Therealechonox’s Puzzle Map No. 2

So a while ago I made a puzzle map. Now I made another one. You should play the other one first. I think I got a story or something going.

Ok, so in this map you are back in the same old building except it is broken down. Once again, solve puzzles to escape. Also, watch out for Frequent. I made this one easier because y’all was saying that my other one was too confusing lol. The ending will probably be buggy, oh well. I hope you guys like it.

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So I fixed a bug at the start that made it impossible to play.

Fixed the file because the previous one was the wrong file.


Nvm about the two options


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20 Responses

4.7 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-7226170547 says:

    okay i put down the lectern and nothing happened???

  2. Anonymous says:

    Plz make part 3!!!

  3. Guy says:

    How do I get out of the place with the horse

  4. Jeff says:

    End part glitched out so I couldn’t win. Some other parts didn’t really work either

  5. Spartan says:

    It won’t spawn me at the start it spawns me in the middle of nowhere

  6. EMJ says:

    Great add-on worked as expected until I turned on experimental mode it kept crashing even in world without experimental mode please fix or give tips on how I can fix it

  7. officially lost says:

    first jumpscare made me jump, great job. how do you get the armorstand to do that? just wondering so i can scare my friends.

  8. officially lost says:

    nevermind, the spawn spawns you up at the end i think

  9. officially lost says:

    your first was confusing till i found redstone (i couldnt find it before.) then everything fell into place. great map, stoked for the second one. Merry Christmas

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