Published on May 23, 2024 (Updated on July 06, 2024)

Thorpe Park Bedrock

Welcome to the Island Like No Other, in Minecraft at least!! After a year of work from the team at FlixStudios, it is finally time for you to experience our recreation of Thorpe Park, UK!

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Map Updates:

  • Added more speed to Rumba Rapids.
  • Stealth fixed.



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Update Comment:
Went From 3 Stars To 4 As Stealth Is Fixed
Stealth Is Amazing Now! Thanks For Fixing It!
Possible Improvements:
I Do Feel A Little Bit More Speed Going Down Rumba Rapids But It Still Feels Kinda Slow If Im Being Honest.
Really Good Recreation!
However, Rumba Rapids Is Slow And (for me) Stealth Doesn't Work
Everything Else Tho Is Amazing!
Thanks for your feedback! An updated version with your patches are being released within 48-72 hours.
me addons is here:
https: //shrinkme .vip/mcpedl
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As a local to thorpe park, this map is very disappointing if i'm being honest. I saw a video for this on youtube and was very excited but now i have explored its very clear this map is not 1:1 accurate. the whole map is filled with innacuraccies, comically proportioned coaster elements and "buildings" which are just boxes with no sort of detail on them at all. There's also hardly any interiors, and the map claims all the rides work, however many are "unavailable due to mc physics" which seems like a cover up for the fact that the map isn't actually finished.

As well as this, I believe some elements of this map are copied from another one by "BlockCoasters". This other map has had timelapses of building it on youtube. Big easy boulevard has certain buildings which are detailed closely to the ones on this other map, but the ones blockcoasters haven't made yet are literally just boxes on this map and lack any sort of detailing. I get that it's a recreation of the same thing but some of the block choices are almost exactly the same and the fact that there's no detailing on the ones blockcoasters haven't made on youtube is really suspicious. I will be telling blockcoasters about this.

I think this map could be improved by taking more time to detail unfinished areas and make sure all rides are operating like advertised and that it is actually 1:1 when in it's current state it is clearly not.
A Great Recreation! Really cool to see all the rides with such high detail too! Will Hyperia eventually be added?
You will be able to find your fearless soon….
its not working pls fix it.
Hiya! Could you please let us know what the problem is and we will fix it ASAP.