Tomb Crafter 4: Illuminati [Adventure]

Tomb Crafter 4: Illuminati takes you for an adventure to the Illuminati stronghold on a quest to find some ancient magical clothes. The map includes several mob battles, parkour, traps and much more which makes it a really entertaining and interesting map. This is a series of now four maps and all of them are definitely worth playing.

Creator: minecraftstyler777Twitter Account


You are out on a mission again but this time you are looking to find the magical Illuminati’s clothes. There are 12 hidden gold treasures in the map. Each of them include a code which is needed to find a secret room. If you can’t find the room then scroll down to watch the video further down on this page to find out how to do it.



  • Set difficulty to max
  • Use beds as checkpoints

tomb-crafter-4-3 tomb-crafter-4-1 tomb-crafter-4-2

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10 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Symbol in the big room is from the Freemasons, same thing with the G’s.
    Freemasons are totally different

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those G’s And The Symbol In The Big Room are the symbols of The Freemasons, Not Illuminati, totally different society

  3. Ciaran says:

    it’s making my game lag real bad fix now

  4. Stupid says:

    This is fake as duck

  5. EvranSlaughterYT says:

    Can you change the zips to mcworlds pls?

  6. Egw says:

    i cant download it whyyyy

  7. HANNIBAL_RICK says:

    Thank for the map man, i really like Tomb Crafter and all of its previous map!!! #TOMBCRAFTER4LIFE

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