TheOddOneOut is a minigame map where your goal is to try and guess the desired traits of blocks and entities. If you get it wrong, you will get a fail. Try to get as few fails as possible!

Created by Th3Emilis ( Twitter | YouTube | Discord )

How to Play

Press the button in front of the block or entity you think does not belong to the others. If you get it right, the door to the next level will open.



Some levels can include multiple traits, such as color, shape, crafting, and more.

Terms of Use

By downloading this map, you agree to use the map ‘as is’ and not modify, nor claim the map contents as your own. You also agree not to distribute the map through custom or monetized links, or without the creator’s consent.

Changelog View more

Feedback is always welcome! Whether you have an idea to improve the map, find a bug, or face an issue you need help with, let me know!

What's new in v2.1.0?

  • Minor improvements.

This update fixes some bugs that you reported and adds minor improvements.

  • Eleven new levels.
  • Fixed a bug with Replay option not working properly.
  • Eleven new levels.
  • Fixed a bug with Replay option not working properly.
  • Three new levels.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • New artwork.
  • Performance improvement.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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32 Responses

4.14 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Minelogic says:

    I’m just thinking this map is inspired on What Doesn’t Belong by Trevor. (On Java)

  2. Definitely going on my top 5 Minecraft maps

  3. Kenneth Yu says:

    Theoddoneout sounds like the youtuber theodd1sout

  4. nickdobush says:

    i manage to speedrun it and get 1.44.82

  5. JoeythejoeyYT says:

    I got 0 fails! And it was a speed run aswell.

  6. Jeremyyyyyyy says:

    The doors don’t work :/

  7. Anonymous says:

    Me and my friend and I had to tp to each level because none of the doors worked

  8. Nbhjbjhbgh says:

    We are young life is fun you got to make the most of it make the most of it

  9. Ethan says:

    Creeper gamer i can help you but i donthave realms

  10. Can u help me? I’m making my first ever map ever. I cant do the scoreboard plz help me

  11. Creeper says:

    Can u help me to my map. Can you show me how to do the scoreboard like in the map. Im doing my first map ever

  12. SpillTheTea says:

    I like it BUT in some of the rounds there are multiple differences so you don’t know which one is right

  13. Quinn matt says:

    This game is really great wow

  14. ArduousArrow954 says:

    Thank you Kanye, very cool!

  15. Cratzi says:

    Odd one out more like odd1sout ami right?

  16. quack quack says:

    its says newer version of minecraft needed

  17. lmao I forgot about someone called James AKA OddOnesOut
    nice map anyways xD

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