Tinkers’ Awakening

This addon adds 980 combinations of swords and pickaxes to your Minecraft world. These swords can be made with 14 materials as either the handle or the blade. The damage and durability of these weapons will be averaged based on how powerful the materials you used are.

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Material List

  • Wood +2 Damage Low Durability Fractured I
  • Stone +2 Damage Low Durability Unbreaking I
  • Bone +2 Damage Medium Durability Fractured II
  • Slime +2 Damage High Durability Bouncy
  • Iron +3 Damage Medium Durability Magnetic
  • Flint +3 Damage Low Durability Sharpness I
  • Cactus +3 Damage Low Durability Sharpness I
  • Prismarine +4 Damage Low Durability Depth Strider
  • Netherrack +4 Damage Low Durability Fire Resistance or Auto Smelt
  • Obsidian +4 Damage High Durability Unbreaking II
  • Gold +5 Damage Low Durability Sharpness II or Midas Touch
  • Diamond +5 Damage High Durability Unbreaking III
  • Emerald +6 Damage Medium Durability Draining

An item gets an ability depending on what you use as the blade/head of the item. If an ability is a higher level, then it will multiply the effectiveness.

Ability List

  • Fractured: +1 Damage, -10 Durability
  • Unbreaking: 1.2x Durability
  • Sharpness: +1 Damage
  • Draining: 1.5x Damage, 1/2 Durability
  • Depth Strider: 2x Water Movement
  • Bouncy: Jump Boost II
  • Fire Resistance: Fire Resistance
  • Magnetic: Attracts Items
  • Auto Smelt: Smelts iron and gold when broken
  • Midas Touch: Converts iron ore to gold ore

Modifiers can be added by surrounding a custom weapon with a specific material

Modifier List Swords Only

  • Quartz Block: +3 Damage
  • Emerald: 2x Durability
  • Diamond: 2x Movement Speed

More content, such as more materials, modifiers, and more, are planned to be added shortly! Make sure you join the discord server to be the first ones updated!

Pickaxes can also be crafted in any order, and they will deal 1/2 damage when compared with a sword. TO USE THE PICKAXES WALK INTO THE BLOCK YOU WANT TO BREAK, they can only work on certain blocks

These are just 10/980 of the possible recipes. Play around with the swords yourself in your world and find your favorite combination!

Changelog View more

+ Nether Star Material

+ Pickaxes For Every Material Combination

+ Added Slime, Netherrack, and Cactus items

+ Added Modifiers 

+ Added Material Abilities

+ Added Slime, Netherrack, and Cactus items

+ Added Modifiers

+ Added Material Abilities


Enable Experimental Mode!


Supported Minecraft versions


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87 Responses

4.32 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. Guest-3188424267 says:

    Why the texture of the original stone sword is the same as the stone sword made with three stone swords? (By Google Translate)

  2. Guest-1464149836 says:

    I wish you could add more armors for the next version. you don’t have to, but it’s just an opinion!

  3. bpsysgamer says:

    The pickaxes don’t work and the swords don’t do the promised damage, I have experimental mode on and I’m on android.

  4. Guest-1153184661 says:

    Why does it not work for meeee!!!!!

  5. Guest-1135888130 says:

    also make it to were you can add more accents, like iron or obsidian, just like the blades and hilts. i also think abilities should be able to stack

  6. Guest-9200167618 says:

    make it compatible with ore randomizer addon

  7. Guest-7916591578 says:

    The crafting doesn’t want to work. I have experimental gameplay on, I’m not in the new snapshot, and i dont have any other addons in the world. Can someone please help?

  8. Guest-4757451338 says:

    Does anyone know how to get the pickaxes working on Xbox?? I’ve loaded the game into Experimental mode and they still just work as if I’m using my fist, do I have to make the world without Experimental and then make it experimental after I’ve made it? I don’t know what to do.

  9. Guest-5325602639 says:

    This doesn’t work, the pickaxes mine so slow, the swords are equivalent to punching a zombie with your fists, I would say don’t download. Wait for dakonblackrose’s to come out instead.

    • Guest-2219694069 says:

      here, i have some tips.

      1: Make sure you have experimental gameplay enabled
      2: Make sure you have no other addons loaded other than the vatonage modpack.
      3: In order to use pickaxe, walk into the block you want to break.

      Hope this helps!

  10. Guest-8756922956 says:

    The swords do the same damage as punching and the enchants don’t work either

  11. Guest-7425696605 says:

    It leads to some ad place. Please make a direct link

  12. Guest-7883168865 says:

    Anyone else getting lag spikes when using it with other addons?

  13. Guest-6976694561 says:


  14. Guest-1527508186 says:

    Hax posted a comment at the bottom. Oh yeah, I’m a HUUUGE fan of you, too!

  15. Guest-7560254968 says:

    Hax, I’m a HUUUUUGE fan!

  16. Guest-3136831101 says:

    It’s really cool, but I think the ability for the iron sword should also attract mobs like iron golems.

  17. Guest-2806972554 says:


  18. Guest-5815439099 says:

    help i tried to install the 1.0.3 version but it keeps saying duplicate pack detected ‘Tinkers’ Awakening’ i already deleted the old versions

  19. Guest-2707302682 says:

    Kaspersky has blocked the download link and blocked the download. How to download?

  20. Guest-8512805382 says:

    please dont forget to add this addon to the modpack!

  21. Guest-5300783732 says:

    Please please do media fire

  22. EnchWraits says:

    Hello iEmotionless and also HaxTheCharizard, i actually use Tinkers’ awakening and Tinkers’ legacy together, it works well and i love it. I’m looking forward to updates, thanks.

  23. K1dFLASH05 says:

    Can you add tools

  24. Guest-3015197591 says:

    Love this mod, using the prismarine sword and a iron magnetic sword, I don’t even need kelp farms to generate a ton when I can just spread it under the ocean floor now, I do wish that I could’ve combine some things but I wont get into that. This has just made such a welcoming part of my game experience, the fact I can just throw emeralds from trades to make an uber sword feels a tad bit out of place, but that’s with pretty much any mod that adds them, either way thank you ^-^

    as for any suggestions I have would be using membrane to give either slowfall or ghast tears to give levitation, just some thought, great work!

  25. Guest-7837069408 says:

    This is such an amazing addon I love it so much. So many possibilities!

  26. Guest-2705826025 says:

    This addon is great y realy love it y will like if they add a sword or a extra layer that adds venom or fire y will love that but this addon is 5/5

  27. Guest-9688278152 says:

    I have experimental gameplay on and none of the swords give effects or do anymore damage than using no weapon would

  28. Guest-1231766805 says:

    You should be able to make sticks out of all the materials like gold cactus flint diamond
    And maybe you could smelt them for blades?
    Maybe bindings too? Made from wood iron flint etc

  29. Guest-4319196880 says:

    Idk y but i. Added this and it shows up in my available behavior packs and resource packs on xbox 1

  30. Guest-7722812802 says:

    I love your addon! I want to say that this mod is great for Minecraft and I love it. I have encountered a bug though, as I was playing with the mod on my survival world, I went through a nether portal and the sword was only showing the bottom half of it so it didn’t display the blade part of the sword.

  31. Guest-4655523716 says:

    Can someone link the mediafire my parents made it so adfly is blocked and cant even be accessed

  32. Guest-8163196926 says:

    Great . Could you please add netherite ?

  33. Guest-6550841354 says:

    Does this works for realms???

    • Guest-4791155335 says:

      Unfortunately, it won’t, as it requires Experimental Gameplay. 😓
      I honestly love this concept regardless, though. Swords that have unique Enchantments, which more can be added, or in some cases, some swords being upgraded, is a really neat concept.

      In the next update, it would be neat if they added Lapis, and Redstone to the mix. Lapis could have Mending I, maybe more exp from kills, but has low damage, maybe Medium durability. I have no ideas for Redstone yet, however…

      Regardless, this is a great Add-On. Keep up the great work! 👍

  34. Guest-6703256721 says:

    Will there be other tools if or when possible

  35. Guest-3332538519 says:

    Hey would it be okay if I made a customisable sword add-on too? I want to ask permission first because I had a cool idea 🙂 and then I saw that it was already a thing lol. – i plan to make my add-on huge. Like 1000+ swords (unless there’s an item limit for add-ons in Minecraft :P)

  36. Guest-1952612410 says:

    Can you add the tools next I think there are enough materials now, you should work on tools to make it feel alot better to not have a fully decked out sword but only vanilla tools

  37. Guest-3810807065 says:

    any way to get around the ad websites? ive tried several times and cant even get to ur download

  38. Guest-5712654331 says:

    Can you do this to the bow and arrows this mod is amazing though the amount of time it must have took it to make it the best it can.

  39. Guest-5018205971 says:

    Cant get modifiers to work, they just wont show up when i try them in the crafting table.

  40. Guest-1468727219 says:

    How to install this mod?

  41. Guest-3643695330 says:

    This is great I’m Emerald sword yell no one can deflect the Emerald splash shout to my jojo fans

  42. Guest-2204529898 says:

    Sadly, this add-on is near useless since you can’t enchant the new weapons.

  43. Guest-5653889965 says:

    Do you think you are able to do this with armor? I would really like customizable armor in my worlds.

    • iEmotionless says:

      currently custom armor isnt supported, but if it was i would make a big addon for it

      • Simple Craft says:

        Brilliant addon btw also I can send you my addon that was in the works but I don’t think I’ll release it since it uses custom armor and you can use the code to make your own custom armor stuff however obviously custom armor technically isn’t supported yet so we can’t add an Amor bar however you can add effects and health and probs other stuff I don’t know about so feel free to take a gander if you want 🙂

      • Guest-4771012336 says:

        Can you add pickaxes, axes, bow and arrows and all the other tools?

      • Guest-3109246354 says:

        Make it so when you right click with it in your hand it moves to the correct slot, magic helmets did that

  44. Guest-4551990025 says:

    You should add the tinker smeltery made of grout bricks and stuff so you melt the materials and cast them onto a casting table or a casting basin for blocks. Overall great idea.

  45. Guest-4119063490 says:

    A idea I had of course it will take awhile but have it for the tools, bows and arrows using the same material then go back and add new ones

    • Guest-2371458341 says:

      If it’s not too difficult, you could make it so you place an enchanted book next to the sword to enchant it.

  46. Guest-3550070390 says:

    Um why won’t the damage work I did experimental gameplay and created a new world

  47. Guest-8504896311 says:

    does the hilt/handle material change the durability or the damage

  48. Guest-4906750619 says:

    How did you get 90 possibilities and can the recipe be done anywhere in the crafting table. Also by average what do you mean average like just adding the two and dividing by two other than that it seems like a good idea I hope you further update it and possibly add armor to it

  49. Guest-1038801020 says:

    You are copy the add-on Tinker’s Legacy

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