the biomes

    I’m bad at grammer

  72. Unknown says:

    Add some dungeons in the biomes

  73. NetherFun101 says:

    Great Addon!
    But can you please make it actually work! I activated the texture and addon pack befor loading a new world and NOTHING CHANGED.

  74. NSilvex says:

    This addon is really cool but could you add more weapons and ores
    It would be really Nice to have thing like the PC mod pack Feed the beast

  75. AK_joao says:

    i think that salt would be in the seait’s in the sea in the real life but that may cause things like floating salt ores so it can maybe take a while.
    it would be better with the new glowstone block.
    beside,it is a very cool addon

  76. Unknown says:

    But the next update should be the pokemon items update, it adds all pokemon blocks and items, if you can all pokemon too

  77. materaz says:

    Works great, but making ice cream balls it doesn’t give your bucket back.

  78. Patrick Provinciael says:

    I really like this mod, but I’m not a huge fan of the frequency of the biomes in world generation. Any way we can tune this ourselves?

  79. Poohl_Boladaun says:

    TheMinecraftSenpai I found it very amazing is ADD-ON, can be said to be one of the best I have ever seen. If you allow me, I would like to create a translation file [ENGLISH – TO – PORTUGUESE] of blocks and items.

  80. KEEGMAN2018 says:

    Hey Theminecraftsenpai this is a great add on good job. Could you add some things from crazy craft because I have been trying to make something like crazy craft for a while using addons from this site. I really like this addon especially how more gets added over time.

  81. Patdubh123 says:

    Can you add beer with Nausea Please

  82. Amon says:

    please add a warning because for this pack to work you need to enable experimental features in the world and please fix the hardness of the blocks. Mining the blocks with a diamond pickaxe takes ages like obsidian but so far this pack is great.

  83. CrazyDuck says:

    The download link won’t work I keep pressing repair your download and wait for it to download but nothing happens.

  84. Anonymous says:

    I want to download this on my xbox but idk how to download compressed files yet, only the seperate behavior and resource packs, can anybody teach me how?

  85. Matrix7081 says:

    Plz add custom tools made from some of the new blocks

  86. Anonymous says:

    plz add the ultimate sword from crazycraft

  87. MouseyTime123 says:

    I would really like to see a nature update in the addon so like for example: oasis with camels!

  88. Unknown says:

    This is one of the best mods out there but maybe you should add custom mobs for each biome to make the biomes more alive and maybe add volcanoes and lava to the basalt biome?

  89. weezeebear says:

    dosnt work I have 1.12.0 downloaded the file and put it into Minecraft was so exited then it didn’t work ☹️

  90. AgentCPU0 says:

    Salted chicken and ice cream cone recipes are bugged

  91. raven says:

    will this work on realms?

  92. Josh says:

    Hey, can you make a tornado in Minecraft?

  93. Ke says:

    What is the fastest way to get basalt? It takes forever to break!

  94. Nai says:

    So i play multiplayer with a friend I told them to download it and so they did I also added it in the world and put it in experimental how do I make sure it’s works for them?

  95. nai says:

    Can’t believe I found something cool that works colored wood would be very cool or different colored weapons too

  96. ExoticButters421 says:

    Try adding more weapons

  97. Brondon says:

    1.11. 4 please

  98. Jdgamerzzz971 says:

    this addon will be more beautiful if it has function commands

    i hope if ever you make functions the items will be categorized by their type or use

  99. xStormMC says:

    I would like to see Magma Block but in Brick form. It won’t hurt you when you walk on it but it will still pull you down in water.
    Also is it okay for me to use the files and code to learn from this? I’m kind of old school XD so I don’t know any of this new stuff.

  100. Moriah says:

    This is a nice looking addon, but I can’t use it because I have an iOS phone.. 😭

  101. null_eqn says:

    Hey, brother, do you have any idea of making a Chinese version?

  102. Asdsasddss says:

    Is it work on 1.13?

  103. Smecky says:

    Will this work when 1.12 comes out of beta. I want to use it on a realm. Looks insane!

  104. So… I was gone a long time because of familiar stuff and stress, but I think now I have the time to continue my addon😂

    • Cube_Car says:

      I have played this addon in the beta… Oh my God is it the best. It’s like crazy craft in bedrock. Please keep updating! I love having so much to do you will never get to all of it! Keep it up!

    • oyster says:

      Does this work on windows 10? Turned on experimental mode and it doesn’t work.

    • gabsgot0life says:

      please add some big forest biomes and instead of having dyed wood just make different types of wood and trees and pls make the biome spawning less frequent its like everywhere i go theres a basalt biome 50 blocks ahead cool addon so far keep it up!

  105. Thepigmaster says:

    Nothing works at all it’s soooooooooooo bad

  106. ShepLord591 says:

    The block recipes won’t work😿

  107. ShepLord591 says:

    I think you should add a wastelands biome with destroyed buildings and mobs like a zombie and skeleton that can survive In the sun and a mutated villager

  108. Pixilgamer159 says:

    Hey, Pls Reply…
    So I Downloaded The Mod, And It’s Legit, The Only Problem Is That None Of The Items Are In Creative Inventory And Some Items Can’t Even Be Obtained With Cheats(/give)
    Pls Tell Me How I Could Fix This, I’m So Desperate To Start A Modded Survival.

    Also, A Few Ideas-
    •Some New Mobs
    •More Ores And Tools Dedicated To Them
    •A Sky Biome?
    • Craters (Where You Find Meteorites[To Help With The Meteorite Idea Comment])

  109. Hira629 says:

    I thought about some things that I wanted to add in this mod.
    •Colorful slime blocks
    •Metal blocks other than iron and gold
    •Crystal block (reproduced in mountains and caves)
    •Craft the salt and make it block (rock block)
    •Add new food
    •Adding blocks of meteorites
    •Building configured to add-on biome
    There may be things that can not be added, but I’m glad if you can support the development of this add-on.😁

  110. Anonymous says:

    Hey I’m playing on and the addon works but the new items aren’t in the creative inventory

  111. Tom says:

    Hay i Know You might not reply but this is Soo cool but it doesnt work on

  112. Hi says:

    I have apple iPad can I join beta

  113. Anonymous says:

    When they said it doesn’t have much stuff I thought 4-9 new things but this it’s crazy! 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  114. Hey readers,

    currently I am not working on the next update because of familiar and school stuff. So dokt expect a update this week. I will try to work as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day

  115. Apolyon Woman says:

    It’s cool, but I wish there was support for IOS. Some of us on apple devices would like to play these addons too but are unable to install 1.12.

  116. Albertp3 says:

    So, my mates and I want to play with and add-on that adds lots of stuff…LIKE A TON. Anyway we found this mod and this was 100% what we where looking for, it was like biomes o’ plenty, but not as overwhelming. Now, we play on xbox, and we saw that it was 1.12 beta. Is it possible to get this on xbox, because, according to the minecraft wiki, xbox has a capability of 1.12 beta.

  117. Albert0 says:

    Hey there! Your mod looks amazing, but do you want to know what isn’t amazing, my iphone. I can’t get 1.12 beta. Is it possible to add this in 1.11.1.

  118. PhantomDogman says:

    I do import this updated version if I have previous version imported? I tried just opening .mcaddon it minecraft failed to import because it duplicate.
    Haven’t tried but I was thinking changing file to zip file and copy those file into minecraft dirrectory where they should be placed.

  119. Pakamander says:

    Can there be dragons

  120. RuSh says:

    How do you get the beta 1.12

  121. Piji says:

    Wow This Is Very Good

  122. FathurNetwork says:

    Hi creator, could you add blokkit mob to this addon?

  123. CookieTV100PlaysMinecraft says:

    are you german

  124. xStormMC says:

    Also, I think the ice creams are very out of place and there should be snow stone brick. It would make a more realistic igloo than regular snow brick

  125. xStormMC says:

    Wow! Addons these days are crazy! I guess I would call myself and old school modder as I can only replace mobs and textures and texts. I wish o had someone to teach me all the new things I can do with addons and how to code them

  126. BlurberryC13 says:

    More Crops please and maybe more food!!!!😃😃😃

  127. PseJanz says:

    Can this work on mcpe 1.11.3?

  128. Cool dude says:

    Nothing is working but am not giving up I believe it will work but I can’t find out how it works I have tried everything redownloading Minecraft Bedrock Edition turning experimental gameplay on or off but nothing

  129. AquaticJacob says:

    Can you add an ocean related thing

  130. Cool dude says:

    Do you need to turn on experimental gameplay

  131. Anonymous says:

    It wont work for me… I have my experimental gameplay thing on and it still doesnt work… I hd the same version… What is wrong?

  132. Stavinair says:

    Wondering if maybe you could implement concrete powder deserrs and glass biomes

  133. super reindeer says:

    Great add-on! I have an idea to add weapons. If you can create new items, make sword items that when held, give you the ‘strength’ effect. This would increase your attack damage.

  134. Anonymous says:

    I like this addon a lot, but the biome generation are so huge, and I dont like that because I want to find vanilla biomes not just the addon ones. My english is bad too brother, sorry:(

  135. YayLOL says:

    Hey what if you add a new biome called Tropical Lands? With new fruits, items and blocks??? Thanks.

  136. I'm ninja19 says:

    Thanks for helping creator I started my laptop again and it worked plus I would love ❤️ this more mod if there was mobs I understand that it’s tricky because I am terrible at it if you find out anything on how to make mobs it would make me happy 😊 I’m sure others would want this to ! P.S make more mods and maps (they are amazing 😉)

  137. So… For the future I planned to add new mobs to the game but the thing is that I dont know how to write the code for the mob, so it can spawn in the world (and I dont know how to write the behavior or model code). I looked up for tutorials but I didnt find anything.

    About weapons: Yes, I am also planning to add new weapons and armor BUT I dont just want new weapons (or armor) which doesnt have any good effects because we deffinetly have enough armor and weapons in vanilla Minecraft which dont have any effects. And with armor and weapons there is a problem too, because I dont know how write the code that you can wear it or I dont know how to write the code to make any effects for them.

    Maybe YOU (the reader) know how to make that things 😉

    (Hey and btw, when my english grammar isnt the best, I am from Germany [oh and btw when you are German: The Mod is also playable in German)

    So… enough text now! 🙂

  138. xxscienceboyxx says:

    You could make it so that salt is a block like sand, and is found in the ocean. It would be more realistic.

    • Plzletzmezgoz says:

      Ocean water is made up of salt, and the solid salt (found in rocky places) is actually rock salt, which I believe, is actually not like soft sand.

      This is a great Addon though! (I can’t use it because of iOS though…)

  139. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to see what you can now with add-ons for Minecraft. Before, any new block needed to replace a pre-existing block from vanilla. I am not sure if this capability was added in beta 1.12 but they may be able to actually port mods over now. I was also surprised to see that you were able to create custom crafting recipes for these new block. Great job with this add-on.

    I looking into making my own add-ons and was wondering if it would be possible to create custom GUIs for something like a custom furnace?

  140. End Crafter 16 says:

    An active volcanic biome would be nice complete with volcanoes, basalt magma, lava and some other stones please do this suggestion after the snow and ice update.

  141. Pixel_Jack9359 says:

    This could be a really cool add-on pls keep making add-ons and/or just add whatever u want to this I’m sure we will all love it 👍

  142. Murat131 says:

    Does that items obtainable from creative inventory?

  143. Zen2 says:

    Hello I like the add-on

    Can someone make a drone addon

  144. Grrrrr says:

    Doesn’t seem to be working at all, no coloured brick option or coloured glowstone that I could see

  145. Minecrafter 2000000000 says:

    Update it to 1.14 plz

    • Hey, thank’s for your reply

      It already is, but you need to havr the Minecraft Bedrock Beta Version 1.12+ (and experimental gameplay)

      • Anonymous says:

        I have the beta versoon and experimental gameplay on but no content at all

        • Hey, thanks for your reply

          It is sad to hear that it isnt working bacausr normaly it should work😟 Do you really have the Minecraft Bedrock Verison 1.12.+? And did you really turned experimental gameplay on? If so and it still doesnt work, something is wrong with your game

          • EthRitt says:

            is bedrock beta different from bedrock?? Because I’m on the newest version and it still won’t work..

    • Cube_Car says:

      Idea: Now that natural generation works fully, you should add more ores and until weapons, tools and durability works, add some crafting recipies for tables or other blocks with the new ores. I love to see some new stuff besides redstone and coal all the time.

  146. I'm ninja19 says:

    Hi 👋 just wanna say to the creator this is the most AWESOME 👏🏻 mod(addon) ever !!!
    The biome is awesome I love the coloured bricks ! But you know what would be better
    Weapons! It just I have been waiting a long time for a mod like this and I hoped you would make weapons for me ? It would make me really happy 😊!

  147. ExParagon says:

    Does this also have mobs? If not when do will you add them.

    I’m just forming a “mod-pack” like in my minecraft be world.

  148. Cassia taylor says:

    Amazing addon! I’m so happy 1.12 added the function to add new blocks and items 😁 for some future updates, can you add different food items and types of stained glass? Thanks!

  149. Anonymous says:

    Will you add mobs? If so is it going to be on existing biomes or the new ones, or both!

    • Yes, I am planning to add new mobs😁

      Maybe in the next new update or in the update after that😅 (Just had no time to work on the next update very much the last few days) Maybe they spawn in existing biomes or in new

  150. Any name says:

    Are you going to add any new mobs, or stick to items and blocks.

  151. End Crafter 16 says:

    Can you add the Short Jungle, Shrublands or Grassland with many Bushes, The Mangrove Swamp and Snowy Desert as additional biomes?

  152. Loyd5X says:

    My only request is you dont add a bunch of items that dont fit in the minecraft world, If you get what i mean.

  153. The next update theme will be:

    *Snow and Ice*

  154. Cool dude says:

    I have 1.14 and can’t get salt or anything is this for pe of pc
    Also 1.14 is village and pillage

  155. Cool dude says:

    I have 1.14 and can’t get salt or anything is this for pe of pc

  156. Oliver says:

    Wow someone that’ actually interactive with their fans. Could u teach me how u make addons? I’ve been wanting to but no toutourial has helped (btw I’m tryna make a creepy pasta mod including hero brine entity 303 and other

  157. Michael says:

    It should have more wood blocks

  158. Next big update will be released soon!😉

  159. Marchenthegreat says:

    Hey cam you add many weapons I’m addicted to them, Thank you

  160. GirlSmoothies43 says:

    My Suggestions
    -Colored Planks
    -All The Things That The Creator Can Add!
    Ok Thanks For Reading Pls. Add Love It! Bye!

    • Hey, thanks for your reply,

      I thought of colored planks by myself but then I didn’t add them because I saw two other addons with colored planks. And with Furniture… I dont know… For me it just doesn’t feel right to add “modern” stuff like that😕 So I am very sorry that I won’t add furniture things 😕

      *Hey, a little secret:
      I heard colored glowstone will be a thing.😉*

  161. Kempy Craft says:

    Hmmmm this is cool could you add more biomes like mystic biome we’re there is a water that can heal you??

  162. RichardBP says:

    I really liked the mod, my only problem with it is that the salt ore gets very slow (I took 12 seconds with a diamond picaxe) but I loved the rest 😁

  163. Anonymous says:

    You could place images of the salt and the biome?

  164. Me says:

    What if you add ice cream

  165. Jely710 says:

    A definite reccomendation of mine is aquarium blocks though I don’t know if its possible. Basically it’s a glass block with no covor at the top and theres water inside that sea mobs can swim in. Otherwise good addon and I can’t wait for the next update!

  166. Yeah… Just forgot to show pictures from salt/salt ore and the salted food😅 (+ The Stone-Gravel Biome)

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