Thirst Bar Add-on

In vanilla Minecraft you have a working health, hunger, experience, and air bar. But with this add-on you can now take survival one step further and add a working thirst bar!

The thirst bar will slowly go down over time and can be brought back up by drinking water bottles, potions, or milk buckets. Be careful though, because if your thirst bar goes all the way down you will instantly die. So drink water! The thirst bar will only appear when you are in survival, so if you’re in creative, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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  • Updated for latest version of Minecraft.
  • Added splash text.
  • Removed unnecessary files.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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74 Responses

4.1 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Não está funcionando, espero que atualizem e arrumem esse addon porque no momento ele não funciona, a barra de sede não está aparecendo.

  2. Hshshan says:

    Dosent work The Download Dosent work pls make it mediafire

  3. OoferangyaA45 says:

    Guys It’s Not His Fault There Is A Bug It Will Be Fixed

  4. CorporalPig22 says:

    This addon reminds me of that one ExplodingTNT video.

  5. M says:

    I cant install any of these mods. They’re all .json files for me

  6. VladyCraftHRyt says:


    • VladyCraftHRyt says:

      ESPERABA LA AVTUALIZACION PERO PARA QUE NI ME FUNCIONA EN 1.14 Y PORQUE PINCHES VERGAS DICE QUE SI PARA LA 1.14 SI NO SIRVE 😡 muy genial dicem todos pero si no va a funcionar en 1.14 no deberian decir que sii que por gusto esta mas que tanto que lo espere para mi mundo survival y esta cosa no funciona, ELIMINA LA ETIQUETA DE QUE ES COMPATIBLE CON 1.14 YA QUE ES FALSO, NO SIRVE EN 1.14

  7. 4126MN6 says:

    Finally i’m waiting for update, Thanks

  8. IDontSeeAThirstBar says:

    I dont see athirst bar

  9. Balrogiqjbds says:

    This not work in mcpe

  10. Xbox beta user says:

    Make honey bottles restore thirst though glad it works 1.14

  11. nizar says:


  12. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    It goes down to fast please make it go down slower and make the death message say (persons name) died of thirst

  13. ratta3000 says:

    the bug is that if you press the right klick for 1 second and let go your thirst bar goes up but your water bottle stays full.

  14. ratta3000 says:

    I found a bug

  15. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Add these bars: frost bar- only goes down in snowy biomes, a snowball is tossed at you, or in rain. To prevent you’re bar from going down wear leather armor or hold the following torch, lava bucket, or blaze rod. Luck bar- only goes down if diamonds fall into lava, a raid wins, you murder a villager cat or golem, punch a witch, die while using elytra, stealing a villages bell, or killing an illager captain. If you’re luck bar is gone you won’t start to die instead you’re hearts will vanish till you only have 3 hearts, you are very weak to enemies, and enemies are overpowered to you. Sleep bar- there are a total of 3 bar points for this one. It only drops if you haven’t slept. When the bar is down more and more phantoms will appear each night 2 more than the last. To regenerate this bar you have to sleep.

  16. Undeadzeroplayz says:

    You have a link but empty

  17. ... says:

    Omg the link that it took me to is a some I also got more addons that can’t be found here

  18. Some who cares says:

    dakonblackrose created this Add-on. I right this website to pay attention on YouTube as well.

  19. Dino Demetro says:

    Thirst Goes down to quick and there’s a glitch with it where you can gain back thirst bars without fully drinking the water. Also Instant death is sucky. Fix the glitch, slow down the rate your thirst depletes and I think you got an a 1 mod on your hands

  20. Beef says:

    I think you should get nausea, slowness, and weakness with dehydration, otherwise good job!

  21. Waterdrinker5000 says:

    For me at least, this is a great addon. Though I do have one issue. Intead of refilling my thirst bar once the water is consumed, when I do the drinking animation it counts as me consuming it. This way you can exploit the addon and only use one bottle as long as you dont consume kmthe whole thing. You need to change it so that you refill your bar once the water is consumed so you can fill it up agian.

  22. Weasel Da Great says:

    Can you make this compatible with other addons like the hand held torches addon? I wanted to make a realistic Minecraft survival world, but the addons overwrite each other and its really annoying.

  23. Zadek says:

    Dont working on 1.13.4

  24. Creeper? Aww Man... says:

    Another adding that the world did and did not need. Great

  25. Kalvin Carmo says:

    I mean Instant death isn’t that a bit drastic, i would just apply a nausia and slowness with a bit of strength debuff as your health also deteriorates.

  26. Ashes_Sehsa says:

    I love this idea! I’ve been thinking about something like this!
    But you need to move the thirst meter above the health bar. The penalty for half-empty thirst should be no health regen, and 0 thirst should cause damage over time, but something reasonable like half a heart every 15 seconds. I’m going to download this and try it out! Thanks for making it!

  27. Creeper? Aww man... says:

    Well boys, we did it. Hunger is no more.

  28. Creeper? Aww man says:

    Well, we did it boys. Hunger is no more.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I wish I was herobrine the real herobrine because herobrine is best

    • Knowledge says:

      First thing of all. Herobrine is actually a real person which he actually notch step brother that die a decade ago. But his real name is not actually herobrine. Herobrine is just his gamertag

  30. VTNTM says:

    This is a great add-on but I sow that it isn’t really finished. I sow that you just have to do the drinking animation for less than a second and it would refill wich I fink isn’t the way it should work. Just so you know. 🙂

  31. Legendfox says:

    Sounds very good gonna download

  32. Blocky Gamer says:

    Okay maybe instantly dieing is harsh make it slow you down a ton and have it slowly take damage away

  33. ZzFagonzZ says:


  34. thetrueminecrafter says:

    pls can u do a temperature bar addon? this addon is soo good ! !

  35. thetrueminecrafter says:

    wow amazing is soooo INCREDIBILE how did you done this addon?

  36. Anonymous says:

    It goes down very fast and it’s on the wrong side but it’s a good addon! And I think it should go down faster depending on which biome your in

  37. Zeyad981 says:

    Great addon but can you fix the bubbles bar and thirst bar for IOS its a little bot misadjusted

  38. ShepLord591 says:

    Fix for windows and xbox please the bar is on th wrong side for these

  39. Anonymous says:

    Bar reduces even if i am not moving

  40. Runny says:

    So Cool!!!!!

  41. It’s a Cool Addon 👍.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Adding water bottles to be stacked would be a nice feature

    • Other says:

      I made a texture pack in my world, but when I put this add on in, it messed with the textures. But it’s still a very good add On!

  43. Anonymous says:

    This makes survival Minecraft even more intense.

  44. A Minecraft Player says:

    Seem awesome! But I think… you should change how the thirsty bar look like, ummm… like changing from trickles to bottle of water…? And… being almost drown should be also a way to fill your thirsty bar?

  45. Dndhshehtafgs says:

    I like this it kinda gives you more to watch and adds a lot of realism

  46. Eduardo says:

    You should take damage and not be able to run the same way as hunger

  47. Anonymous says:

    can you fix it so i can add it with expansion+ but besides that i love it

  48. LinkSans2000 says:

    Instant Kill when you run out of water. That’s hardcore. I like it

  49. Vinícius says:

    Best survival addon 😉

  50. Weasel Da Great says:

    However, you DO have to craft a bottle, and the thirst bar goes down way to fast to give us time, maybe you can either make the thirst bar go slower, or make an easier way to drink water. Other than that, I LOVE THIS ADDON! Thank you!

  51. Aircrafty says:

    This is awesome! but there is a problem on pc if you use this it will be not aligned properly other then that this is super cool 😀

  52. Person says:

    What is jebrgaming

  53. Wynnie says:

    I really like this addon, but it is a bit rough.
    1. Your thirst bar runs out pretty quick, down 6 bottles before I started to run out of hunger, but then again irl ur more thirsty than you are hungry. Can be a bit annoying having to carry the water with you all the time, although water is everywhere! So not really complaining about that.
    2. When you get down to the last bottle on the thirst bar it changes to weird symbols and you can’t see how low that bit is.
    3. If you run out of the thirst bar it kills you instantly saying you were killed by magic. I’d much prefer it to slowly kill me than instantly. Overall it’s a pretty nice addon this addon of yours was much easier to download than the Expansion+ pack, which I still can’t get to download for me which is disappointing. Also I’m on Xbox. Idk if expansion+ can be used there or not.

  54. XPThug says:

    Bro I have been looking for this
    thank you

  55. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I love this addon so much it’s useful and very I wanted it!!!! But I want some things. Can you make it not go down so quick? If you were in different types of biomes such as desert, Mesa, and nether you’re thirst bar would go down.

  56. luv2clash says:

    Might be a better idea instead of instant death, you get dizzy and fatigued. For a couple days then slowly lose health over time.

  57. VoidGaming says:

    I have always wanted this feature in Minecraft! Thank you so much, JEBR_GAMING, you are a hero!

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