Thunder Stick Mod

Three new thunder sticks are added to the game which can be used to control the weather. It’s likely an inspiration of Thor who is a hammer-wielding god who can through his hammer call on thunder (at least if you believe in the old Scandinavian mythology).

How to use?

To use a stick simply tap on a block or a mob to activate its power. Depending on which stick you are holding a different outcome will be. The Thunder Shock is the absolute strongest and most effective of them all.

One weird (and maybe trivial) feature of the mod is that if you hold a Thunder Rain stick and tap with it on a pig then the pig will turn into a zombie pigman!

Item IDs

  • Thunder Stick – 347
  • Thunder Rain – 348
  • Thunder Shock – 349

Creator: Darkvoid021

thunder2 download

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16 Responses

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  1. IcerGamingYT says:

    How to download this mod it said “Sorry this link has been deleted.”?

  2. GachaBlox says:

    It won’t let me download. I’ve tried all the things to do, but they won’t work! Either I get a GOOD explanation or I’m not using this website EVER AGAIN

  3. James fraser says:

    Hi if you don’t know the link is not deleted

  4. ProGamer937 says:

    How do you download? The link’s deleted!

  5. # says:

    Why has the link been deleted?

  6. Blake says:

    How the fudge do you downlod

  7. mobkiller says:

    Can you charge creepers with this?

  8. Mathew says:

    Editors, have you watched your tutorial on how to download for ios, it is only for the types of downloads the sharedroutines have and most of your mods are different from that

  9. Esmee says:

    Hi is this mod for ios?? I have an iPad

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