Tiger Add-on

Tigers are beautiful animals in real life which now also can exist in your Minecraft worlds. At the same time that they add another threat your environment, it also comes with some positives. For example, you can tame a tiger and keep it as your loyal pet. It will follow you around and protect you against any threats.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How to tame a tiger?

You can tame a tiger to be your obedient pet, but you can only tame babies. It behaves very similar to a wolf except that it will be more aggressively spontaneous so be careful if you want to avoid deadly accidents. (Feed it more meat to accelerate the growth progress. It replaces pigs.)

But for the most part you will notice multiple benefits of owning a tiger. For example, it will always attack anything that you are attacking such as spiders.

Keep your tamed tiger well fed! If not, it might attack your livestock such as sheep or cows. You have to remember that this is a wild animal and it has primal needs (such as hunger) which it cannot control the same way as a human.

As a whole, it’s definitely an animal which is very useful as it will keep you safe in most scenarios. You can keep as many tiger pets as you want. The white tiger spawns less often (10% vs 90%) compared to the normal tiger, but there are no difference between the two except for the their looks.

General Tiger Information

  • Replaces pigs
  • Drops 0 – 2 raw tiger meat
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom item names
  • Spawn chance
    • Normal tiger: 90%
    • White tiger: 10%
  •  Baby
    • Wild
      • Health: 5 hearts
      • Passive
      • Tameable with any type of raw meat or fish
    • Tamed
      • Health: 7.5 hearts
      • Passive
  • Adult
    • Wild
      • Health: 15 hearts
      • Attack damage: 4 – 7
      • Attacks players, cows, sheep, horses, mules, donkeys, villagers, polar bears and undeads if they are hungry or if a player get too close to a cub
    • Tamed
      • Health: 20 hearts
      • Follows and protects its owner
      • Attacks cows and sheep when they are hungry


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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32 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Luqman says:

    Pls make the animations

  2. A random person says:

    It says that safari could not connect to the server.

  3. Entiry 808 says:

    Plz make the download media fire

  4. Teresa says:

    I can’t tame the baby tiger?

  5. LOLcraft says:

    Ok… I would have gaven it 5 stars if it actually ATE the meat… I got very aggravated trying to give it the meat… I finally took the add on off to see what the animal was… And it was a pig… So I said that I should feed it carrots and it worked… Also, my tiger does not follow me it just wanders off… Please fix this! Bye.

  6. Fernando Nebinho Nebinho says:

    I love this add on but in having a problem which is that when i tame a baby Tiger after he grows in an adult he starts to attack me and i also cant breed them.

  7. Kerbilaceras says:

    Dang,I wish they add that they can be able to ride

  8. Shadowwolf617 🐺 says:

    We’re do tigers spawn

  9. Shadowwolf617 🐺 says:

    Hey! Amazing add-on btw, but I’d really love it if you could add these features!:
    *If you install both tiger and lion add-on you can breed them together to make a liger
    *Three new skins for the tigers (all real tiger coulors but are all rarer than white, I’ll put them in order of rarity) Gold (strawberry), Albino (white with brown stripes), Maltese (grey with black stripes)
    *Tigers spawn in jungles and ocelots are scared of them
    Thanks! 😻😻🐅🐅

  10. Jayanth says:

    The baby can’t be tameable by meat but can be. Tamed by a Carrot XD. They don’t kill other mobs such as creeper skeletons spider etc. Can you fix this problem

    • Tiger says:

      You must activate The Behavior Pack. Not only The Ressource Pack. Open Minecraft, click on create New world Go to behavior Packs an activate The tiger behavior Pack. Don’t forget to activate The Ressource Pack Too! Then The Tigers will Work correctly.

  11. Maisha says:

    How do you tame them? I have been trying with raw meat and all it does is hit them. 🙁

  12. Ryan says:

    Can you make this mod into a addon? It was my favorite mod until it stopped working, pls replace snowgolems with the drgon, thankyou

  13. Endernbrine says:

    Can you ride them?

    • Tiger says:

      I’m Not own The Add-On However, I am already working on an update. Behave with new sounds and features 🙂

  14. The Minecraft Renegade says:

    Should’ve replaced ocelots to be more logical. I need to see my piggies! Please change to ocelot.

  15. BudakDinosaur says:

    Gona can you change the dinosaur spawn

    1. Irex Spawn In the Witch Spawn
    2. Trex Spawn In The Pigs spawn you can make 2 skin like 1 colour is coklat and no2 colour is green like a jurassicraft mod 2.0
    3. Raptor Spawn In the Villager/ZombieVillager Spawn. You can make many skin raptor like a blue Charlie echo delta . jurassicpark iii raptor

    And please do a animation like can open mouse. Head can move. And raptor can jump like jurassicraft mod 2.0

    The animation in assets->animation-> And Have 2.xml


    Please gona i really love you. You are my fovurite creator

  16. LJ524 says:

    Could you make an elephant add on? Pls, I’ve installed all of your add ons, if you did this it would really mean a lot to me

  17. Tikarah Marii says:

    I ❤️🖤💛💚💙💜you so much Gona

  18. Tikarah Marii says:

    Gona, I know I’m asking something that has nothing to do with tigers at all, but this is your newest addon so, I thought I could ask you in the comments.Gona I know it would take a lot but plz and thx create a addon for the bugatti veyron and the rolls Royce in one whole pack thx, it would be a pleasure if you do this!

  19. Tikarah Marii says:

    Gina, I know I’m asking something that has nothing to do with tigers at all, but this is your newest addon so, I thought I could ask you in the comments.Gona I know it would take a lot but plz and thx create a addon for the bugatti veyron and the rolls Royce in one whole pack thx, it would be a pleasure if you do this!

  20. Dat boi says:

    Can you make an rhino and elephant one but also make them not attack each other

  21. Awesomesauce says:

    Can you make the baby tiger’s head a little bit bigger?

  22. Felix says:

    gonna you should make this addons replace ocelot andcan you make another animal addons too like a elephan.giraffe rhino shark gazelle croccodile etc… your a good creator gona! you,re the BEST!

  23. BudakDinosaur says:

    Can you make a “Irex Spawn” To “Pig Spawn” ….. And can you make raptor spawn to villager/zombie villager spawn. You can make 6/12 skin raptor pliss

  24. Idk says:

    Cool! But can you make crocodiles and penguins?

  25. MLGJackGamer says:

    Good but I would like a dab add on

  26. HuskyGamingTES says:

    Hi Gona! I came here to thank you for making this add-on! Tigers are my favorite animal (even though my local zoo doesn’t have them smh) in real life, and you’re add-on adds their beauty, royalty, and elegance to MCPE! I’d like to thank you (btw I also love you’re FNAF add-on) for making a new mob. But I’d like to say that like Kookaman, maybe you should change the name cuz the tiger is WAY stronger than the pig, and I know it replaces the pig, but it would add the tiger feeling to it! And one last thing….YOURE AWESOME (both you, Gona, and Editor).

  27. Zhawk77 says:

    So cool

  28. Kookaman says:

    Could you please fix the UUIDs? Change it from “Spawn Pig” to “Spawn Tiger” please.

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