Throw A Block Mod

Throw A Block Mod is a simple but very useful way of placing blocks. If you are tired of going long distances just to place one single block then you can use this mod to throw the block wherever you want and have it placed there immediately.

Creator: delicatessen555

How does it work?

Make sure there’s a block in your active/selected hotbar slot because it’s only then the THROW button appears on the screen. Look in the direction which you want the block thrown and then press the THROW button to throw it.


It takes quite a bit of practice before getting a hang of it. Aiming, in particular, is very difficult and not always very precise.

However, when you do get good at it you can use the mod to build things quicker as it will allow you to place blocks further away than what otherwise would have been possible.


We recorded a short video to demonstate how it works and looks like in-game.


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13 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. The_Blockster says:

    Great mod..! I’ll use it on throwing on mobs…. Will anyone try it?

  2. Iamarandompotato says:

    Whyyyy best addon texture packs maps alway for android and pic whyyyy 🙁

  3. Roy says:

    If you throw a water/lava bucket

    Will it instead be water/lava?

  4. irene says:

    I love that mod

  5. Super says:

    Wait how do u add this on IOs?

  6. Erynn says:

    I love it its so cool and fun and helpful ☺

  7. dustin says:

    It’s so awesome

  8. Umerkk164 says:

    I can code so tht it can be thrown just like a snowball is thrown

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