All Credit Goes To My Friend Deadkoalas, This is a fully accurate Titanic Map with wall rooms from the actual ship from 1912, See what it was like for the departure of this Ship That People called They unsinkable’ but on a faithful night the ship hit an iceburg and many people lost their lives.  

Xbox:  Toy Bonnie2435

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I Just added my Xbox in the description.... nothing much and I’m still editing the interior...


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.8

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13 Responses

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  1. GabiiJaykii says:

    This is just a repost from Deadkoalas, I expected changes in the interior from you but nothing has yet made in at least 5 years since Deadkoalas posted his OWN ORIGINAL version. But thank you for reposting the map to show it to more people.

  2. Iceburg says:

    Laughs in iceburg

  3. DeAndre says:

    Sweet map but can you please learn English???

  4. Robbie Retief says:

    Really well done to you both

  5. Kevin Quirarte says:

    3 Stars

    Pros: Great Exterior and Dock Departure Scene
    Cons(Where your points are deducted): The ship is cramped up in the interiors and the stairs have mine track that I kept falling. The First Class look like third class cabins rather than staterooms and second class are more luxurious than first and third(Obviously 3rd class is economical than luxury) but really 1st class has 3rd class cabins give me a break If I was there in real life and paid for my first class ticket to board this and turns out the 1st class state rooms are cabins instead I will want my money back and just pay for second class since they have roomier cabins than 1st and 3rd class.

  6. MiniMinnow says:

    Neat – so much time and effort put in!

  7. IncredibleLego says:

    The map is really cool. It can be even better by putting on peaceful beacuse when you spawn there are lots of mobs, and also by clearing the inventory full of building blocks. For the rest really enjoyable map.

  8. Spongy guy says:

    I love you

  9. RussellYT says:

    Awesome! Very well made!

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