Time Bombs Addon

This add-on adds three throw-able items the time bombs. Each time bomb can detonate in different time and has different explosive power if the time bomb has a longer detonation time it has powerful explosion.

The image above show the different explosive power of the time bombs. The first hole is the time bomb that has a detonation time of 1 second, the second one has a detonation time of 5 seconds, and the third one has a detonation time of 10 seconds.

The crafting recipe of the time bomb is quite easy.

Time Bomb 1 second:

Time Bomb 5 seconds:

Time Bomb 10 seconds:

How to use the Time Bomb?

  1. Craft the Time Bomb
  2. Hold the screen while holding the Time Bomb/Right Click to throw the Time Bomb

Credits to TMSFB @Lunae Studios for giving me this awesome idea.

Changelog View more
  • No changes to the addon
  • Edited the submission to be accepted


  • World must have experimental mode turned on


Supported Minecraft versions


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