TMO (Too Many Ore) Addon

TMO (Too Many Ore)  is an addon with two new ore to your game found in each respective cave or stronghold. These ore features can craft sword with an get a many exp you from survival mode!

Creator twitter: (@Arielga69452935)

This ores can also be found in a cave or stronghold, but you have to turn on experimental mode to get this ores.

Alumine ore

-you should cook alumine ore using a  furnace or blast furnace.


Blast Furnace

-you can craft alumine sword in crafting      table.

-attack damage 5.21

-you can craft Alumine Block for decoration

-you can find in cave or stronghold.

Red Ore

-you should cook Red Ore using a furnace or blast furnace.


Blast furnace

-you can craft Red sword in crafting table.

-attack damage 9.34

-you can craft Red Block for dacoration

-you can find in cave or stronghold.

Blood Cream Ore

You can eat for hunger




-you can get Blood Cream no need furnace and blast furnace

Blood Cream Ore can find only in cave

Orange EmeraldChaos Ore

-you should need craft Orange EmeraldChaos from Orange EmeraldChaos shark

-You can craft Orange EmeraldChaos block for decoration

-you can trade wear Orange EmeraldChaos in wandering trader

-Orange EmeraldChaos can find only Stronghold

Hopefully this addons fun!!!

Changelog View more

New fixes bug

-fixed block and items missing in the  command

-fixed the wandering trader at trading  items missing in inventory

-New Orange EmeraldChaos Was Added!

-Fix Bug For Texture Block In V1.15-1.16

-Fix Bug For Texture Items In V1.15-1.16

-Fix Bug for Red Sword not have attack  damage

-New ore and recipes block for food and  decoration

-new bug for red sword not have attack  damage in minecraft 1.13

-new bug for red sword not have attack damage in minecraft 1.13


1.Download the mcpack file and double-click it to install. Minecraft should open and two packs (behavior and resource) should import.

2.Create a new world (or click the pencil icon next to an existing world).

3.Click 'Resource Packs' and select Jeep, press the plus button.

4.This will add both the resource and the behavior packs to your game.

5.Click 'Play'



Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. S4NT1 says:

    Dice que es un archivo .zip inválido, ¿qué hago?

  2. Guest-9884283514 says:

    hey, it says it isnt a valid zip file what can I do?

  3. Guest-7863909171 says:

    orang indo akwokaow

  4. Guest-1445307909 says:

    Let me guess the orange emerald chaos is really just a chaos emerald.

  5. Guest-6080616431 says:

    please someone make new armors for 1.16 please!

  6. Guest-5938111232 says:

    There can never be to much ore!!!!

  7. User-5162594601 says:

    Next updt tekturenya dinaikin lagi resnya :v
    Btw mantp keun

  8. Anonymous says:

    Y no mediafire ;-;

  9. S4NT1 says:

    I know that the Add-on is recently updated but, please, start adding some news ores, it feels empty.

  10. Well, I don’t know why nobody wrote something about your addon so I’m the first one…

    To be honest… I mean I don’t want to be rude… but… This addon is very cool and I like it very much?? So for me it’s worth 5 stars

  11. Kenapacoy says:

    Orang Indonesia ternyata bagus juga karyanya

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