Throwable Explosives Mod

The Throwable Explosives Mod adds 8 pieces of explosive dynamites. They are slightly different from ordinary TNT blocks as they cause a wide range of different explosions and all of them can only explode by being thrown as a grenade. If you like ordinary TNT blocks but want something more powerful then this mod is definitely for you!

Creator: Jimbo_Acob

How to throw the dynamite?

First off you need to craft the explosives. You can find all the crafting recipes further down on this page.

Once you’ve got some throwable dynamites simply hold down your finger on the screen to throw a piece of dynamite. It will explode as it hits the ground, so make sure to back off.


There are eight different explosives to choose from. Each of them will cause different explosions. For example, by using one of them I managed to blow up almost an entire village. And oh yes, the villagers totally gave me permission to perform this test!


The Lightning Dynamite will generate a deadly lightning strike where it’s thrown.


After five minutes of testing I managed to destroy the terrain of a huge area. It’s amazing to see how powerful these items are!


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Lightning Dynamite (1000) – 6 glowstone dust + 1 normal dynamite
  • Normal Dynamite (1001) – 4 sand blocks + 2 gunpowders + 1 string
  • Dynamite x5 (1002) – 5 normal dynamite + 2 gunpowders
  • Dynamite x10 (1003) – 2 dynamite x5 + 1 gunpowder
  • Dynamite x15 (1004) – 1 dynamite x10 + 1 dynamite x5 + 1 gunpowder
  • Dynamite x20 (1005) – 2 dynamite x5 + 1 gunpowder
  • Dynamite x40 (1006) – 2 dynamite x20 + 1 gunpowder
  • Lightning Dynamite x5 (1007) – 4 normal dynamite + 1 lightning dynamite
  • Lightning Dynamite x10 (1008) – 2 lightning dynamite x5 + 1 normal dynamite


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  1. Wahh says:

    Won’t work mcpe

  2. ItsYeBoi says:

    Can you plz add im dying to want this mod but i dont have a computer plzzz

    • Jimbo_Acob says:

      ITS A MOD NOT ADD-ON i will try to make an add-on version of it Thank You!

    • Guest-9747563215 says:

      It does Work. download flash and download docs by readdle and go to files then it says it can’t open it there and it will give you a list of apps and then choose Minecraft trust me I just found out how and I am trying to make a explosive doomsday device in Minecraft

  3. Ahmed says:

    Hey nice mod

  4. D3ADLYW3APON says:

    I know i probably sound dumb but can someone tell me how to install the mod textures?? PLZ AND THANK YOU

  5. ........unknown.......... says:

    Hello can you guy put a mod where you can steal super heroes powers

  6. XxLOLxX says:


  7. Jemi says:

    This is .zip not .modpkg

  8. Emma says:

    great I love it

  9. Jimbo Acob says:

    Thanks For Posting My MOD

  10. Anouschka says:

    Ferry good, the tnt is funny

  11. Shashwat says:

    Is it for 0.15.0???

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