TNT+ Addon v1.2

Ever wanted Minecraft to add more to TNT? This addon is an addon that adds TNT!

Turn on Experimental Gameplay and use!

Also, please comment if you have any questions

Add-on includes

  • x2 TNT

Power: 6.000

  • x3 TNT

Power: 8.500

  • x5 TNT

Power: 15.000

  • x8 TNT

Power: 22.000

  • x10 TNT

Power: 30.000

  • x15 TNT

Power: 40.000

  • Napalm

Power: 15.000 / Fire: True

  • C4

Power: 11.000 / Fire: True

  • Nuke

Power: 150.000 / Fire: True

  • Moderate Explode TNT

Power: 2.000

  • 90 second TNT

Power: 1500.000 / Fire: True

These were made with an Crafty Craft application

Recommended way to play

  • Play by destroying the cave
  • Destroy the illager mansion
  • PvP
  • Make a dedicated athletic

Throwable TNTs

  • Flying TNT

Power: 4.000

  • Flying Napalm

Power: 20.000 / Fire: True

Explodes 4 seconds after throwing

These are only available with the /give command

Changelog View more

v1.2 Update

  • Add 90 second TNT
  • Add Flying TNT
  • Add Flying Napalm
  • Fixed power of some TNTs
  • improvements
  • Add more detailed submission
  • Add more preview images
  • Changing featured images
  • Add zip download


If you want to use the add-on, please turn on experimental gameplay.

Also, TNT will not explode unless you turn on Mob Griefing settings

A features are not work on Beta


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

51 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. Guest-8268421255 says:

    Does it work for kindle fire Minecraft v1.16.1 because it doesn’t show the link to download,I don’t mean to be mean though.

  2. Guest-4178327799 says:

    Why some nuke tnt addons are always the same explosion?

  3. Guest-1284017310 says:

    Can you tell how to turn my addon on crafty craft into a download link pls

  4. Guest-9679922392 says:


    • LC Studios says:

      May not work on Windows 10

      • Guest-5166390174 says:

        how do you make a addon if your not on windows 10 without bridge or something like that are you using some ios addon creator app noob

        • Guest-1773306004 says:

          What? How is he a noob if he literally made an entire addon, I’d like to see you make one. He knows what he’s doing :/ you might not even know what noob means… Jeesus there really is some messed up people here.

          • Guest-8475193134 says:

            Thanks for replying to the other guy ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Guest-4090351456 says:

            Many people make addons, the fact that this man made one doesn’t say hes a noob or pro. The addon he created did not work on Windows and that is a problem. The message saying it does not work on Windows is not displayed and The only way to know this is to contact him. after somebody contacted him I did not see a change, which means he did not put work in to type a sentence at the top. He thus is a noob in someway, and can be called one. I find it great he made one, he just needs to update this page. If I see at the top somewhere: (Does not work on windows) Than I will take my words back.

          • Guest-2108708777 says:

            By the way this is how hard creating an addon like this is:

            1. Download crafty craft (iOS/android)
            2. Tap โ€œCreate addonโ€
            3. Tap the top button
            4. Scroll down and tap the button that says TNT
            5. Now you can create your own TNT!

  5. Guest-7116399894 says:

    Why was there a TNT biome?

  6. Guest-6989716685 says:

    Some reason gets stuck on 13% Even when i use the zip

  7. Guest-2613752529 says:

    If you made this addon in crafty craft please tell me how to make custom TNT mobs.

    • Guest-4807777961 says:

      1. Download crafty craft (iOS/android)
      2. Tap “Create addon”
      3. Tap the top button
      4. Scroll down and tap the button that says TNT
      5. Now you can create your own TNT!

  8. xiaobo says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Minecraft China.What I need is commercial authorization.

  9. Guest-4002615607 says:

    Dude plz make the tnt able to get shockwaved away by the normal tnt.

  10. Guest-6207772543 says:


  11. Guest-1209856146 says:

    make a warning “this is NOT working on beta!” ๐Ÿ™

  12. Guest-4347472174 says:


  13. Guest-4578496771 says:

    it doesnt work where do we get the tnt

  14. Guest-1070814852 says:

    There are so many and there power is over 9,000 x5 TNT
    Power: 15.000
    x8 TNT
    Power: 22.000
    x10 TNT
    Power: 30.000
    x15 TNT
    Power: 40.000
    Power: 15.000 / Fire: True

  15. Guest-4221628723 says:

    how do you get the tnt??

  16. Diamondplays says:

    In the next update can you please add water, lava, fire, mob, or mining TNT. (Mob TNT would spawn a whole bunch of random mobs) but for now, great mod!๐Ÿ‘

  17. Guest-3289064454 says:

    haw do you git the tnt

  18. Guest-5810876545 says:

    Are there Crafting recipes for the tnt?

  19. Guest-7538646028 says:

    For the next update can you add a lot more TNT plz.

  20. Guest-1661846905 says:

    Thank you so much for making it a direct mediafire link instead of adfly

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