Tint Shader (Windows 10)

Tint Shader is adds beautiful new skies, shadows and lighting to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Due to certain limitations it’s currently only available for Windows 10 (PC) users. During the night the sky is lit up by amazing northern lights. Not only does these shaders make the world more realistic but it also adds another whole new quality of exploration to the game as everything is more beautiful to explore.

Creator: Mono SourTwitter Account


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Start Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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119 Responses

3.67 / 5 (64 votes)
  1. ToshibaPikuPiku says:

    This looks precious =0

  2. im sorry by my fps is d e a d. does work though!

  3. Guest-1928185277 says:

    Very nice pack. Works great

  4. Guest-1879904895 says:

    It looks great. But will it run on low performance computers?

  5. Guest-4542614162 says:

    whats with the fps drop when i look up bro when i play with this i got gtx 1060 and my gpu just sky rockets and my fans go crazy

  6. Guest-7180387665 says:

    that looks beutyfull

  7. GamerZombie YT says:

    Can You Make A Pocket Edition Version Of Tint Shaders This Is Only For Windows 10.

  8. Guest-2824525680 says:

    the sky looks decent but it is laggy

  9. Guest-2101174042 says:

    Please, only cubemap/sky texture link mcpack, please!! <3

  10. GamerZombie YT says:

    Hello creator of your reading this can you please make a pocket edition one please.

  11. User-3446743824 says:

    nice shader i just downlooaded it but i got a blue screen of death 🙁

  12. User-2864818193 says:

    use water please make a water thingy

  13. Anonymous says:

    es muy bueno pero el mundo se vuelve muy claro como si tuviese es brillo al 200 pero es excelente

  14. 炸鸡king says:

    Hello author, your work is great, I can be reproduced to the Chinese version of MC?Let more players experience excellent works.

  15. got2b_mining says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t matter what’s your CPU / GPU, It will lag the game, The Developer hasn’t fix it yet. And will never will since they stopped updating for it.

  17. BriarEris says:

    The shaders look like they say they do, but like with a lot of the other reviews say, it was really laggy, and dropped my FPS immensely.

  18. ProtoDumper says:

    Looks amazing but the sky is super laggy

  19. nick says:

    The sky looked liked how it is in the preview pictures but the a texture pack adds on and it looks poop idk if its cuz of the beta texture pack i have eqquiped

  20. Im not giving my name to a machine says:

    Didn’t even do anything for me, the sky was blank the whole time

  21. Tory says:

    this shader is only 0.32 MB and it’s less than my texture pack which is 20.1 MB. The thing is, it STILL lags.
    It’s a great shader, shame it lags a lot.

  22. Galactic Guitar says:

    Ok. So I have shaders on Java edition and I wanted a similar expierence on bedrock, so I decided to check out this “shader pack”. First of the problems I have with this, is that I have a pretty powerful computer (an Intel 8th gen 6 core i7-8750H and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 Max-q design, for those people that know about computer stuff) and the performance with this shader on was still abhorred. I have no intention of booting up the game again with this pack on. I suggest that other people don’t boot up the game at all with this pack and instead move on to the next.

  23. hghghghg says:

    its so laggy when you look up but too awesome to give a 3 star.

  24. Ronan says:

    I can’t see the northern lights.

  25. HeckoTheGecko says:

    The torches/glowstone look really orange and it dropped my tps and fps a reasonable amount, but its okay

  26. Alex says:

    It just makes everything except entities invisible.

  27. AnimatedPixel says:

    Why does this even lag my game? It’s storage is way more than my texture pack. My faithful texture pack is 20.1 MB and this shader is 0.32 MB. Why is it lagging? The shader looks great tho. I gave it 3 stars because it lags my computer, but it looks good. Please fix this.

    • PinCushion says:

      I think it’s because of the clouds. When I used the pack, and anytime the clouds were visible on the screen, that’s when it started lagging.

    • AnAussieNamedLuke says:

      The reason it’d lag is due to your gpu not being good enough, it is something that is meant to be used with your gpu’s shader processing, and some gpus (integrated ones mainly) rely on your cpu, or base gpu processing to compensate.

  28. HarvelOp63Triple9 says:

    I’m gunnu try it out

  29. Akira Fenix says:


    …May I see it?

  30. TheGamingJohn5 says:

    First it has a lot of lag because the clouds are moving. Second THIS SHADER IS THE BEST FOR MCPE AND BEDROCK

  31. Dash says:

    lots of lag out doors because of the clouds also the clouds are moving way to fast as well

  32. BBB says:

    huge lag plz fix!!!!

  33. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Doesn’t work

  34. Anonymous says:

    You can also donwdload this on Minecraft pe

    Ps I know my. Spelling sucks 😞

  35. Leonardo Rojas Jaime says:

    Mucho lag

  36. Anonymous says:


    That’s causing the lag. I have a gaming pc and it still lags because its a fps problem. It looks amazing, so shame it isn’t fully functional!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Im gonna try to run it in my phone even if its stupid idea.

  38. Anonymous says:

    umm i can’t get a zip file help? or do i just have the mcpack file only i am confused

  39. yeetmeister says:

    if you use this and the sky is extremely laggy for you, then turn off beautiful skies. It removes the shaders sky, but hey, high fps. I recommend this for medium to high end PCs or laptops

  40. Ravenlocke says:

    This is an amazing shader, and I would be using this all the time. However, it can cause extreme lag and even crash the game on medium- to low-end devices. Could you create a light version for people with those kinds of devices (A.K.A me)?

  41. Amazing shader! The only criticism I have is the contrast and/or saturation should be increased just a bit. Right now, it feels almost like there is a whitish film over the screen but other than that, this shader is pretty much perfect!

  42. John says:

    Pls add support for mcpe

  43. opengrip says:

    Running a GTX 980 TI on the windows 10 edition and looking at the sky lags me down to under 10FPS. Completely unusable not to mention the sky animations are moving way to fast to be realistic anyways… I would say tone down the sky to make it look more realistic and it will probably help with performance issues as well.

  44. soggy says:

    crashing on windows 10

  45. Console says:

    A hhhh pls make android version

  46. BraveManx says:


  47. mal says:

    I cant use this on my pc YYYYYYYYYYYYyy im so arngery

  48. Seasick says:

    Pls stop saying lag*(fall behind in movement, progress, or development; not keep pace with another or others)
    FPS DROPS(entire game behaving slowly)

  49. Random Person says:

    Very Laggy, it’s pretty, but laggy

  50. dissapo says:

    the problem is, the sky moves too fast so it takes lot of memory. This is why this shader has a terrible lag

  51. ali32bit says:

    please slow down the clouds .

  52. CyborgGamer21 says:

    can you plz make a version for the pc edition of minecraft

  53. JRYEEM says:

    Boo! for win10 only more players of mc bedrock are using android and ios.

  54. StrikeYTCZ says:


  55. DeepDaHeapz says:

    Giving 1 star because i like the look of the pictures but it crashes my game instantly

  56. Cesar says:

    I don’t like the water I see from the pictures but I’m going to try it anyway!

  57. irondiamonds says:

    Best shader EVER! Brilliant

  58. Enderstick_76 says:

    The shaders very laggy !

  59. Hothaifa says:

    So nice , can you make one for pocket edition

  60. Anonymous says:

    bugs in the weather

  61. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

    this is great!! thanks.

  62. Yo says:

    I want it but I’m iOS 😭

  63. FuryNightMareVN says:

    lagging.Shader too lag

  64. SAM THE SQIUD says:


  65. Jeff02 says:

    Typo is adds should be adds

  66. Very cool!! The sky is obviously the most graphically intensive part of this, but it looks so beautiful! You did an awesome job with it!

  67. Some Random Guy says:

    Although I like the style of the shader, I found it quite hard to use due to how laggy it made my game, now this is most probably happening because my computer isn’t much of a gaming PC, but I’d appreciate it if this would work better on lower end devices as well

  68. w3lol says:

    does this require the latest update(beta update aquatic)?

  69. Ivan says:

    When will it be available for android?

  70. ian says:

    i jumped on this one right away! great work actually. the skies are crazy cool but definitely do cause a slight bit of lag when looking up. note: the snow and rain are transparent globs and i dont think they are done yet. the ocean looks nice and great colors / transparencies. and every shaders pack ever adds this nasty orange / yellow glow immediately around the light sources, as it seems the popular crowd likes soft lighting way more than daylight or natural light looks. luckily i know how to go in there and fix that up so no problems for me but i can see a few requests coming your way. i love this is windows 10 as thats my main source of minecraft play nowadays so perfect start. also, whats up with the stained glass? the regular glass was almost a perfect tint added but the stained glass looks like you molded a cloudy white sheet over the pieces and thats not so lovely, also it looks like the stained glass got more transparencies added which makes it difficult for people who want to use your shaders pack into their custom resource packs difficult with the wrong transparency combinations. overall even with the wierd torches and stained glass ill give this pack a great rating as overall i do enjoy it and it gives us windows 10 users more actual options of good shaders packs out there as theres only like 2 others. good job. 4 stars
    if your ever interested in colabbing with a resource pack creator hmu! anyways thanks for a good shaders option for windows 10!

  71. Aaron says:

    I love the clouds and shadows. The clouds move a bit fast, but they look good. The shadows are very nicely done. The lights have too much glow and are too orange. For people who do hidden lighting, it makes everything look like radioactive cheetos lol

    Overall, it is a wonderful start. Keep adjusting it. I will be glad to test it out. <3

  72. Anonymous says:

    Will this work for iPhone 6s?

  73. Goldie says:

    Nice, I tried it out, except I want to use it on pocket as I use pocket edition more. Pls make for pocket ( if possible )

  74. Alesscreeper says:

    Much lag XD

  75. FlaviusFire says:

    This looks awesome, I’ll totally be using this.

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