Tier Mobs

This addon adds 5 new variants to most mobs in Minecraft which spawn naturally. These tiers are wood, stone, iron, diamond, and emerald. Hostile mobs get more health depending on their tier and many mobs have new spawning locations to make your world more difficult.

You can find anything from wooden zombies to emerald evokers in your Minecraft world, each of them with their vanilla mob drops. This addon was intended to make your Minecraft world more difficult and interesting. Most higher tier hostile mobs are more powerful than normal ones.

Diamond Spiders:

All Tier Ravagers:


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12 Responses

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  1. Guest-2149272017 says:

    Honestly recommend anyone who downloads to find individual textures for each tier mob. Its not hard to replace textures (I learned just from looking in the files). The concept here is great but the textures for the tiers are just bad. It seems like the creator understandably took the cheap way out and made each tier share a texture rather than give each mob in each tier a texture. Who can blame them I shrunk it down to only like 30 mobs and it took me a long time. Differently worth doing though, and its easy for many mobs to find textures. Also, recommend anyone who downloads to think about tweaking mob stats to your liking, for example, I made the strongest tier Zombies faster as well. (Also easy to learn).

  2. Guest-7788515737 says:

    People: I dont like the textures
    you: oh great tip!
    Me : I know 🙂

  3. Guest-4669885001 says:

    Doesnt work.

  4. Guest-6994756699 says:

    textures are disgustiong
    probably ur worst addon yet

  5. Guest-1092756948 says:

    You’re addon is cool.
    But you must remake the texture yet

  6. I’d say this is a very cool idea however I’d say for the textures instead of blocks like diamond have each mob tier have a kinda corrupted vibey texture maybe along with particle effects after the higher the tier the more particles are formed and more corrupted the mob looks. I dunno but I know you can make this work since you are a very VERY good addon creator

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think this should just replace vanilla mobs, but they should have a texture similar to villager tiers. Something simple, like the element embedded in their body somewhere. For example, an emerald tier ravager would have a large emerald set into its forehead, or a wooden creeper would have a hole in its chest revealing wooden planks. Maybe diamond and emerald tiers could also have glowing blue/green eyes. I just think it would be hard to seriously fight a monster made of gold.

  8. like the idea but not the textures

  9. Guest-6909193263 says:

    Its cool but unnecessary, dunno why we’d need it in our survival worlds

  10. BoxCatMC says:

    I don’t know how to feel about this one

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