thisbattlestartedtnt: Village & Mushroom Biome

Right of spawn you will see the village. Through the village runs a river so it’s basically split up on two different landmasses. Just a little bit further away from the village begins a really large mushroom biome peninsula.


The village do have a blacksmith.screenshot-2015-02-12-13-27_2

And in the blacksmith you will find some good loot: bread, apple, an iron sword, iron ingots, obsidian blocks and some ink sacks.


As you can see in the image below the village is really close to where the mushroom biome starts.

screenshot-2015-02-12-13-27_4 screenshot-2015-02-12-13-28

Seed: thisbattlestartedtnt

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  1. Gasboss775 says:

    This seed works on 1.5.0 There is a cave on the hill just across from the village with some iron and a lot of coal in it. The contents of the chest were a bit different but still ok in my version.
    Good seed, thanks to the Editor.


    Good job Editor please type this seed:facebook (huge survival island)

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