Tinker’s Legacy (Previously Vanilla+Weapons)

It’s finally here! After putting hundreds of hours into designing and testing this mod, I proudly present Tinker’s Legacy! This mod is a complete overhaul of my Vanilla+Weapons mod, complete with over 100 new weapons! And yes, I’m serious. 16 weapons for 8 different materials, for a grand total of 128 detailed melee weapons!

This mod adds a total of 128 new weapons to Minecraft Bedrock Edition! 16 weapons for each of the 8 materials I have set up. The materials are: Diamond, Emerald, Gold, Iron, Obsidian, Ruby, Stone, and Wood.

1.0.1 Hotfix patches the Ruby Ore so it actually drops Rubies now. You will need to reinstall the behavior pack if you were using “The Arsenal”.

These weapons range from light and speedy Daggers, to hard-hitting Cleavers and Battleaxes!

I have heard your cries of confusion about the crafting recipes, and have developed a new way of crafting! Simply craft an empty toolkit using 4 paper plus one coal or charcoal, then use that to make one of the four tiers of toolkits. Placing it into the new Stonecutter will allow you to convert them into the weapon of your choice!

Here are some examples of the crafting recipes for the toolkits.

You might be wondering, “How would we craft the Extreme Obsidian Toolkit then?” at this point, so let me show you! I have brought back a classic MCPE block, and remastered its texture so it fits in with Minecraft 1.13! Glowing Obsidian

You can use that to create the Extreme Obsidian Toolkit, or just use it for decoration!

Here are some photos of the different weapons you can make using the new Stonecutter! (Because I know you want to see them)

And here is the new Stonecutter!

I have also added Rubies, Ruby Blocks, and Ruby Ore to this mod! Ruby Ore is pretty uncommon, as you can’t strip mine for it, and it spawns in veins of 1 to 3 ores.

You can use the Rubies to craft Ruby Blocks or Ruby Toolkits!

I’m not going to make the same mistake as last time, so I am going to give detailed instructions on how to apply the mod! *You can find how to install the mod onto your Minecraft lower on the page*

Once you have both the resource and behavior files installed, open up a new world in Minecraft, and do the following:

Open Behavior Packs and apply the pack you downloaded

Make sure that the Resource Packs are applied as well.

Finally, make sure that Experimental Gameplay and Mob Griefing are both turned on. If you don’t turn them on, the mod won’t work.

Do not install any other weapon mods! Doing so will cause this mod to stop working, and you risk corrupting your Minecraft World!

If you are having issues with this mod, or have any questions to ask me, please  head on over to my Discord server at


for all of your modding needs or requests!

Shoutouts to everyone who helped me make the textures for this update, and for all the great ideas!

Thank you to Aaron3219, Arjay07, BostonSlime404, Cthulu Warrior, CubeSteff3906, ElitePath0, LoneWolf, LuisLR, Pino, Potato, Soul Knight Vietnam, THEMAX, TWIGGY, Reilll, The Amazing Triangle, Troll 23, X_GRAVE_X, and Zahf22 for all of the love and support you showed for this project!

I couldn’t have done it without you!

Changelog View more

1.0.1 Hotfix patches the Ruby Ore so it actually drops Rubies now. You will need to reinstall the behavior pack if you were using "The Arsenal" or if you were playing on Xbox.

  • Added link to my Discord server so that users of this mod can get help and support if they need it.
  • Users can also use the server as a way to submit ideas and requests for this mod and future projects!

The server can be found at https://discord.gg/S9UNFRC


This mod has two options for settings:

  • The Arsenal - this is the full 128 new weapons, plus the Ruby Ore and block
  • Vanilla+ - this has only has 80 weapons in the base 5 materials: wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond

You can chose which one you want to use!

The Universal Resources are used for Android, IOS, and Windows10.

Android / IOS / Windows10:

Click on your preferred setting, fill out the Captcha to procede to the download page, and download the behavior file. Repeat for the Universal Resource link.


Click on the Xbox Behaviors link and fill out the Captcha to go to the download page, the file is already a ZIP for you! Do the same for the Xbox Resources link.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

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165 Responses

4.18 / 5 (94 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    The downloads seem to be broken

  2. Luiz says:

    the link is broken please update the link as i really want to download this addon

  3. Theo says:

    Love the mod and keep up the good work. I do have a suggestion and understand if you can’t but could you please add a new totem for the ruby or a new ore like amethyst p.s f in the chat for the rabbits who are dying like mine

  4. Anon. says:

    The links do not work

  5. M3HPlayz says:

    Hey MAN I downloaded the Universal Resources and then i download Vanilla+ (Behaviour Pack) and i tried it on Minecraft It Doesn’t work theres no Items.. Also I’m on 1.13.0 Version. Can you tell me whats happening or am I doing something wrong? Please Tell ME!

  6. Zach says:

    The mod is made absolutely terrific, but I tested the ruby greatsword vs the normal wood sword and the ruby greatsword did just as much damage as when you punch. Can you please help me on how to fix this?

    • Ethanos says:

      You need to make sure it IS THE FIRST in the behavior pack list. Otherwise the addon will fail, since it can’t modify the player.

  7. Senk-San says:

    Uhmm al it does after I do the captcha and wait for a few seconds to access it all it does is send me to an example domain and I can’t do anything on it pls help

  8. Sitra says:

    So i reinstalled the behaviour pack 1.01 (im on xbox), but rubies still wont drop. does it have to do with the world already existing with the previous version?

  9. creeper awwman says:

    this addon is really cool but how do I make(or get) the new stonecutter?
    (I got the weapons using command btw)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I want to download this for bedrock edition v1.13 which download link do I

  11. Anonymous says:

    Amazing mod, absolutely incredible, you deserve way more credit for this!

  12. Anonymous says:

    amazing mod, absolutely incredible, you deserve way more credit for this.

  13. Swiggy says:

    Ay dude, every single sword does almost no damage, what’s wrong lol

  14. Anonymous says:

    EVERY SINGLE SWORD does about 2 damage

  15. Swiggy says:

    Ayyy, can you make a YouTube tutorial, I don’t understand any of this.

  16. Mysterious Wanderer says:

    Hey so this Mod is Fantastic but I have one problem, the Broadsword is just kind of a worse version of the normal sword, as it takes much more to make and takes more hits to kill an enemy. Just something I noticed unless there’s something about the Broadsword I didn’t notice.

    • Apart from the crafting recipes, there actually isn’t any difference between the Broadswords and normal swords.
      On top of that, the resource expense is almost identical.

      I mainly made the Broadswords so that every material had a standard sword, and I can add extra features to the Broadswords once I finish developing it.

  17. Mysterious Wanderer says:

    This Mod/Add-on is pretty darn good, you’ve done an incredible job making each Weapon different and unique from one another, and making it also interesting to get these weapons by also using normal Vanilla objects such as the Stone-cutter. In my humble opinion, right now I think this is the BEST Weapon Add-on, on MCPEDL at the moment, and I would highly suggest getting this mod.

  18. Lump says:

    404 appeared

  19. HooHaHeTikiTiki says:

    I feel like I have tried every combination of the empty toolkit, and I still can’t figure it out. Almost makes me want to go into creative to spawn a couple of them since I can’t seem to craft one. Any help would be much appreciated as I am really enjoying the mod

  20. Dawson says:

    Plesss make this avalible for 1.14+ why because this add on looks good and is uesfull for my zombie game. Im trying to make a cool zombie with all of the good addons that i can find. Otherwise see if dakonblackrose can add this to crazycraft. 5 stars for all of your work. 1 star if u cant add this to crazycraft or if it does not with the crazycraft on.

    • It isn’t up to me if it is added to CrazyCraft, sorry.
      And sadly, weapon mods do not work properly in any Beta version of Minecraft. I have tested dozens of mods, and weapon mods just don’t work on the Beta Updates.
      HOWEVER, as soon as 1.14 is actually released in around a month, I will make sure this mod is compatible with the update.

      • ERROR says:

        strange, because on this same day, I’m on the beta, and everything seems to be working, damage values, attributes, crafts and all.

      • Manuel Jr. Palma says:

        Hello. I need help. 1.13 doesn’t let me make a stone cutter. And when I make the. Toolkits I do not know how to make the Tinker’s Workstation. Please and thank you.

      • Only a human says:

        How to make tinker’s workstation

      • Dawson says:

        I ment to say have dakonblackrose add this add on to crazycraft. I also just found out that this is a mod when i though it was addon also i think you are the 1st creator to say anything to me. For that i will give you a 5 star. But if you can do me favor then i will do somthing for u BUT IT NEEDS TO BE A ADDON BECAUSE MODS WONT WORK. If you can pless make a addon when zombies & any other types of zombies can break any block with tools then that will make my zombie game be really fun otherwise try making a addon that allows you to enchant any weapon to a high level by uesing /enchant then that will help alot for alot of reasons because its so unfair that pc gets high enchantment level dont you agree. If you can do both then i willl give you a really good ideas for your mode or a new mode.

        • Anonymous says:

          Minecraft Bedrock Edition gas a built in mod loader now, just turn on Experimental Gameplay.

          It doesn’t work for any mods built for BlockLauncher though.

        • Minecraft has a built in Mod Launcher now, just enable Experimental Gameplay on the world to enable it.

          It works with 99% of any new mods, just not mods that use BlockLauncher.

  21. Dawson says:

    If u can make this available for and some how get it work with crazycraft or have dakonblackrose add it to his crasy craft with it working or have some of your stuff in your addon and add it to thats guy crazycraft some how then if i can i will have my friends try this and have them rate this 5 stars and i will see if i can rate this 5 stars a few times if its possible. This addon might be really good for my zombie game. Heres 5 stars for your VERY HARD WORK GOOD JOB WITH THE ADDON I WILL TRY IT WHEN ITS AVAILABLE FOR NO IM NOT UNSTALLING THE BETA BECAUSE IT WONT LET JOIN MY WORLDS THAT I WORK HARD ON

  22. Troll23 says:

    No damage

  23. Anonymous says:

    Great work. Are we gonna be able to enchant the weapons anytime soon?

  24. I dunno how 2 craft empty toolkit, help?

  25. David says:

    I have a problem

  26. Tobuni says:

    I thought this was an interesting mod.
    The problem is that when I try to import it MCPE it doesn’t work. It says that:
    Unknown Pack Name
    Unknown Pack Description
    Unknown Pack ID
    Unknown Pack Version

  27. Jeff says:

    I love all your two mods and your channel but can you fix it so it works for mobile devices apple plz thanks

  28. Jeff says:

    It doesn’t work

  29. Anonymous says:

    All of the weapons are doing the same damage for me. Like a wooden cleaver and a diamond do the same damage. Plus the vanilla wooden sword became super op for some reason.

  30. SisterInk19 says:

    I think this is a very great mod but my problem is that I can’t find any of the Rubies is there a specific height to find them at or biome?

  31. スミオ says:

    Tempting, but I’ve learned my lesson :). However, could I add it to my personal modpack that I don’t share?

  32. Tomas says:

    This is my favorite way to play mcpe. Might be a hard request, but is there a way to do this with amor? Amazing addon overall.

  33. Canine says:

    I tried getting the addon but it wont let me get the behavior pack. It lets me get the resource but not the behavior.

  34. Jansonsomwoop says:

    I keep teleporting to the block that i have walked on when i equip the weapons?!?!?!??!?

  35. DemonicGamer145 says:

    I have an Idea for your add-on (may take some time) in the name of the weapon (Example: Stone Broadsword) you should put the damage # that the weapon deals (Example: Stone Broadsword [Blue text]11 DMG)

  36. Anthony says:

    Does it support 1.13+?

  37. JessieJamesPlays says:

    Hey, it’s me, JessieJamesPlays
    There’s a bug of this addon about the ruby, (stops)
    Ah nevermind, I enjoyed the addon

  38. MadPaintball says:

    I keep teleporting when i equip the weapons

    • That isn’t being caused by this mod. I have done significant testing, and the only lag that this mod causes is a tiny bit of framerate lag… and that is only if you are using the dagger to run through naturally laggy biomes.

  39. zach says:

    Hello, it;s me again. I think you should add an update to this mod that includes armor, that;d be great

  40. Eyeudepq says:

    The ore generation doesn’t work for me

  41. Zach says:

    Hey @HaxTheCharizard, i cant obtain Glowing Obsidian and need help, playing un survival

  42. Dawson j says:

    I wish u would make it when u can get this addon on the beta 1.14 update.

  43. ? says:

    Great mod wish I could figure out how to make them anyway the only thing is you should add the ability to enchant if possible and a way to make the extreme tier weapons useful they slow you down too much to actually hit anything I think they should just have a slow attack speed not slow the wielder down or make it where as you gain experience they are easier to wield

  44. Gman says:

    Pls fix the xbox link

  45. SwagKnight says:

    This is an incredible add-on! I actually made a small review or something of the sort on your vanilla+ weapons on amino and wish to make another one in there if you wouldn’t mind. Also, what do you plan to do next for the add-on, more weapons? Modified armors types? Being able to enchant the weapons? Custom enchants? Showing the damage each of the weapon just like when we check the damage on the tools?
    Yeah I’m not sure if the last three can be coded in so sorry if I seem to be demanding for these things. But yeah what do you plan to do with the add-on now?

  46. Marshyy says:

    Which are stronger? the diamond, obsidian, ruby or emerald weapons?

  47. anonymous says:

    Please make a Mediafire link. Anything I try leads to a link showing a… uh… inappropriate ad. Just asking. This one sounds cool.

  48. Alex says:

    Well I rate it 4 stars because i dont really know what damage each weapon does, maybe you should add where it shows the damage it does or show us (: ty. Very good addon

  49. ProblemNotvhe says:

    there’s a problem yeah so one of the blocks wont work and crashes my game every time i use it.

  50. I’ll have to say that sadly the empty tool kit recipe is not working.

  51. please fix mediafire link says:

    please respond with direct link to mediafire for xbox players

  52. SolidusSnake says:

    Awesome bro! I’ve spent years wanting an addon like this and you’re the one who finally did it! You have all my respect,keep up the good work!

  53. Waba says:

    Okay the reason why i gave this a 4 star is because everytime I am running/walking,it teleports me backwards,like it teleports me on the previous block i’ve ran/walked on, even when i use normal weapons (not vanilla+ weapons) everythings normal and I hope it will be fixed,but still,great addon!..

  54. DemonicGamer145 says:

    This Mod/Add-on is amazing really useful but I’m very confused which weapons deal the most damage as there is no information on weapons damage for each element and each type, (Example) I put a Medium stone kit in the Tinker’s Workstation which out of the 4 weapons deal the most damage?

    • Each tier of toolkit gets you stronger weapons, but the individual weapon strengths (for each tier) vary between materials.

      Typically your strongest weapons are as follows:
      Extreme (durability) = Battleaxe: ~2x the durability of base sword, high damage
      Extreme (power) = Cleaver: ~3x damage of base sword

      Heavy (durability) = Machete: great damage, but makes you pretty slow
      Heavy (power) = Mace: great damage, but low durability

      Medium (durability) = all about the same 😛
      Medium (power) = Longsword: slightly higher damage than base sword, but makes you slightly slower as well

      Light (durability) = Sai: decent durability, not many additional benefits
      Light (power) = Rapier: decent damage, quick attack speed

      All other weapons have stats in between these. So it is up to the user which weapon best fits their style.

      • SwagKnight says:

        This is one amazing add-on my friend, I actually made a small review or something of the sort on your vanilla+ add-on in amino and I would like to do the same for this one if you wouldn’t mind.
        Also what do you plan to do next for this add-on? More weapons? Being able to enchant the weapons? New armor? New armor variations or modified armor types? New ores? Showing the damage of the weapons just like whenever we’re using a melee weapon?
        I’m not sure if you can input the code for the enchanting and showing the damage of the weapons some sorry if I seem to ask too much. Just a small thing I want to see in the future for this add-on that I love

  55. Chris says:

    Can you please integrate with the Place Me mod, or otherwise make the items placeable?

  56. Samerz says:

    I put it onto a world with experimental gameplay and mob gridding and it’s not a realm but it doesn’t work 🙁

    • Do you have both the resource and behavior packs installed and enabled?
      Make sure you are on either Minecraft 1.12, or 1.13. It doesn’t work on the Beta.
      And don’t add any other weapon mods, or it will break.

      If you follow those instructions it will work.

  57. Ink says:

    Can I please have help downloading? I’m getting a 404 message when I click on the link.

  58. Killacam2005540 says:

    Links Do Not Work

  59. Salam` says:

    Well done hax, I can see you put a lot of work into this mod and to able to make all of these weapons craftable instead of just having them spawn with functions is fantastic and immersive. Although I just wanted to mention I took a look at your player entities file in the behavior pack just to make sure everything was balanced, cuz you know, overpowered addons ruin the game obviously. And well I mean, a lot of this stuff is kinda broken don’t you think man? I think the craziest one I saw was a “obsidian cleaver” that did 42 base damage. I mean thats 6 times more than the diamond sword if I’m not mistaken. But anyways, still great mod but ya know, I just wanted to throw that out there. Might wanna rebalance quite a few of these weapons

    • Yes, some weapons are quite strong. But you have to consider the resource cost for getting them. And their drawbacks.

      All of the Extreme Teir weapons slow you down dramatically, and the Cleavers have very low durability. The Obsidian Cleaver has TERRIBLE durability, and you can’t really get it until you have conquered the Nether.

  60. Orlando019 01 says:

    Wait so uh do I use the Arsenal and vanilla+ weapons on the same world?

  61. Anonymous says:

    None of the links work they keep bringing me to the page but it says “404 Page not found” please fix it looks like a good addon and I really want to try it.

  62. Speechless says:

    What do the new weapons do like the damage?

  63. Jayden says:

    I love this mod(tinkers legacy) but how do you mine the ruby, because diamond doesn’t make it drop, so I don’t know how to get it

  64. John says:

    The link dosen’t work

  65. Anonymous says:

    The link does not work

  66. This is great! How about you add some new nether ores too, so you could have, for instance, dragonsteel inspired by ice & fire in the rocks? Also, is it possible to make custom armor in 1.13, because changing vanilla armor is cool and all but we all know what we really want.

  67. Bob Ross says:

    It does not work

  68. Johnathan Brown says:

    Doesn’t work on realms.

  69. Twist says:

    I prefer crafting

    • I understand that you prefer standard crafting, but the limit for custom item crafting recipes is 80… so you wouldn’t have been able to obtain 48 of the weapons in this mod if I used that.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Does it support 1.14?

  71. Lolbeast says:

    Is there a resource pack?

  72. zahf22 says:

    nice addon good for map makers

  73. Anonymous says:

    The xbox behavior dose not work
    For me at least

  74. biel says:

    O cortador de pedra para mim esta com a mesma interface sera que é por que eu testei na 1.14?

  75. Br says:

    Eu testei e funciona na 1.14

  76. Br says:

    podia mostrar o Dano dar armas eu fis as armas mais não sei o dano delas

  77. Fajaredan says:


  78. Johnathan Brown says:

    Doesn’t work in realms. I’ve added it multiple times, and it wont work. Works everywhere else.

  79. markdrg says:

    Doesn’t work for 1.13 just shows the update block

  80. markdrg says:

    trying right now

  81. GRAVE says:

    Noce addon. Looking forward for your new update 😉

  82. Bailey says:

    works perfect and is a fun change to the normal game.
    I have a question though, Why can i not mine ruby ore? i have tried iron pickaxe and a diamond pickaxe but they didnt work. Do you need to use something different?

  83. Da bezt weapon Add-On on MCPEDL. Highly recommended for people. I mean, 100+ weapons, who wouldn’t wanted that.

  84. Demolisher828 says:

    There’s already a bug, and a few issues. It is a shame that the Stonecutter had to be retextured & not be its own model/block with its own functions & uses. And then the bug is that strength lasts forever, even when the weapon isn’t in your hand or inventory… The moment you craft it is the exact moment you don’t even need it anymore. Other than that, it looks great so far

    • Well for starters, you can’t add custom blocks that have their own functionality without using Scripting. And Minecraft doesn’t allow for that kind of scripting yet.

      And all I did to the Stonecutter is give it a new texture and add some new recipes. Nothing was changed or removed.

      Also, what device are you playing on, and what update are you running? Because I have tested this mod on Windows10, Android, and IOS, and none of them had the bug you are talking about.

      Do you have any other mods installed in your world? If so, that may be what is causing the bug.

  85. Lost and found says:

    Could you give a list of recipes and weapon info

  86. Poopero says:

    Very good

  87. Bruh says:

    How do i get stone cutter

  88. BoxCatMC says:

    Amazing but, can you please make it so it’s not super expensive!

    • I’m unsure as to what you think is expensive in this mod.

      The most expensive Toolkits are the Extreme Toolkits, and the diamond one only costs 13 diamonds! (That is less than the cost of a Diamond Chestplate and Leggings)

      That may sound slightly expensive at first, but the extreme diamond weapons all do a MINIMUM of 20 attack damage, that does 6 more damage than a Sharpness 5 Diamond Sword.

      I couldn’t just make it super cheap to get these weapons, as all the strongest ones need to at least have some challenge getting them.

      • BoxCatMC says:

        The extreme diamond tool kit cost more than 64 diamond blocks, and the light diamond tool kit cost 64 diamonds

        • BoxCatMC says:

          and you don’t have to make it super cheap, like atleast lower the diamonds

          • What are you talking about?
            They don’t cost NEARLY that much! XD
            But I can see why you were confused.

            You only need one of those items per slot. I was just crafting a lot of them at once.

            Light Toolkits cost 1 material, Medium Toolkits cost 2 materials, Heavy Toolkits cost 4 materials, and Extreme Toolkits cost 13 materials (one block and 4 normal)

            You can’t have crafting recipes cost more than 9 items. It doesn’t use all the items in a stack!

            I hope you understand how Minecraft works a little bit better now.

  89. Metroid says:

    Espero que funcione el mod suena muy prometedor

  90. Anonymous says:

    Best mode ever thank you

  91. IONUTSJ says:

    IT work aplied in the existing worlds ?

  92. GaminBary0nyxYT says:

    I like the idea of this addon. However, if you added new mobs that drop weapons such as a samurai dropping iron katana, and dungeon loot swords, along with tools, like different bows and stuff, and weapon boss, this could potentially seed and then grow into a giant add-on. But, still, nonetheless, I like this addon. I’m waiting for the next update. Farewell.


    • I might add some mobs to this mod in the future, and I have been collaborating with Zahf22 and SoulKnightVietnam to try to create a boss for this mod.

      However, Minecraft doesn’t currently allow for custom ranged weapons, so until they change that, we’ll just have to stick with melee weapons.

      • GaminBary0nyxYT says:

        Think about the actual guns add-on. Maybe you could make it so when you crouch with them, an arrow could go from your direction you’re facing. Thanks for feedback on my idea.

  93. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Ya did it, boi, ya did it

  94. HasanTheBeast says:

    There is a problem when i was gonna download the universal and arsenal it wasn’t allowing me,it says something about domain and i cant download it so can you change the link

  95. Br says:

    Você pode atualizar ele para 1.14?

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