Published on November 06, 2014 (Updated on November 06, 2014)

Thirst Mod

Those this works on 1.19?
can you make it media fire link thanks
can u make it for window 10 please? thankyou.
Replace the hunger bar with water bottles please
Cool Thirst Bar
i didnt try it out
Is it work for ios
I do not have this mod but it looks good and it looks fun but I think l’m needs to add a thing where you can go to other people on the srever and to your house also let us charge our teleportation device every hour but l is still a great mod
Hi, will this work on 0.11? Thanq
Who knows and ur herobrine ahhhhh!!!!
Please help whenever I have to download it through drop box it says cannot open file
Yayday is hayday May 04, 2019 at 4:19 am
Looks cool
Hi there. Use this tutorial to install it: