Tomb Crafter 2: Egypt [Adventure]

Tomb Crafter 2: Egypt is an adventure map inspired by the Tomb Raider adventure games. Your mission is to venture into an old temple and obtain an ancient (and possibly magic) artifact known as Tutankhamun’s helmet. Some of the challenges include parkour, a puzzle and mob battles. Be careful and watch out for the deadly traps.

Creator: minecraftstyler777 (Twitter Account), chipscz



You’ve been sent to Egypt on a mission to find and retrieve a long forgotten artifact known as Tutankhamun’s helmet. It’s believed to give whoever wears the helmet god-like powers and as a result you can probably imagine its worth. (Tutankhamun was actually an Egyptian pharaoh (1332-1323 BC). The story about the helmet with magic powers is fiction though, just thought I’d clarify that.)


  • Set difficulty to max
  • Gamemode must be set to survival

tomb-crafter-2-1 tomb-crafter-2-2

There are several traps throughout the map. Be careful, otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll die and have to start over.


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8 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. TJ Robertson says:

    Tutenkhamun, didn’t he become pharaoh when he was 9 and died when he was 18

  2. PvPingOT says:

    The .mcworld is broken

  3. Jonathan says:

    Someone posted an awesome walkthrough of this world!

  4. stephen_pimpler says:

    i have watch all movies it was awesome

  5. DeathCop4000 says:

    Part 1 ? Well , I couldn’t get a solution for Robin Hood’s bow and the treasure (Where’s the lever !) I like the first one because the were 3 raids (More like minigames) but this one looks like a real tomb raider recreation of the cradle of life (Yes , I watched that movie)

    • Editor says:

      Thanks for your feedback, I am sure he will appreciate it. I haven’t played any of the games or seen any of the movies, but I like his maps!

    • minecraftstyler777 says:

      Watch this video and you’ll find the way to the bow. And otherwise the only inspiration I took of Abu Simbel in Egypt. A similarity with Tomb Rider movie is just a coincidence. I look at the movie because I’m not sure that Tomb Rider it is but otherwise it’s just a coincidence.

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