The Legend of Zelda: Dungeons of Doom [Adventure] [Puzzle]

Welcome to a brand new adventure built in MCPE, a full, completely unique Zelda game. This is a full-length game that can take around 15 hours to complete! With a focus on dungeons, the first version of this game comes with 10 large main story dungeons, 4 sub-dungeons, and a minigame dungeon, as well as some other areas to explore. It has the full story of the game and is completely playable to the final boss. While it is a game tailed to fans of the Zelda franchise, if you enjoy puzzles and adventures you will probably love this map too!

Creator: Joshspaceboy

A lot of the features and puzzles in this world use older methods since about half of this map was made before redstone was in PE, so you may encounter puzzles you haven’t seen before.

v2 of the map will likely be coming out late this summer and will include 4 more absolutely massive dungeons, as well as a lot of extra features as we plan to expand it even further, so if you like this map, watch out for updates.


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45 Responses

3.3 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. ElykRekab says:

    Wheres Version 2?!?! I NEED THE REST OF THIS MAP

  2. epiccraft says:

    There’s too many spawner. My frame rate constantly drops below 10 on my phone

  3. Adam says:

    Too many villager spawners. I’ve been in the starting village for a few minutes and there are villagers spawning all over the place, causing my frame rate to drop below 10fps.

  4. KentMCGamer says:

    Hey! So many villagers after tutorial! I get punched by an iron golem always! Please removed villager spawners

  5. XroyaleGamerzPH says:

    You creator!!!!!! This map ia cheater and i will reported you on mojang support.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had gotten through my first dungeon and done a ton of stuff when my sister joined and pressed the button that made it so that all players tped to the castle and their inv was cleared lol

  7. Link says:

    I love the Legend of Zelda and sadly I have not played it yet but I hope I will enjoy it.

  8. Logan says:

    Like a boss

  9. Daisy62300 says:

    I find that using the retro nes or the majoras mask texture packs really make the experience perfect! But as for the map, its awesome! Though a teensy bit too long, its perfect and deserves more attention.

  10. Thomking90 says:

    Wat ik Moet zegen over de map is dat de map verbeter Moet worden in mooi Heid ik vind zelf dat het the snel uit kwam en dat dit niet even avontuur map mag genoemt worden

  11. GoodGuy says:

    I don’t know where the tutorial key is pls help me

  12. xSpAnKxKaMaKaZi says:

    Map is really good, couple of bugs and please add a map and a guide book to make it so I can know where I’m going

  13. MineBro says:

    Wait there was something about a key in a chest for a palace but I don’t see any key in the big chest. Please help!

  14. Bobby Butler says:

    Too many mobs. Get killed too many times. Love the non linear path, much like the classic games

  15. Jay says:

    This is a great map, it includes everything I possibly want! Just, if you don’t mind, your building skills need to improve just a little more?

  16. Ellie says:


  17. Lol says:

    Lol You are retards

  18. yousef hatem says:

    nice bro keep it up

  19. TheOriginalRyuk says:

    Looks like a great map, but so far I’m seeing that there are important items missing or already placed down in the map, such as the Palace Key at the very beginning, it’s not in the chest it’s supposed to be in. And the button in the tutorial was already placed down at the appropriate section.

  20. Xeonotic says:

    It says its for mcpe but will it work for pc aswell?

    • Joshspaceboy says:

      This map was originally made in MCPE. That being said you can try and port it. I tried this so I could use an editor to build faster, however it did not work despite the fact all my other maps worked. So it probably won’t work. This is a MCPE site so as far as I know, all the maps here are for pocket edition.

  21. Mr.Chritisis says:

    Ok You need to make a Proper big NONE confusing Zelda map like breath of the wild with a texture pack that makes the totem of undying a hylian shield ok that’s all I want go DO IT NOW!!!!!!THATS ALL I WANT Also Planetminecraft USE mcpack Now you should do that!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joshspaceboy says:

      A texture pack is in the making but probably not until version 3.0. The Totem of Undying is already a fairy as that makes more sense and I am not making a Breath of the wild map. I would be working on it for like 15 years before you could get it anyway because it’s too big, and BOTW is just as confusing, if not more confusing than my map, because you can go literally anywhere. I’m a person, not a miracle worker.

  22. Mr. Meeno says:

    It’s confusing and seems all over the place. Also feels rushed and the lack of building skill makes me uncomfortable

    • Joshspaceboy says:

      I understand that. It makes me uncomfortable too. A lot of this was built years ago so we are trying to make it look better. It’s getting there but it will be a while before it gets to the point where I want it. It is supposed to be explored like a real Zelda game, but I understand the frustration of trying to figure out where to go next. For me that is part of the magic of Zelda games, that is, exploration. However, I understand not much care about that aspect and want a more linear adventure. So I am working to create something that is a mix in-between. Thanks for the feedback!

  23. SammyBear43 says:

    I am so excited to play this game! Once I play it for a while I will completely give it a rating.

    • Joshspaceboy says:

      Ok, glad you are excited! I’ll go ahead and let you know we already found bugs while testing the map, so currently, it’s not beatable without cheating. We are working on fixing this and a lot of other issues so make sure to check out the update when it comes out.

  24. 3vro5 says:

    The text on the image looks like it was made in 1998

    • Joshspaceboy says:

      Ok, that doesn’t really have anything to do with the map, however. I’ll pick something else when we update it if that makes you happy.

  25. BloxNerdz says:

    It’s very confusing and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do or where I was supposed to be and when.

    • Joshspaceboy says:

      Thanks! We are working on it. It still will be harder to know where you are going because in Zelda games that is kind of the point. Explore around and I’m sure you will figure it out, especially after we update it. Keep exploring.

  26. SkyGames says:

    Very nice map but you need more improving cause it’s a little bit rushed


    • Joshspaceboy says:

      Thanks! This version was really rushed, I was just trying to get it to a playable point so I could start working on some major improvements. Version 1.1 will be out probably next week and will fix a lot of the major issues of the game. V2.0 Will change just about everything and be out later this summer if everything goes according to schedule.

  27. Jose says:

    I think you should use a custom texture pack to make the map better.

    • Joshspaceboy says:

      I’d love to but I’m in college and don’t have a lot of time on my hands so I mostly spend my free time fixing up this world and some other ones to come. For now, though you can use a Zelda texture pack as they look good with this world. There are some great ones on this very website you can get. Thanks for the reply!

  28. Jlan123 says:

    The map seems rushed, and I cannot tell where to go. I ended up flying around in creative, confused.

    • Joshspaceboy says:

      Hey, this is the creator of the map! I purposely made the game very non-linear, so it would be a true adventure game, much like older Zelda titles. I think I will make a guidebook to help players who want a more linear challenge, as well as some other stuff too. Thanks for the input!

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