Tiny Player Addon

The Tiny Player Addon reduces the size of the player to that of an ant. It’s really cool because you will be able to walk through passages where previously would have been impossible. However, there is one big flaw and that is the point of view, but hopefully that’s something which could be fixed in a future Minecraft PE update.

Creator: RyFol, Twitter Account

How does it work?

The player is now the smallest entity in Minecraft. Not even the silverfish can compare in size. You will still have the same physical powers though.

A huge flaw is that the point of view (both in third person and first person) doesn’t fit the size of the player. I’ve seen similar addons before and none of them have been able to fix this issue. This means that it might require an update of the actual modding capabilities in order to allow this change for an addon.

Third person view is recommended for the best experience.

Building a house has never been easier since you don’t need as much space anymore.

It might be fun to combine with the Mini City Texture Pack!


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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182 Responses

3.86 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Maximus5641 says:

    its awesome but when i’m in survival mode i get infinite hearts and i take damage every second until I die

  2. nwnwpncab says:


  3. Guest-8375313458 says:

    Pls low the hearts it’s very annoying i can’t die i just add a water breathing thats all

  4. Guest-8122623276 says:

    Please make first person view work. It would be a much better mod and will deserve 5/5 stars. Also, please fix the suffocation in survival mode when I use this mod.

  5. Guest-9991163927 says:

    the mod isnt working (or its just the version im on) but please tell me how to fix this

  6. Guest-7167883848 says:

    Its ok. I really want the blocks to be tiny so you can get a better experience and build a nice house! That would be really cool. Nice work!

  7. Guest-1712623469 says:

    cool mod i like but i don’t like the suffocating part or the camera angle!! plz fix!!

  8. Guest-1484173696 says:

    fix angle bug plz

  9. Guest-8342663049 says:

    i keep suffocating to its bad i hate that part

  10. Guest-3918628741 says:

    camera angle is the same it messes me up!!

  11. Guest-5185776699 says:

    plz fix camera angle

  12. Guest-7050692449 says:

    plz fix camera angle

  13. Guest-9293825047 says:

    Past: 2017(Difficulty: Peaceful). Future: 2020(Difficulty: Hard)

  14. Guest-7322260702 says:

    Sadly downloads only the json file not Mcpack please fix

    • Guest-2529906956 says:

      Well THIS IS SO COOL just some flaws, when I go through things I can only go through when I’m tiny, I get stuck in the block above, so that’s just a little flaw and that skulls and heads don’t become tiny but, I like that! So overall, It’s a great add-on! And when I ride horses, you cant see me!

  15. Guest-5954825292 says:

    I like It but It doesen’t work in first person.

  16. Onecoronet 83491 says:

    Does this work in multiplayer?

  17. User-5297837933 says:

    I am dying randomly

  18. person says:

    some mods alow you to damlode some dont

  19. Heather says:

    It’s cool but if you go on first person nothing looks tiny cool mod though

  20. Heather says:

    When you’re in survival it kills you into many hearts

  21. Anonymous says:

    Please update this addon. Cuz 1st of all, I have so many hearts that it blocks half of the screen. 2nd of all, when I’m on land I keep drowning or suffocating and 3rd of all when I’m in water, I die even faster. Please update the addon, plzzzzzzzzzzsszszszszszszszszszsszsssssssszszszszszszsszsszszsszszszszszszszszszszszszszszsszss

  22. Logie_Bear 543 says:

    Its cool but its suffocating me constantly… and the hearts are blocking up my screen…

  23. Kookycoo3 says:

    It’s good but when I’m out of water I’m looking air bubbles i have no idea why though
    Could you update this mod please ?

  24. Pooger says:

    Dang would have been nice if you could go in to first person and actually see the thing how big they are to your character… But oh well!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Super cool!!!!

  26. Jenna says:

    It’s fun but I have so much health in survival that it covers half my screen

  27. Dj says:

    It’s cool, but it keeps saying I suffocated. :/ I suggest trying to fix that.

  28. Evin red says:

    I am a flee though. even though i am ant size

  29. UniKitty says:

    Is it just me, or when im in survival its like im constantly being hit

  30. RedFireSlime says:

    Ayy!!! This is unfair Ryfol!!! You copied me a addon???? So next time do not copy me a addon. My original addon. Thank you. PLEASE REPORT TO RYFOL!!!!!

  31. Angela long says:

    How do I get the add-on

  32. Angela long says:

    I want the add-on

  33. Hijinxx says:

    Hey, can you make it to where it’s like the Gulliver mod? Please. AKA the Point of view

  34. iespinoza14 says:

    omg even after i uninstalled minecraft and reinstalled it my game STILL wont boot up

  35. Iespinoza14 says:

    Omg after I downloaded this mod my Minecraft wold not boot up it just stays on a black screen

  36. Some guy says:

    I love it.You have just got to get first person and thrid person to the right view.

  37. Kiera says:

    I would like it if other players in the world could be normal sized and pick up and carry the tiny player. Being able to hide in chests would also be neat.

  38. Caleb says:

    Hey theres an even bigger flaw then the p.o.v If your in survival with it you have a water bar and once it GEOS down and all the bubbles pop you die and once u respawn u dont have any water bars and start drowning instantly please fix that.

  39. MeGirl122 says:

    for some reason it wont let me download

    same I was looking forward to being a tiny person

  40. Anonymous says:

    I cannot walk through any thing shorter than two blocks. Though it looks like I can but I am still the same size as normal but it just looks like I’m smaller

  41. Night Fury 1307 says:

    Weird. I tried it and it worked perfectly for me. In Survival Mode.

  42. Freddy_Gaming says:

    Can’t use it!?!?

  43. Seth says:

    its awesome but in the next update it would be cool if it were like living as a small person like getting eaten by animals. If you want.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Awesome addon! I love that I can fit through any gap now 😀

    Too bad the game still acts like you are still 2 blocks big, messing with your camera and suffocating you… Oh well.

  45. Game says:

    Where’s the textures pack editor ?????💕😩


    Hey editor/owner hey can you fix the drowning part

  47. Zarz says:

    Every time I move I start suffocating

  48. Addon Rater says:

    Your not tiny!!
    Everything is just giant. xD

    ~Cool addon

  49. Anonymous says:

    Can u pls add this feature to this addon where you have an option to be as small as an ant or be at normal size if you could do that that would be awesome

  50. A_Chocolate_Bar says:

    How do you get the addon?

  51. BOB says:


  52. Mr s512 says:

    I always suffacate in a wall please stop the bug

  53. Legend_Emerald_Leggings says:

    It’s just visual you can’t go through fences or holes. And I don’t experience suffocation.

  54. Jeff says:

    Hit his is a cool addon but it shows I’m under water and I take damage and I’m not stuck in blocks and I need air in with this addon

  55. TK-6606 says:

    Good Add-on!

  56. Mr.Blabatash says:

    Really good. But one flaw. I keep on suffocating into the ground!😱 And first person mode doesn’t shows my normal size .

  57. NFGamerMC says:

    Editor, the 10 year old @redfireslime is ticked of because his Tiny Player add-on is rejected because it wasn’t good enough so he put it on MCPE Universe and he’s mad along with his brother @FallenGotham1. Be Prepared for anger from Fallen Gotham. He just doesn’t understand that not everyone is perfect

  58. pvzperezjp says:

    its a nice addon

  59. Juan says:

    really I died like 80000000000000000 times uh tablet tereble

  60. Oskiic says:

    Great addon BUT i find it weird that the camera angle is just as always. i dont know if you can change it so that you can see that you’re not bigger then a ant.

  61. Halofan117 says:

    Please fix the camera. But this is a cool addon!

  62. JackGaming44 says:

    Every time I make in survival it shows that I’m drowning/suffocating, and I then hurts me, and I have over 9000 hearts… and I can’t open ANY CHEST ;~;

  63. Steven says:

    Bud report:I don’t know why I drown in survival and I have like 1000 millions of health plz fix this cuz I like to play hide and seek with my friends
    But if you drink water breathing potion it does not damage you.

  64. flotie says:

    Does it make it hard to build big things? Does it also rise the difficulty of Parkour?

  65. Just a tip says:

    Can you make a microscopic player addon and make it like the zombie mode one were only the host of the game is affected.

  66. Matthew says:

    Please fix the suffocating in survival. If you can, also fix the FOV. This is a great addon by the way.

  67. Jonathan jonathan says:

    Does anyone know how to get the app of the tiny person mod

  68. Ian Winkler says:

    Creator/Editor Please listen to this message I have the latest version of this Add-On it is not an mcpack can make it one and update this page. Copy and paste this link below

  69. DYLAN says:

    Hey. Can you make another turrets pack for the snow golem, iron golem and wither. They shoot arrows unless the you can make the other projectiles thst dont explode. They sit in one place but can rotate around. They attack monsters and the undead like any hostile mob and not attack the player

  70. Anonymous says:

    I can’t play the game in survival because I’m constantly suffocating but other than that it’s great.

  71. Commenter says:

    When I turn on the Addon, I get those bubbles when your under water and then I get damage. Please fix that :/

  72. Bella says:

    I keep getting hurt when i play with the addon

  73. Toby Lewis says:

    This website is amazing

  74. Mustafa Albahrani says:

    Hey can’t you change the hitbox size to fit the player to change the field of view

  75. Adrienne says:

    Hello! So I once downloaded a despise pack and I had to delete my minecraft because it made it crash every time I wanted to play. So I had to download my worlds into my laptop and then download them back onto minecraft. It was very difficult and I do not want to have to go through that all again. So I was just wondering if anyone has downloaded this pack and if it worked or not. I do not want to waste my time. Thank you!

  76. Superlego says:

    Whenever I try to use the eletra wings, the game crashes. Good overall though

  77. AGR Gaming says:

    sometimes you suffocate for no reason

  78. Golden Freddy says:

    I like it

  79. NightSlash58 says:

    It keeps suffocating me when I have this on in survival! Please fix this.

  80. pom6universe says:

    This mod would be cool if my health wasn’t maxed out and suffocation instantly for no reason for the remainder of the time I have this mod picked!!!

  81. Clumzy esi says:

    I love this but I don’t now how it works!!!!!

  82. Lucas says:

    This is realy weird. on my computer while playing on mc win 10 edittion it just makes me drown. ?????

  83. Shelby says:

    Is there any way you could stop it from killing me and saying I suffocated in a wall?
    That would help heaps.

  84. Derp says:

    It made me suffocate pls fix it

  85. Mr_Melons says:

    Wow Awsome dude

  86. Eman says:

    Love it so amazing

  87. Kent Pascual says:

    What is this I keep dying a and I don’t look small when I’m in first person

  88. Nathan says:

    So cool mod!

    But Just one problem, If I want to fly with the elytra my Minecraft crash

  89. DarkCGaming says:

    Another bug is that in survival you suffocate in the blocks your standing on

  90. Rezky518 says:

    Cool Addon I Have Make Map With Mini City Texture Soon I Will Upload That City!

  91. Brian says:

    Nice addon! Could you maybe make the same ant addon but for mobs??

  92. Fallen Gotham says:

    This isn’t RyFol’s Addon. I checked RedFireSlime’s and his… ITS SAME

  93. Dood says:

    I am constantly drowning, fix this!!!

  94. MrTrollzor says:

    First comment lol and I did it with the texture pack, editor

  95. Carson beller says:

    It shows I have are bubbles and I’m taking damage from air

  96. Pixel says:

    This needs some work but I love the concept

  97. Bunnyzrule says:

    I suffocate in the ground…. PLZ fix this because it seems like a good addon

  98. ReconMineCon says:

    You drown thought so fix it please

  99. Fred says:

    I love this addon!

  100. Emily says:

    How do you do it I don’t know how to be tiny I got in the game with the mod and I was still big

  101. Sydney says:

    there is a bug, 1: I have bubbles at the top of my skin and keep dying 2:I’m nit tiny report this bug

  102. Arnold Gamez says:

    its cool but In first person you still look like 2blocks high and dont see kinda well

  103. Magio says:

    This addon is cool but I have a lot of health and I get hit every second.the water thing

  104. J&P 2007 says:

    It’s a really nice addon!

  105. SSTPlay says:

    when i play it im losing hearts and when i die it says Suffocated in a wall

  106. This girl is awsome says:

    Thanks that mod was amazing I love it make more like this pls pls 😀😀

  107. Thiago says:

    Muito legal

  108. Super alarms says:

    I love this add on… So much! It just gives me another reason, Why I should play Minecraft!

  109. Emma says:

    Someone actually made this addon before you

  110. Thumpy999 says:

    and I suffocate in a wall when I am not even in a wall 🙁

  111. Bmo_Plays says:

    OMG! So cool!!!

  112. TheTalkingGuestOC says:

    GREAT ADDON But a bit to much like the baby addon but its still AMAZING Thx Editor for opening this to mcpedl 😛

  113. AlSyafiq says:

    Wow, awesome!

  114. Levi says:

    I like were this mod is going but it would be nice if you could change the camera so that in first-person it looks like your small.

  115. TheDiamondDuplicator says:

    I have this but I think in this one your even smaller

  116. LOL says:

    i am keep dying using that add on

  117. LegoAidan10155 says:

    Yeah, cool! That would be awesome to combine them 😀

  118. Hamstergirl says:

    This is great love it

  119. KRay9o says:

    This sucks, don’t get this, it will show you as if you are 2 blocks high, and if you go trough tiny holes, it will show the block as you run trough, you can’t see, and you can jump over two blocks, and you run, fly, and climb the same speed, and I don’t like that, I want it different. SUCKS

  120. MinecraftPro747 says:

    Dude this is just what I needed for my mini city! Thanks

  121. AngeloPlayz says:

    It dosent work when its done downloding ( takes like a mili second that mean half a second really FAST ) i click it it said cant open file 🙁 pls help i want the addon im on android

  122. RapDino says:

    I combined it with the City texture pack and it is awesome

  123. Martha says:

    This sounds cool, and its just like the baby player Addon which i love! I always ask her to join my world and then she gets annoyed because she doesnt like to be small!

  124. bonin888 says:

    Worth my MCPE storage. 😃👍

  125. excelsiorkelvin says:

    Yes! If you can fix the bug where it looks like you are in a block when going in a 1-block high passage

  126. archie says:

    The game instantly crashes when activating the eleytra. Please fix. It would be awsome to wear a (bug/fly) skin and look like a insect!! 😀

  127. Jodi says:

    Um…sometimes in survival and u have the add on on why do I get a bar bubble and it says I sufficated in the wall when I die plus every time I respawn I die again of suffocation..
    Pls fix this

  128. xXOoSECAGENToOXx says:

    This s addon is so COOOOOOOL but i found a bug, that If YOU Go in survival youll drown?

    But Very cool idea,Thanks👌🏾💩👍🏾

    P.s. I like your sspe Shader

  129. XToyBonnieKidX says:

    Cool mod bro

  130. pom6universe says:

    PLZ PLZ PLZ try to fix the POV PLZ!!! you would be the first one to do so as everyone else made mods like this but not as tinny as this at all!!! All yuou have to do is go to the players code as you did and find the POV box/render whatever point is move it down to the feet and tada that might help…. I can’t do it cuz I’m vary bad at coding. Try my advice and see if it works. You could also shrink the fov to mini sized so it fits us!!!

  131. ExplosiveDynamo says:

    I created this Addon first

  132. Aceofspades says:

    A you cannot use the elytra and the camera is stuck in the normal position if these can get fixed I would greatly appreciate it and I’m sure others will to thanks for listening 😄

  133. David says:

    Editor the mod is somehow showing that I am under water so I am drowning.hiw do I fix this ?

  134. ExplosiveDynamo says:

    Thanks MCPEDL for uploading my behavior

  135. Taha7484 says:

    Nice addon

  136. Bongbong says:

    And Can You Update This It Really Crashes Alot

  137. Joyapus257 says:

    Whoa… Great addon!

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