Tiger’s Hover Craft Addon

Welcome to the future of travel in Minecraft. Add this Hover craft to your world to travel in style.

It works in worlds, Realms and servers.

Download and enjoy. 🙂

This addon is very simple and will work on low end devices.

To use the Hover Craft you will need to use the summon command

/summon tft:hcraft

This can also be used in a Command Block

If you are on creative mode you can simply choose it from your inventory.

If you are on survival mode you can craft the Hover Craft (See below for crafting method)

It is forbidden to redistribute this addon, if you make a Review please give credits. Thank you.

Changelog View more

Updated the texture of the Hover Craft

Updated the Speed of the Hover Craft

Crafting method added for survival mode

Update the texture of the Hover Craft


Download in one file and install


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. ReivrynLast says:

    Good Addon Man,, I Like It 🤩

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