TNT Machines [Redstone]

TNT Machines is a map which brings three machines powered by redstone to the world of Minecraft. Each of the machines somehow relate to TNT. The machines include a cannon which can fire TNTs, a launcher pad which can catapult the player up into the sky and a TNT tree trap prank machine.


TNT Cannon

Before being able to use the TNT cannon there will be a couple of signs in the machine which you have to replace with redstones. After that’s done press one of the buttons in the machine to fire the cannon.

readytntcannon1 firedtntcannon1

To reload the cannon replace the five TNT blocks and then press one of the buttons to fire it again.


TNT Launcher

This machine can only be used while in creative mode. Basically it’s a rocket launch pad but instead of launching a rocket it’s intended to launch yourself up into the sky.


Stand on the obsidian block in the center and then press the button. Wait for the TNT blocks to blink six times and then start jumping to get an extra jump boost effect.

tntlauncher2 tntlauncher3

You can reload the TNT launcher by simply replacing the TNT blocks.

TNT Tree Trap

TNT and redstone can be used for many different things and one of those things are traps. Here’s a trap which will be ignited once the bottom block of the tree is destroyed. It’s the perfect trap to prank your friends with.


This trap can only be used one time. Study it carefully before setting it off, otherwise you will have to install the map all over again to see how it’s built.


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Got some suggestions of TNT machines which are possible to create with the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition? Let us know in the comments!


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7 Responses

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  1. oliver says:

    how do you install this mod?


    I love this mod I love shooting tnt

  3. Tiago says:

    Um…like i know this is somehow old, but i made the TNT luancher stronger, its easy
    Put one obsidian on the ground on every side (not diagonally) of the obsidian in the middle.
    Pute water in the corners of the sides, like out the water on the diagonalsides of the mid obsidian block, and then just put the normal stack of TNT, the flow of water and the new for ation of obsidian will organize the TNT in a way that will luanch you even higher

  4. PlasmaSkyra9999 says:

    Ok thx

  5. PlasmaSkyra9999 says:

    How do I get it on ios?

  6. carsonpoow says:

    I love mine craft and mods and redstone

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