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Published on June 03, 2021 (Updated on June 07, 2021)

This Rocks!

A very simple Add-on that adds one single item, a rock. Yes a rock, a very simple item that is used to get out of a scrape. This rock allows you to mine stone a little quicker than by hand to help you dig yourself out of a deep cave.


With the simple crafting recipe of one stone variant, the rock is only useful when you've got no resources to craft a pickaxe inside a deep cave or any hole. Mining a little bit slower than the wooden pickaxe, the rock is the slowest "pickaxe" in the game alongside the lowest durability out of all tools. The rock is not meant to replace the wooden pickaxe as such pickaxe is needed to get stone in the first place.



It's as simple as it can be! A single stone variant and you've got everything you need.

Classic Rock Recipe

Netherrack Rock Recipe

Blackstone Rock Recipe

End Stone Rock Recipe


The rock has a fair bit of blocks it can help you smash through, the following can be seen below.


The rock has 21 durability, nothing that'd last you a lifetime.


You really love your rock? Well you can repair it if you really want to... This also goes for all variants with their respective stone type healing 20 durability.

Classic Rock Repair

Netherrack Rock Repair

Blackstone Rock Repair

End Stone Rock Repair


Wanna make the ultimate rock? Enchanting is also possible with the rock, they have the same enchantment set as pickaxes.

Future Plans

I have plans for 1 more update of this Add-On since we have 1.17 coming out, this update will add support for the new blocks in 1.17 alongside new rocks like the Deepslate Rock! I'm willing to hear your guy's thoughts for new rocks & other suggestions to come out with V.3 in the next few days.


Make sure to have the settings in the image below enabled for the best experience.


Select version for changelog:


-Fixed File Verification for submission purposes. 

-Fixed durability not registering when mining.

-Added three new rock variants.

-Added new mineable blocks.

-Added new recipes alongside repairs.

-Added Future Plans section.

-Added Closure section.

-Reworded a few things.

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The addon is so cool! I had this idea 2 months ago but i’m not good with addons, this is perfect! The rock is really useful when you need a backup pickaxe, specially if you want to get out of a cave, since you can craft rocks to mine up, i have some suggestions:

Basalt rock

Magma rock (maybe it can be better)

Ice rock (weaker and less durability)
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I really like this addon but could you add a kind of stone that does about the same damage as a wooden sword, maybe make it craftable with 1 flint or maybe a rock from this addon but with another item that ‘sharps’ it so it could maybe be used as a wooden sword and axe. But anyways. AMAZING ADDON
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Is this a weapon?
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Iprobablyhatethis June 04, 2021 at 3:58 am
It would be so awesome if you couod put sharpness on the Rick
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That would be a cool idea, maybe in the future! :)
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Iprobablyhatethis June 04, 2021 at 3:59 am
*Could *Rock
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I finally have a friend in my life
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Cosas inútiles que necesitábamos en nuestro minecraft
Muy buen complemento
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How do you get cobblestone to make the rock if you have no mining tools to get the cobblestone? Asking for a friend.
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Well imagine your mining in a deep cave and your last pickaxe breaks, you've mined cobblestone and a few ores in your time down there. So you most likely have at least one cobblestone to craft a rock with, I'm sure of it. The rock isn't suppose to be a replacement for the wooden pickaxe as you need a wooden pickaxe to gain cobblestone in the first place.
I hope this helps :)
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Makes sense. Good job.
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